Interested in having your story commissioned through Waldo's artwork?

     -Rates start at $10US per image for a basic match featuring two preexisting characters set
       in a preexisting scenery.
     -For additional characters to the story or extra-ordinary scenario set up, the rates will vary.

     -After initial contact with the artist about your custom story, you would select your characters from the Roster and scene from any of the stories shown on the site, explain what kind of story line that you're looking for, giving details to how the story should proceed, dialogue, moves, holds, special interests and anything else that would help the artist make your story perfect.

     -Once the story line or script has been reviewed and understood by both parties, payment can be made via PayPal before the work commences. Your commissioned story will usually take about a week to complete (barring any complications) and will be delivered to you via ZIP file download.

     -Creating custom characters derived from a living person via photo or image is discouraged as it has been our experience that the created character doesn't do justice to the resemblance of the original person intended. However, one of our preexisting characters can have a hair / colour change to best represent your intended person of interest, if that works out for you.

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