Cindy's Tale

Part 1: A Night at the Hell-Fight Club

by Merlin

It was a Saturday evening in early October and Cindy was sitting at the bar of the New York "Hell-fight Club" watching a topless boxing match in which her friend Tina was being blasted mercilessly by a Spanish girl called Gabriela. Redheaded Tina was more used to wrestling and normally would only box in glamour matches. Cindy guessed that Tina hadn't been told that she was to be matched against on a powerful opponent like Gabi, otherwise she would never have agreed to this match. Cindy winced as she watched Gabi slam punch after punch into poor Tina's body. Tina had already withstood this punishment for two rounds, but Cindy guessed that she wouldn't be able to take much more. No sooner had this thought passed through her mind than the Spaniard drove a hard right uppercut into Tina's jaw which sent her crashing to the canvas. The count was started, but Cindy could see that Tina was badly stunned by the punch and there was no way she was going to make it back to her feet. As the count reached 10 Gabriela lifted her arms above her head to proclaim herself the winner by a knockout. Cindy watched with a degree of apprehension as Gabriela lapped up the appreciation of the cheering audience - she was due to face the Spanish girl in another boxing bout later that same evening!

Cindy had been a fighter for as long as she could remember. Brought up on a farm in Iowa, the youngest of 6 brothers and 3 sisters she had had to physically fight to get what she wanted from her earliest days. She had taken physical education at college specialising in self-defence and the martial arts. Now at the age of 24 she worked in a woman's athletic club in Queens teaching self-defence, boxing and wrestling. At evenings and weekends she put her skills to use earning some extra money by fighting in clubs and bars. Usually this meant baring her tits and rolling around on the mat in mock combat, but just occasionally, like tonight, she was pitched against a real fighter against whom she could test her skills. Having seen Gabi in action against Tina, Cindy knew that this could be a hard match and her heart beat faster with the prospect of a testing fight to come.

Once Gabi and Tina had left the ring Cindy got up from the bar and went backstage to see how Tina was doing. Her friend was still slightly dazed, but the Club doctor had seen her and had ruled her fit to go home. Cindy still had over 90 minutes until her match, so she volunteered to drive Tina back to her apartment. She returned about 40 minutes later happy that Tina had suffered no permanent injury, but nervous about her approaching kick boxing match with the powerful Spanish girl.

Cindy went into her changing room, stripped off her clothes and had a cool refreshing shower. She always did this before a match as it calmed her and helped her to focus on the match to come.

She dried herself down and then put on the pair of black bikini bottoms that she favoured for kick boxing. She exercised lightly for the next 20 minutes warming up her muscles (left) until she had worked up a glistening sheen of sweat. She was just considering whether to have another quick shower when Katy, her second, came into the room carrying her gown and boxing gloves.

“Cindy the match before yours has just finished and they want you out in the ring right away!”

Katy helped Cindy on with her gloves and gown and then escorted her out of the dressing room into the Club. By now Cindy’s heart was hammering away in her chest and she was taking deep breaths to try and keep calm. The two girls threaded their way between the tables across the floor of the club until they got to the ring. Cindy stepped between the ropes into the dazzling glare of the lights and was greeted by cheers of encouragement from the audience. She looked towards the opposite side of the ring to see Gabriela standing calmly with her arms resting on the top ropes. Cindy’s nervousness increased to see her opponent looking so composted and confident.

Suddenly the PA system burst into life:
“Folks we come to the last fight of the evening. This is a kick-boxing match to be fought over five 3 minute rounds. In the red corner, for the second time this evening, I introduce to you at 5’ 7” and 140 lb. from Madrid, Spain - Miss Gabriela Orteda!”

The crowd enthusiastically yelled its support for the Spanish girl as she stepped out of her corner, stripped off her gown and raised her arms to acknowledge the noisy support (left). A lot of alcohol had been consumed in the Club during the evening which made the crowd more vocal that in earlier bouts.

“In the blue corner, a well known fighter at this Club, I present to you at 5’ 7” and 135 lb. all the way from Bracket, Iowa - Miss Cindy Preston!”

Cindy removed her gown and moved into the centre of the ring to acknowledge the support of the crowd (left). It seemed to Cindy that the volume of applause and cheers were a good deal less than Gabi had received, which added to her feeling of tension.

The two girls then returned to their corners and at the sound of the bell they moved into the centre of the ring with their gloved fists raised for action. Once the bout started all Cindy’s apprehension seemed to evaporate as the adrenaline filled her blood and she focused on the challenge of the fight. For the first minute the two fighters almost shadow boxed as they sized up each other's abilities.

Then Cindy opened up the fight by breaking through Gabi’s defence with a extended right jab to her abdomen (see left picture). Gabi replied with a blistering frontal attack which Cindy successfully avoided with some athletic dodging and weaving. Then Cindy counter attacked with a succession of stabbing punches to Gabi’s breasts and belly that left the Spanish girl gasping for breath and looking the worse for wear. At the end of the first round Cindy returned to her corner quietly confident that she would take this match without too much difficulty. Gabi on the other hand returned to her corner and consulted anxiously with her second.

The Spanish girl got a break early in the second round. She cut through Cindy’s defence to plug a nasty right hook into her left breast (right). As Cindy staggered backwards the Spaniard kicked out driving the point of her toes deep into the left side of Cindy’s groin . Cindy was thrown backwards by the shock of the blow as a wave of pain and nausea swept over her. She dropped to her hands and knees and the referee started the count. Cindy was back on her feet by the count of six, but she limped as if Gabi’s kick had really done some damaged. Gabi now closed in for the kill throwing some wild, but dangerous right and left hooks towards Cindy’s head. Despite her pain Cindy defended herself well, allowing only one of Gabi’s punches to make light contact. The second round definitely went to Gabi’s.

Gabi went into the third round confident of victory. She launched attack after attack at Cindy, but the blonde American defended herself skilfully and it was over two minutes into the round before Gabriela managed to plant a powerful underarm punch into Cindy's stomach. As Cindy fell back gasping for breath it looked as if the match was Gabi's for the taking, but then suddenly everything changed. Aiming to send Cindy to the canvas for keeps, the Spanish girl threw a vicious right hook at Cindy's head. However, the blonde ducked sideways to let Gabi's glove go whistling harmlessly past her left ear. Cindy, seeing the opportunity, let rip an explosive right uppercut that slammed into Gabi’s left breast . Gabi gasped and staggered backwards in shock and pain. Immediately Cindy followed on with a powerful straight kick into the Spanish girl’s lower belly (left). The force of the blow sent Gabi crashing backwards onto her butt on the canvas. She sat slumped in the corner of the ring gasping for breath as the count was started, making no attempt to get to her feet. As the count reached "8" the bell sounding the end the round rang out saving Gabi from certain defeat. Gabi was helped to her feet and back to the corner by her second. It was obvious that she was badly winded by the kick to the guts and Cindy wondered if she would be able to continue into the next round.

Cindy watch as the ref. spoke to Gabriela before the start of the next round. Despite her obvious discomfort she nodded her head as she confirmed that she would go on. The bell rang to start the round and immediately Cindy went on the attack. However, the Spanish girl defended herself well not allowing any of Cindy's jabs and hooks to get passed her defences. By half way through the round Cindy was getting concerned. Gabriela was recovering all the time and if she got through this round Cindy knew she would really have a hard time taking her down in round 5.

At last Cindy got a break. She kicked out her left leg and caught the Spanish on the side of her knee joint. Cindy felt the joint crunch under her foot as Gabi let out a groan of pain and staggered sideways limping badly. Immediately Cindy seized the opportunity. Before Gabi could recover her defences Cindy closed in on her and drove a huge right hook into her jaw. The Spanish girl staggered drunkenly from the blow then fell onto knees and clinched Cindy round the waist resting her head almost sensuously against the blonde's left breast. Cindy pushed Gabi away and then stepped back supporting her semi-comatose opponent's head up with her left glove. For a second Cindy stood looking down at her rival, then she whispered, "This is for Tina, you Bitch!"

Cindy slammed her right knee upwards into Gabriela's face. The Spanish girl flew backwards to fall with a loud crash onto the canvas, totally KO'd. The count was started, but Cindy could see that there was no way Gabi was going to beat a 10 count and she raised her arms to celebrate her victory. Gabriela was counted out and Cindy raised her right arm in a victory salute as she was declared the winner by a knock-out with 2 minutes 30 seconds gone in the 4th round.

Cindy returned to her changing room, stripped off her sweat soaked bikini bottom and got into the shower. She started to relaxed as she felt the tension of the fight being washed away by the stream of warm water. Some 20 minutes later, feeling clean and refreshed, Cindy collected her money ($200) from the manager and then made her through the Club towards the main entrance. A few customers were still drinking at the bar and at some of the tables scattered across the club. As Cindy made her way to the door a man came up to her and offered to buy her a drink. She politely declined his offer and started turn back towards the door when he produced a business card which read:

Cindy looked at the card with interest.
Harry smiled warmly, "I just watched your fight against the Spanish girl. I was really impressed, I think you've got really great potential. The fact is, I am looking for girls to fight at a special fight club over in Newark. The money is really good, but not everybody can handle the action. I think you could! Join me for a drink if you are interested in talking about it."

Cindy was intrigued by Harry Butler's offer and she agreed to have a drink with him. They took a table at the edge of the club away from the rest of the customers. Harry talked for about 30 minutes about the possibility of Cindy fighting at the special club. He was coy about the exact nature of the fights, all that Cindy could glean was that they were extreme and often involved sexual action of some form. Normally Cindy would steer well clear of any involvement in such fights, but it was the discussion of the money that kept her interested - fighters could earn several thousand bucks in one night!

Eventually Cindy agreed to think about being assessed for Harry's club. Harry pulled no punches about what such an "assessment" would entail. "Make no mistake girl, the assessment will test you to your limit! We'll take you to the edge of hell and perhaps beyond, but we'll pay you for every second you endure. And if you pass, you'll be one of us! You don't need to decide now. Go home and think about it. Give me a ring if you decide to take up the challenge."

Two weeks later on a cold Friday night Cindy knocked on an unmarked door in an narrow alley at the edge downtown Newark. Harry opened the door and greeted her, "Ah Cindy, good to see you! Welcome to the Valhalla Club!"

PART 2 - To the Edge of Hell