Katy helped Cindy back to the changing room from the chamber where she had just received a devastating breast beating at the hands of Anna. The young woman was in considerable pain both from the punches she had received to her breasts and from the punishment she had taken to her abdomen and back in previous rounds. Katy sat Cindy down in the changing room and took out a ready filled hypodermic syringe. "This will help with the pain", she explained as she injected the liquid into a vein in Cindy's forearm.

Cindy felt the drug wash through her body immediately, making her feel warm and lightheaded. Almost at once the pain receded as if had been a thing of the past. "Oh that's lovely, what is it?" she enquired dreamily as Katy slowly withdrew the hypodermic needle from her arm.

"Oh, just a little morphine." answered Katy.

"Oh, so that's what morphine feels like. I could get used to it!" laughed Cindy.

Harry now entered the room looking somewhat flustered. "Cindy I'm afraid the management committee have asked me to make some slight alterations to the deal we struck about the money", he blabbered.

"Oh dear Harry!" laughed Cindy, "That's OK, I would rather stop now anyway."

"Oh no please, it isn't that bad. They have agreed that the next session starts at $100 and they've agreed to increase the amount by $100 per blow, but only up to a maximum of $1000."

"Oh $1000 that's lovely, I'll do it!", said Cindy now sounding slightly dipsy under the influence of the morphine.

"That's great! They've also decided that there should be no rounds from now on, we now go on straight to the end without a break. We take it to the limit!" said Harry excitedly.

"Oh yippee!" exclaimed Cindy, "That sounds really cool, I like to go to the limit!"

"Shit!" said Harry turning to Katy, "What have you given her?"

"Just the standard dose of morphine! Perhaps she's a bit hypersensitive? Don't worry she'll be down by the time she has to go back to the chamber!"

"I hope you're right!" said Harry anxiously, "They'll kill me if we have to pull her out now! Over $100,000 were placed for her to fall before the end of the last round. There are now $250,000 of bets on saying that she will fall in the next 10 hits. Massive money, we've never seen anything like it before for an assessment! I need to get back to announce the new conditions to the members. Please clean her up, and try to sober her up before we have start. Please!"

Katy bundled Cindy into the shower to wash off the oil, sweat and blood that now covered her body. Cindy got into the delightfully warm water and let it cascaded over her head and body as if it were washing away all the pain and horror of the last hour in the chamber.

Katy looked on as Cindy stood under the shower as if she hadn't a care in the world. "Fucking hell girl, you are a spooky bitch!" said Katy to herself.

Cindy came out of the shower and Katy dried her off. She was still high on the morphine, but she seemed to be starting to come down. Katy tended to Cindy's cuts and abrasions including the nasty cut beneath her left nipple that Anna's glove had caused in the last round.

Katy worked on Cindy, massaging and tending her battered body for the best part of 40 minutes until it was getting close to the time for the start of the final punishing round. By now Cindy was more or less back to normal and talking coherently to Katy.

Katy laid Cindy out on the changing room bench and reapplied the body oil. She explained that she wanted to give Cindy some more pain protection against the crotch blows that she would face in the next session in the chamber. She told Cindy to spread her legs and then inserted a large white pessary into Cindy's vagina. "It contains a local anaesthetic that will reduce the pain of the blows." she explained.

"Isn't it cheating the gamblers to use painkillers and anesthetics in this way?" asked Cindy

"Don't you worry about the gamblers, they can afford to lose it! It's you and the amount of money you can make that I am looking out for!" said Katy

"You're a star!" said Cindy lapsing back into her dreamy mood.

Suddenly the speaker system burst into life "Cindy Preston, return to the chamber and take up your position for the fifth and final round of your assessment!"

"Oh Sweet Jesus, you're on already!" exclaimed Katy, "Let's get going!"

Katy threw a gown round Cindy's shoulders and took her up the stairs to the dreaded assessment chamber. She led Cindy to the spotlit centre of the room and removed her gown so that she was once again totally naked. Cindy took up her crucifix position and Katy swiftly retreated back into the shadows just as the red camera lights came on indicating that they were back on air.

The speakers rang out "Cindy Preston, this is the final round of your assessment. You have agreed to continue without a break until you fall or withdraw. You have already won $1000 in the previous four rounds. Now the money will start at $100 for the first blow and rise by $100 for each blow to reach a maximum of $1000. Do you agree to these terms?"

"I do!" called Cindy in a strong voice.

"Assessor enter the chamber!" called the announcer.

Round 5
The Assessor, Anna, strode out of the gloom into the brightly lit area of the chamber. She walked up to Cindy and laid her right arm on her shoulder. "So, we meet again Babe. This time we are going to go all the way, OK?"

"Yeah, all the way!" chirped Cindy amiably

"Fuck!" said Anna under her breath, "Katy's been heavy on the painkiller!"

The PA system boomed out "Assessor you will focus on Cindy's crotch for the first 10 blows, after that you can select a target of your choosing. Are you ready to begin?"

"I'm ready" shouted Anna

"Then let the final round begin!"

Anna approached Cindy raising her right fist to her mouth. Coming really close to Cindy's face she spat onto the leather of her gloved fist and then said loudly, "You're going to feel the taste of this leather on your pussy tonight Bitch!"

Anna spread her legs and then dropped to her knees directly in front of Cindy. She stared straight at Cindy's golden haired pubis that lay some 18" in front of her, level with her shoulders. Anna shuffled backwards slightly to get the distance between herself and Cindy correct. Then she called out "One" and immediately zapped a hard straight right into Cindy's crotch. The leather covered knuckles of Anna's fist impacted directly onto Cindy's clitoris at the top of her snatch. The blow sent a thunderbolt of pain into Cindy's brain which drove out the dreamy drugged feeling and brought the girl back to bitter reality with a thump.

"Two" cried Anna as she whipped a straight left into the same point in Cindy's crotch. "Oh God!" cried Cindy as the pain mounted in her pubis.

"Three" yelled Anna as another straight right whammed out into the same target. "Uuuugh!" cried Cindy as Anna's knuckles slammed into her cunt with a squelchy crunch.

"Four" screamed Anna as, without a second's pause, she smashed another powerful straight left punch into her victim's pussy.

"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!" hollered Cindy as if the blasphemy would relieve the pain that was exploding in her groin.

"Five", cried Anna as she leant to her right and powered a really nasty right uppercut into her young victim's pussy. Cindy's screamed and her whole body arched and spasmed as Anna's knuckles penetrated into the heart of her sex.

Now Anna spun her torso to the left and, with a shout of "six", sent a left overarm punch slashing downwards into Cindy's blonde beaver. Cindy bend forward making an awful howling cry as Anna's knuckles crunched into the top of her cunt.

Anna now got into a smooth rhythm as she pumped three more blisteringly hard underarm uppercut punches into Cindy's pussy:
"Seven" - a right punch
"Eight" - a left
"Nine" - another hard right

Cindy's body arched backwards in a spasm of pain and she threw her head from side to side howling loudly as Anna's fist slammed repeatedly into the soft flesh of her pussy.

Anna now paused and moved in really close to Cindy's crotch. "Number Ten, I call this a clit zapper!" she said. Then she flicked her right fist downwards in a hammer-like blow so that her knuckles sliced into the top of Cindy's cunt. The young woman gasped loudly and her hands clawed at the air as the nasty blow sent bolts of pain screaming through her nerves.

Anna now sat back on her knees as the announcement system burst into life. "Assessor you have completed the ten blows to Cindy's crotch. You may now select your own target at will. Cindy you have now been awarded a total of $6,500, each blow will now be worth $1000. Assessor carry on!"

The Final Round
Anna came forward on her knees and looked up at Cindy who was still struggling to control the pain that was radiating through her body from her crotch. "I think I will work on your cunt a little more!" said Anna in an icy tone of voice.

Anna shuffled backwards and moved to Cindy's right to give herself more room to throw a straight punch. "Number One" she called and then a split second later she pistoned out her left fist into Cindy's crotch. Cindy grimaced and called out "Fucking Shit!" as Anna's knuckles bit deep into the soft flesh of her pussy.

Anna looked up at her victim, but despite the pain that she was obviously suffering her arms were still held rigidly at right angles to her body.

"God you are hard!" exclaimed Anna as she looked at Cindy, "Are you ever going to give?"

When Cindy didn't answer, Anna said loudly "OK have another, here's number Two!" Then she pumped the same type of punch into exactly the same spot, but with even more ferocity. Cindy cried "Jesus Christ!" in deep despair and her eyes rolled back and her body swayed as if she were about to collapse.

Anna pulled back and moved round in front of Cindy waiting for her to fall, but yet again the girl seemed to pull herself together and to recover her poise.

"Shit Cindy, for fuck's sake, give up!" exclaimed Anna as she saw Cindy regaining her balance. "You're really asking for this, here's number Three!"

Anna now whammed a straight right square on into Cindy's blonde cunt. Cindy hooted loudly like a demented owl for several seconds, until her call was extinguished when Anna slammed a second blow unerringly into the same spot. "And that was Number Four!" said Anna as Cindy once again swayed unsteadily on her feet.

Anna knelt back on her heels for a few seconds watching Cindy struggle to control the pain that was obviously filling her whole body. Then she rose to her feet and shook her head in disbelief as Cindy continued to hold her arms outstretched "I'm going to crack you Cindy if it takes me all night!"

Anna called "Five" and powered forward ramming a hard straight right punch angling downward into Cindy's battered crotch. Cindy croaked loudly and swayed on her feet as Anna called "Six" and then slammed another identical punch into the same spot.

Cindy whimpered and hooted again like an owl "Ooooooh, Oooooooh, Oooooh....."

"Shut up!" commanded Anna as she pile-drove yet another humdinger of a punch into the poor girl's cunt. "And that was Seven!" she declared as Cindy yelped in reaction to the blow.

Cindy's body was by now lathered in sweat and she was trembling and shaking from the pain of the beating and from the sustained strain of keeping her arms outstretched. It seemed a miracle that she could withstand such a prolonged and brutal punishment. Yet she still seemed determined to keep her arms in position.

Anna paused for a moment then said "Eight" and thrust a terribly hard straight left into Cindy's more than battered crotch. The knuckles of Anna's fist smashed squarely into Cindy's cunt pulverising the soft and delicate flesh of her pussy lips and clitoris. Cindy once again let out a long low howl that filled the chamber and set Anna's teeth on edge. But despite her obvious distress Cindy's arms remained outstretched!

Anna looked at Cindy and gave a long sigh of exasperation. She move up close to Cindy, laid her arms on her shoulders and looked into her glazed eyes. "I'm wasting my time going for your pussy aren't I?" she whispered softly so that the microphones wouldn't hear, "You've had so much painkiller that it isn't really getting through to you! OK let's try something else!"

Anna stepped back and declared "Number Nine!" as she swung a vicious left hook into Cindy's right breast. "Ah shit!" cried Cindy as the rough leather surface of Anna's glove slashed across the surface of her breast, tearing at the nipple.

"Number Ten" yelled Anna as she swung a vicious a right hook into the body of Cindy's left breast. "Aaaaaah My God!" yelped Cindy in real pain.

"That's better!" said Anna softly, "Now I know I'm getting through to you. I bet that witch Katy has stuffed your cunt full of Novocain so that you are totally numb down there!"

"Number Eleven" screamed Anna as she drove a left underarm punch hard into Cindy's upper belly. She felt Cindy's abdominal muscles buckle substantially under her fist as the girl let out a deep belching groan.

"I've hit your weak spot now Babe!" whispered Anna, "That anaesthetic doesn't help when it comes to tensing those abs!"

Then she called "Twelve" and powered a huge underarm right into Cindy's belly button. Cindy let out a loud croaking cry as the air was driven out of her lungs by the force of the blow. Anna felt her fist dig into Cindy's guts causing the girl to struggle hard to keep her position. She knew now that she had her cracked.

Anna stepped back two steps and took a deep breath. "Unlucky Thirteen" she declared as she ran forward and pumped out her right fist in a straight armed punch. Her fist slammed into Cindy's lower belly just above her pubic bone with enormous force. Cindy's weakened abdominal muscles simply could not resist the impact and they buckled inwards allowing Anna's fist to drive deep into her lower guts and bladder.

Cindy let out a long wail of anguish as her arms at last dropped from their outstretched position and her legs started to bend at the knees. Anna dropped to her knees and screamed out in triumph and relief "I've cracked her!"

Cindy staggered for a second or two badly winded and in a state of shock. As she started to fall forward Anna leapt to her feet and caught her beneath the arms so that the young woman fell against her chest. For a few seconds the two women were frozen in a breast to breast clinch as if they were lovers, then Anna tenderly kissed Cindy on the cheek.

The PA system suddenly burst into life. "Cindy, you have passed her assessment. You have taken a record number of punches - 63 in total - and you have won a record amount of money - $19,500. Congratulations Cindy and well done Assessor on a fine performance! The assessment is now over."

Anna grabbed the now comatose Cindy round the waist and lifted her bodily off the ground in a two armed bear hug allowing her body to arch backwards. Anna held Cindy aloft with one arm as she raised her other arm to acknowledge the completion of her task. Slowly the lights started to dim leaving the unseen audience with a last lingering view of brave Cindy and her brutal assessor, Anna.