Despite having been decisively beaten by her Algerian opponent three days in a row Sancha was still determined to carry on with the match. She remained confident that an opportunity would arise for her to triumph over her rival, but with three of the six matches already having gone to the Algerian the tide was running against her. So as Sancha entered the ring on the Thursday evening she knew that she had to really score in this bout or she would really be in a difficult position.

At the bell Sancha and Leeha moved quickly to the centre of the ring. This time there was to be no preliminary pussy footing around. Sancha made an incredibly bold and decisive start by leaping into the air and driving a double-legged kick towards her rival. The Algerian was totally caught off guard by Sancha's move so early in the bout and did not make any attempt to escape Sancha's flying feet. The Spaniard's feet hit the Algerian full force in her left breast. The power of the kick pancaked Leeha's breast and visibly buckled her rib cage inwards before sending the big women hurtling backwards onto her back on the canvas.

The audience went wild; none of the other matches was giving them the incredible action they were seeing in this match between Leeha and Sancha.

Sancha now turned away from Leeha and ran to the corner of the ring. She climbed up the ropes and balanced precariously on the top rope with her feet placed either side of the post. The audience fell silent as Sancha prepared to launch herself towards her fallen rival. She leapt off the ropes like a diver and flew down onto the prostrate Algerian with her arms spread wide like a bird.

Sancha landed on Leeha with an enormous crash that shook the entire auditorium and set the audience cheering madly. The Algerian didn't seem to have been aware what Sancha was preparing to do, so when the Spanish girl crashed down on her she screamed out in shock and pain as her whole body bounced with the force of the impact.

For a few seconds the two wrestlers' bodies seemed to bounce and quiver on the canvas as the shear energy of the Spaniard's body splash was dissipated. Then silence fell as the two women lay still in the centre of the ring with Sancha's frame draped across her hefty Algerian rival. It was clear that the impact had taken more out of Sancha than she had anticipated, and for a moment it looked like it would be a double KO.

At last Sancha rose drunkenly off Leeha and knelt on the canvas for a moment looking dazed. Then her senses seemed to return and she got to her feet, grabbed the Algerian by the ankles and rolled her over onto her face. The audience applauded wildly to see Sancha was OK.

However, Leeha also was beginning to recover, and as soon as Sancha had rolled her over onto her front she started to lift herself onto her elbows. Seeing her opponent beginning to get up, Sancha threw herself down onto her slamming her elbow down into her back right between her shoulder blades. Leeha yelped with pain as the hard point of Sancha's elbow smacked into her spine.

Sancha now got to her knees and then sat herself down on the small of Leeha's back. She put her left hand beneath the Algerian's chin and her right hand on her forehead and then heaved backwards to put her in a camel clutch.

However, it was a mistake for Sancha to go for close-up wrestling of this sort. Leeha was immensely strong and her muscular neck and back were difficult to bend, so despite Sancha's valiant efforts the Algerian was really unstressed by the camel clutch. In fact it was worse; it gave Leeha a chance to recover from the bashing Sancha had given her only moments before.

Sancha continued to heave back on Leeha head for about a minute or so not really making any progress in moving the Algerian towards submitting. Then suddenly the Algerian grabbed Sancha's left leg and twisted her body violently to the left throwing Sancha off balance. Sancha rolled over onto her side on the canvas desperately trying to get open space between herself and the Algerian. However, Leeha was back to form now and in a flash she grabbed the Spanish girl's left arm and rolled her face down on the canvas.

Leeha now straddled Sancha's back and grabbed her by the hair, and pulled her head up off the canvas. She then sat down on the bottom of the Spanish girl's rib cage causing her to let out a long moanful sigh as the Algerian's weight drove the air out of her lungs. Leeha now snapped her legs around Sancha's head in a powerful skull cracking headlock. Having effectively immobilised her opponent, the Algerian allowed herself to smile for the first time in the bout.

The Algerian now leant back and grabbed Sancha's left leg and lifted it upward, painfully bending the Spaniard's body. Leeha pulled Sancha's leg upward until she held the Spanish girl's left foot against her shoulder then she sat upright, bending Sancha's leg and lower back as she did so.

Sancha's cries were muffled by Leeha's legs which were still held firmly locked around her head. Leeha now really turned up the heat on the hapless Sancha. She started to slam heavy hammer blows down on the top of Sancha's head with her right fist. Sancha jerked visibly as each blow thumped down on her head with a deep sonorous thud. As if this wasn't enough, Leeha began moving her torso back and forth bending and stressing Sancha's leg and lower back until the girl was constantly letting out muffled screams.

After about a minute of this torture the Algerian released her holds on the Spanish girl allowing her body to collapse back onto the canvas. But Sancha's respite was to be very temporary. Leeha moved back until she was seated on Sancha's butt, then she leant forward and locked her fingers under Sancha's chin. She paused for a moment, declaring in French "Your camel clutch was no good. Now I'll show you a real camel clutch!"

With that Leeha heaved back on the Spanish girl's chin lifting and bending her torso backward in a body busting camel clutch. The audience gasped in astonishment at the shear brutality of the Algerian's powerful move. Sancha issued a long pitiful cry as her body was slowly and steadily bent backward like a sapling.

"Submit!" demanded Leeha

There was no response from Sancha, although it was questionable whether she could give one with her neck and head bent so cruelly back.

"Submit!" demanded Leeha a second time bending the Spanish girl back even further.

Again Sancha gave no response.

Leeha held Sancha in the camel clutch for another minute or so without gaining a submission. Then she rolled backward lifting the Spaniard thighs off the canvas. The Algerian now snapped her legs round Sancha's waist in a powerful gut crushing bodyscissors. Sancha gave out a long muffled groan as her body was bent and crushed in this awful combination of holds.

Leeha held Sancha in this torturous position for several tens of seconds working on the chin hold and bodyscissors to extract a submission. Despite the agony she was clearly suffering, Sancha would still not submit.

Eventually Leeha released her hold on Sancha's chin and grabbed her wrists. Then she released the bodyscissors and brought her feet up into the centre of Sancha's back. The Algerian heaved back on Sancha's arms virtually lifting her feet off the ground. The Spanish girl let out a long wail of pain as her shoulder and back sinews were brutally stretched in this dramatic surf board hold.

Leeha held her rival in this position for well over a minute repeatedly demanding her submission. But the brave Spaniard held out, refusing to submit.

Suddenly the Algerian pulled back really hard on Sancha's arms, at the same time she kicked upwards with her legs to send the Spanish girl cartwheeling over her head. Sancha crashed down onto the ropes with her hips hitting top rope so that she folded across it like a broken doll.

Leeha got up onto her knees and chuckled as she saw her opponent's plight. She got to feet and pulled Sancha off the ropes so that she fell onto her back on the canvas. The Algerian grabbed the Spaniard's ankles and she dragged her away from the ropes. Then she folded Sancha's legs down over her body and knelt down placing her left leg on the back of Sancha's thighs to pin her in a folding body press.

The Algerian raised her hands in a thumbs-up sign as the count started on the pin.

"One, two, three, four, five. Pin to Ms Gouda!" called out the announcer.

Leeha remained seated on her opponent's legs for some seconds as she flexed her biceps in celebration of her fourth convincing victory over the Spaniard.

"Ms Gouda leads Ms Peres by four bouts to nil and eight points to nil - 3 pins and one submission. The fifth bout will take place at the same time tomorrow evening"

Sancha was now in deep trouble in the match. To win she now needed to score a knockout against the powerful Algerian!