Sancha held her arms outstretched in victory at the end of her fifth fight against Leeha. She was awash with joy and confidence. At last she had cracked the big Algerian bitch and sent her crashing to the canvas in a full KO! In one bound she had taken the lead in the match and felt sure that she would go on to take the Championship. As Sancha stepped out of the ring she looked back at the Algerian who was already being attended by the medics. By the look of her, she thought, I won't even have to fight tomorrow!

Marco and Sancha spent the evening celebrating her win in a local restaurant. Sancha was convinced that Leeha would pull out of the next day's fight and so, despite Marco's advice, she drank heavily. By midnight Marco was putting her to bed in a drunken stupor.

Sancha awoke the next morning with a throbbing head and a dust dry mouth. At 11 o'clock she was drinking her fourth cup of strong black coffee when one of the organisers arrived to tell her that her match with Leeha was still on, but it had been postponed to 8 o'clock the next morning (Sunday). Leeha had mild concussion from Sancha's kick to the face, and the doctor had demanded another 12 hour rest before the next match. Sancha didn't know whether to be pleased or not. It was good to have longer to get over her hangover, but she was also disappointed because she had been convinced that Leeha would be unable to continue.

Sancha spent the afternoon swimming and working out in the gym, sweating off her hangover. She and Marco spent the evening in the apartment discussing tactics for the next day. They agreed that it would be fatal for Sancha to get into grappling combat with Leeha. She needed to keep clear of the Algerian's grip and go for the big blow that would bring the heavyweight girl crashing down. They decided that if the Algerian managed to get into close combat, Sancha would submit at the first opportunity before she suffered any injury. This would bring the match to a draw and she would then have another chance in the "sudden death" play-off.

Sancha went to bed early and quickly fell asleep. She awoke from a horrific nightmare at about 1 o'clock drenched in sweat and with her pulse racing. In her dream she was being chased by a demon armed with a huge wooden hammer. Eventually after a long flight through dark caverns she ended up splayed across a wooden barrel with the demon standing over her ready to finish her off - then she woke up.

Disturbed by the dream, it took ages for Sancha to go to sleep again. No sooner had she dropped off than she was plunged into another nightmare. This time she found herself tied naked to a punchbag in Marco's gym. Suddenly Leeha and Marco entered the room arm in arm as if they were lovers. Leeha immediately started to beat her mercilessly, while Marco looked on laughing insanely each time Leeha's fist thumped into her breasts and belly. Again she woke up in a cold sweat with her pulse racing.

Totally unsettled by these awful dreams, Sancha lay awake for another two hours before she eventually dozed off again. But it was if the demons of the night had been waiting for her. No sooner had she drifted off than she found herself roped to a bar in a darkly lit chamber. She sensed that there was someone or something behind her and suddenly into her view came a female creature wearing a huge head-dress. The creature moved closer and closer until its steely cold breasts were pressed hard against Sancha's warm soft flesh. Then the creature leaned forward and breathed into Sancha's face, and its breath was cold and dank like the grave.

The creature grabbed hold of Sancha's chin and the back of her head, and then it started to turn her head to the right. Sancha screamed as the creature slowly twisted her head beyond its normal limits, until she could feel the muscles and tendons in her neck crackling and popping with the strain. The creature then pushed Sancha's head backward and opened its mouth to expose a pair of long, sharp fangs. Sancha screamed again and again as she felt the fangs bite deep into her neck.....

Sancha awoke to find her brother Marco shaking her. "Fucking hell Sancha you were screaming like something demented!" he exclaimed.

She explained to Marco about the dreams. He was worried, not so much about the nightmares, but about the upsetting effect they clearly had had on Sancha. He suggested that although it was still only 5 o'clock she should get up and do a gentle workout in preparation for the fight at 8 o'clock.

Sancha followed her brother's advice. She spent an hour in the gym working out gently, then went for a short swim in the pool before taking a long warm shower. By 8 o'clock, when she entered the auditorium, she was refreshed and ready to face Leeha, and the nightmares had all been put to the back of her mind.

Sancha v Leeha Bout 6

Sancha and Leeha stepped into the ring together at precisely 8 o'clock and posed for a few photographs. Leeha had a huge purple bruise on her left cheekbone where Sancha's flying kick had landed in their previous bout. Seeing the Algerian looking so battered cheered the Spanish girl greatly; she'd taken her down once and she could do it again!

Once the photos were taken the two women returned their corners and after a few seconds the bell rang out to signal the start of the match. Sancha was cheered to see the sluggish way that Leeha moved to the centre of the ring. Clearly the Algerian was still suffering mild concussion, which would surely slow her reaction time.

Sancha decided to go for Leeha straight away. The Spaniard hurled herself back against the ropes and then rebounded into the ring with a superb flying kick aimed at the Algerian's midriff. Suddenly, as Sancha hurtled through the air, Leeha sprung to life and with incredible agility she flexed her body to allow the Spanish girl's leg to zap past her left side.

In a brilliantly co-ordinated move the Algerian grabbed the Spaniard's leg and butt to flip her over in mid air, and then kicked her in the crotch and lower belly. The Spanish girl visibly jerked in mid air as the Algerian's leg thudded into her torso with a deep meaty smack. Sancha crashed face down onto the canvas like a wounded bird.

The Spaniard lay stunned and gasping for breath face down on the mat as Leeha walked round and grabbed her by the ankles. She rolled the Spanish girl onto her back and then tucked her legs under her arms and partially lifted her off the canvas. Leeha took a firm grip of Sancha's calves, then she leant backward and started to whirl in a circle causing the Spaniard to lift of the mat. She spun round and round lifting Sancha higher into the air with each turn. After perhaps 5 revolutions Leeha let go of Sancha's legs to send her crashing to her back on the mat with her arms and legs spread wide akimbo.

As Sancha lay spreadeagle on the canvas dazed and dizzy from her spinning fall, Leeha advanced between her wide spread legs with a wicked grin on her face. For a moment it looked as she was going dish out one of her speciality crotch busting knee drops, but then she leapt into the air and brought her knees down onto the top of Sancha's muscular thighs. Sancha screamed in pain as Leeha hard kneecaps crunched into her thigh muscles giving her a double "dead-leg".

For several seconds Leeha balanced on Sancha's thighs, grinding her knees down into the nerves and muscles of her legs. Sancha made a move to push Leeha off her legs, but she was rewarded by a massive straight punch to the guts that left her gasping for breath.

Leeha now got off Sancha's thighs and stood up. She grabbed Sancha by her ponytail and lifted her to her feet. The Spaniard had difficulty standing due to the effect of the Algerian's double dead-leg blow, which caused her legs to turn inward as if she were knock-kneed. Leeha now hurled the Spanish girl backward into the ropes. As Sancha rebounded off the ropes the Algerian met her with a "clothes-line" to the neck which sent the hapless Spaniard crashing to her back on the mat.

Immediately Leeha dragged Sancha back to her feet and again threw her backward into the ropes. This time as the Spanish girl bounced back she was met with a forearm smash to the face that looked hard enough to break her jaw. Sancha staggered back totally stunned by the blow and would have surely fallen to the mat had not Leeha grabbed her by the hair and held her upright. The Algerian held Sancha firmly for a second or two as if to allow her to steady herself, then she headbutted the Spanish girl full in the face.

A loud gasp rose from the audience as the dull hollow thud of the headbutt reverberated round the auditorium. Leeha released her hold on Sancha's hair and the girl staggered back from the blow, eyes tightly shut and blood welling from her nose. The Algerian now grabbed the Spaniard's head with both hands and pressed her thumbs into the girl's eyes. Sancha let out a wail of shear terror as Leeha's thumbs pushed her eyes deep into their sockets.

"Oh my God, my eyes, my eyes!" yelled Sancha desperately as Leeha gouged mercilessly at her eyes.

Before the officials could take action against this clearly illegal move, Leeha released her hold and pushed the Spanish girl away. Sancha was temporarily blinded by the Algerian's hold and she swayed drunkenly on her feet with her eye tight shut and blood flowing freely from her nose.

Leeha laughed cruelly at Sancha's plight and then pumped her left knee up into Sancha's crotch with enormous force. The Spaniard let out a long deep moan of pain which was cut of in mid stream when Leeha drove her right knee up into the same target but with even more force. As Sancha buckled forward at the waist in shock and pain from the two awful blows to her crotch, Leeha slammed her right elbow down into the back of her neck.

Sancha crashed to her face on the canvas and lay horribly still, as if dead. Feeling sure of victory, Leeha placed her right foot on Sancha's back and raised her arms in triumph. One of the officials told Leeha to take her foot of the Spanish girl so that a count could be started. Reluctantly the Algerian stepped back and the count commenced.

"One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven"

Sancha start to stir and groggily started to raise herself onto her hands and knees.

"Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven"

Sancha struggled valiantly to fight off her pain and weakness and to get to feet before the count reached 20 when she would be counted out.