"Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven"

Sancha struggled valiantly to fight off the pain and weakness and to get to her feet before the count reached 20 when she would be counted out.

"Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen"

Sancha was on her hands and knees, but the count would not stop until she was on her feet and standing upright.

"Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen"

At last Sancha made it to her feet just as the "Nineteen" count was reached. Immediately the announcer called for the fight to continue.

Sancha was still terribly groggy from the blow to the back of her neck, so she made no effort to resist Leeha as the big Algerian grabbed her a tight, skull crunching headlock. The Spanish girl still didn't resist as Leeha moved her round the ring, as if she were trying to find the best spot to resume the fight. Then Leeha spoke softly to Sancha in French, "You should have stayed down on the mat Bitch! Now I'm going to really break you into bits!"

With that the Algerian pumped her massive right thigh up into Sancha's torso with such force that it lifted the Spanish girl clean off the mat. "That's for Ellen!", she snarled as the heavy, dull THWACK of the blow filled the auditorium.

THWACK - Leeha's right thigh powered upward a second time, again slamming into Sancha's body and lifting her off the ground. "That's for Dagma!" she growled beneath her breath.

THWACK - "That's for Louise!"

THWACK - "For Martina!"

Again and again Leeha pumped her right thigh up into Sancha's undefended body, and each massive meaty blow was accompanied by a girl's name. Through the pain and shock of the blows Sancha's mind reeled - what the hell was going on? Was the Algerian some sort of avenger for all the girl's she beaten in the past?

The Algeria literally bounced the Spaniard round the ring, moving her from spot to spot by lifting her into the air with a heavy body blow from her right thigh. Each thump of Leeha's thigh was accompanied by a belching gasp from Sancha as her rival's muscular thigh drove the air out of her oxygen starved lungs. Leeha still maintained a tight lock on Sancha's head so that each blow jarred her neck painfully, making the punishment even more severe.

"And this one's for my daughter Crista" snapped Leeha as she threw an especially hard straight kick into Sancha's body. The Algerian's shin thudded into the Sancha's groin with such force that it lifted her about a foot into the air.

Leeha manoeuvred Sancha into the middle of the ring. It was obvious now that the Spanish girl was only barely conscious and that it was only Leeha's firm grip on her head that was keeping her on her feet.

The Algerian now released the headlock and quickly grabbed Sancha by her ponytail before she could collapse to the mat. Leeha steadied her rival for a second, then she leapt into the air and snapped her legs up to drive both knees into Sancha's face. The smack of the double blow rang out like a pistol shot as it sent the Spanish girl cartwheeling backward across ring like she'd been hit by a truck.

Sancha crashed onto her back on the mat and lay moaning softly, making no attempt to get up. The Algerian slapped the palms together in a gesture that suggested she still had work to do. Then she ran forward and launched herself into the air to swoop towards Sancha in a full contact body-splash. All 170 lb of Leeha slammed down on the Spaniard with an enormous crash that set the whole ring bouncing and shaking.

Sancha's body jerked convulsively as it absorbed the impact of Leeha's bulk then lay deadly still, flattened beneath the mass of the Algerian's body.

Leeha rose to her knees and slid her hands under the Spaniard's body. Then, almost gently, she lifted Sancha up to her chest and got to her feet with as little effort as if she were lifting a young child. For a few seconds the Algerian held the Spanish girl cradled in her arms. The only sound in the auditorium was the combatants' heavy breathing as the audience had fallen absolutely silent in anticipation of Leeha's next move.

Then Leeha acted; she tossed Sancha effortlessly up into the air and pulled her arms away before dropping to her left knee. The Spanish girl dropped like a lead weight onto Leeha's unforgiving right thigh; with the small of her back hitting the Algerian's leg with a sickening crunching sound that rang out into the silent auditorium.

Sancha's body buckled across Leeha thigh as the audience let out a loud sob of despair on the Spanish girl's behalf. The Algerian now ostentatiously flexed her biceps above the prostrate Spaniard in a symbol of pure triumph. Leeha held Sancha on her knee in this position for several seconds as if absorbing this moment of victory.

The Algerian now grabbed the Spaniard round the waist and got to her feet holding her in a reverse bearhug. She stayed like this for several seconds letting the Spanish girl's hang head down between her knees. Then Leeha called out in broken English at the audience, "I piledrive her?"

The audience seemed to gasp in horror and a low "No!" was returned.

Leeha laughed at the audience's reaction. Then she clamped her knees onto Sancha's head and jumped into the air, kicking her lower legs backward as she did so. For a split second Sancha's eyes flashed open as if she had suddenly realised what was happening to her, but it was far too late to do anything.

The Algerian dropped to her knee on the mat taking Sancha with her. The Spanish girl's head hit the canvas with a terrible mind-numbing crack that filled the auditorium. Before Sancha could fall over, Leeha grabbed her legs to stop her from toppling. She placed her hands on Sancha's knees and then pushed downwards spreading the Spanish girl's legs wide apart and dangerously bending her back and neck.

Leeha held her rival in this awful position for seconds on end as Marco screamed in horror from the back of the auditorium. At last the Algerian lifted herself backward and released her hold on Sancha's legs to allow the Spaniard to fall onto back on the mat. Immediately the count was started.

"One, two, three, four,"

There was absolutely no movement from Sancha. Leeha moved forward and stood astride her fallen rival.

"Five, six, seven, eight"

Leeha again flexed her biceps to celebrate the victory over her opponent.

"Nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen"

There was still no movement from Sancha.

"Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, ninety, TWENTY. Ms Peres is counted out. I declare Ms Guona to be the winner by 18 points to 10"

The audience applauded Leeha as she placed her foot on her fallen rival's chest. Several photographers came to the ringside and Leeha dropped into a kneeling position straddling Sancha's chest for the photos to be taken.

Marco and the medics were at the ringside, but were held back from entering while the photos were taken. Immediately the cameras stopped flashing they leapt into the ring to see to Sancha. Leeha meanwhile stepped out of the ring and strode triumphantly out the auditorium without even looking back at her defeated opponent.