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ARACHNA - Jenna Connors (Team Leader)
Hometown: Miami Beach, FL, USA Age: 28
Height: 5'9" Weight: 136 lbs Measures: 36D-24-36
Specialties: All martial arts, bare-knuckled fighting
Finishing Move: Pedigree, Arachna Bite™ (Piledriver), AraSlam™ (chokeslam)
Previous Experience: Underground fighting clubs in the US and Latin America. Unconfirmed voices tell that Jenna had never been defeated and even killed a woman in a action.
Notes: No one generates more passion among fans in the WCF. She is the fighter fans love to hate and hate to love as she uses any means necessary to beat and humiliate her opponents.
Founder and Leader of the Devils, is now healing serious injuries and may not come back to the WCF.

  W L T NC
Current Record 6 2 0 1

Opponent Result Notes
Severa L - Pin After a hard fought match, Arachna ko's Severa, but Doma and Squaw interference leads to her bloody and painful defeat. The injuries received in the match forces Ara to a period of retirement.
--- --- Ara challenges Severa during the Champ's match against Aurora.
Doma W - KO Ara wins this hard fought match to show everybody that she's still the old hard and nasty Devil.
Royal Rumble --- Ara jumped out of the ring willingly. See WCF News for the explanation.
Razor W - KO Arachna returns to the WCF with a vengeance. Razor ends up under her feet!
L - KO Arachna had Victory and the WCF Belt in her hands, but her hunger to destroy the Angel's leader lead to her defeat.
Cindy No contest On the brink of defeat Jenna is saved by the interference of Biker and Savage, but Victory comes to the ring to protect Cindy. The house cleaning is brought to a sudden end when Victory hits Cindy accidentally with a kick and Jenna proceeds to pound her unconscious. Standing over both unconscious fighter Jenna is hit from behind with the belt by a mysterious fighter in red: the Red Menace, who leaves the Arena with 5 unconscious fighter behind and the vacant WCF title.
Rose W - Submission The Devils wipes the Phoenix off the WCF destroying Claudette, Rose and Cindy in a single shot.
Victory W - Submission Arachna looses the first round and is getting punched around in the second, but Biker's interference is enough to turn the tables. Victory is then destroyed, unmasked, forced to submit and taken advantage of by the two Devils. Arachna is the new Champ.
Angel W - Submission Angel's destruction is stopped by Victory who challenges Arachna to a match for the WCF belt.
Cougar W - Submission In her debut Arachna shows her raw power and nasty nature. She destroys Jasmine ending the fight with her huge dildo!