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Aurora - Aurora Andrews - Leader
Hometown: Miami, Florida, USA Age: 26
Height: 5'1" Weight: 125 lbs Measures: 38DD-24-33
Specialism: Boxing, Wrestling
Finishing Move: DawnStorm™(Series of spinning kicks)
Previous Experience: Extreme fighting in the UK and South Africa
Notes: The WCF’s smallest fighter, “The Mighty Mite” has proven her mettle with some big wins and has emerged as Victory’s right-hand man (and possibly more?).
After Victory and Whitestar temporary left the WCF, Aurora created the Marvels and was their leader until she retired. After NS!29 Aurora joined the Victory's newly created Marvelous Angels as their leader.
Aurora2 Aurora2 Previous

  W L T NC
Current Record 7 6 1 1

Tag Team W L T NC
Partner: Sonia 0 0 0 1

Opponent Result Notes
Ice Cold L-KO ICF "Elimination Run"
After beating Severa, Aurora is so tired that she can barely able to stand on her own. The following opponent is none less than Ice Cold, who wants revenge over the Angel for the "Siberian Deathmatch". And revenge the Viper gets by beating Aurora to a pulp and sending her to the Clinic on a gurney.
Severa W-Pin ICF "Elimination Run"
Aurora enters the Arena to face Severa who had easily destroyed the three Crimson Stars fighting in the "Run". The match is very hard fought and the Mighty Mite finally manages to defeat the Goddess!
Lethal Squaw W-Pin Aurora manages to escape Squaw's Tomahawk finisher and pins the Viper for her 4th W in the last 5 matches. After the match she's attacked at the Arena entrance by Talia and suffers a neck injury that will cost her the title shot she earned.
Severa Double KO Aurora and Severa battle with everything they've got and the result is a double KO. An amazing fight by the Mighty Mite, who was almost crippled in the previous match against the Goddess.
Savage W-KO Aurora, despite not being completely recovered from the Siberian Deathmatch, takes on the dangerous Savage and beats her in a hard fought match. Three Ws in a row for the new Mighty Mite!
Ice Cold W-KO Aurora faces Ice Cold in a "Siberian Deathmatch" in the Siberian frost. Despite Ice managing to strip her almost naked and punishing her seriously, the Mighty Mite manages to come back and grasp a wonderful W.
Talia W - Countout Aurora returns to fight in the WCF Arena and picks up an astonishing victory in a hard fought battle against Talia!
--- --- In NS! 30 Aurora is involved in the huge Angels vs. Vipers and Deity brawl backstage during the main event and is beaten unconscious.
--- --- After NS!29 Aurora joins Victory and Silverstar's newly created Marvelous Angels as their leader.
--- --- After the humiliating defeat at the hands of Razor, Aurora announced her retirement.
Razor L - Pin Aurora is destroyed by Razor in a one sided beating and is humiliated by the DoD's leader who shaves her hair before pinning her.
Cassandra L - Pin Aurora, seriously overweight is manhandled by Cassandra for her fourth defeat in a row.
Severa L - KO Aurora once again means troubles for Severa, but the big Goddess eventually manages to take the lead and punish the smaller opponent viciously. Only Flame's - and Arachna's - interference saves the Mighty Mite from serious injuries. 3 KO defeats in a row! Aurora needs to bounce back!
Royal Rumble -- Aurora is the first contestant of the Rumble and fights very well eliminating Doma and Syn. On the verge of eliminating Severa, she is then double teamed by Razor and later eliminated.
Severa L - KO Once again Aurora starts well, but is overpowered by her opponent's size and power. She is KO'd for the second consecutive time.
Syn L - KO Aurora starts well, but Syn's longer arms are and advantage that the Mighty Mite can't tie. Ends up KO'd in a pool of blood for her first defeat.
Sonia W - KO Red Menace interferes to try and strip Aurora of her revenge. But the Stars comes to help and Aurora is able to pull out a good W.
Red Menace No contest Aurora is attacked outside the ring and destroyed by Red Menace who leaves her to Scorpia. Jenny come to the rescue.
Talia - Syn No contest Aurora fights bravely, but when Sonia leaves the Arena instead of fighting, is reduced to a punching back. Victory saves the day (and the Mighty Mite).
--- --- Aurora enters the WCF Arena during the break between the 1st and 2nd round of Victory vs. Savage to check her comatose team leader conditions. She is attacked by Savage from behind and utterly beaten, but the distraction allows Victory to recover enough to win the match.
Scorpia W - KO Aurora debut is a boxing match against the woman who nearly killed Victory with her boxing gloves. The Mighty Mite fights hard but is punched badly. She manages to pull out a miracle and a W.