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Cassie - Cassie "Cas" Frank
Hometown: Iowa City, IA, USA Age: 24
Height: 5'7" Weight: 132 lb Measures: 36C-24-36
Specialties: Kick-boxing; karate
Finishing Move: Flying dropkick
Previous Experience: Former middleweight champ in the USKBL

Notes: Cassandra, one of the originals Vipers, was once a sadistic fighter who sought sexual domination more than victory, but apparently lost part of her "dark side". Her team leader, Talia, didn't like the change and two consecutive losses against Whitestar and Turbo, kicked Cassandra from the Vipers. Now unaffiliated, the woman from Iowa City must find her new identity. Cassandra, now using her real name Cassie, joined the Crimson Stars some weeks after being fired by the Vipers.

Previous looks:

  W L T NC
Current Record (as a Crim. Star) 2 2 0 0
Previously 4 7 0 0

Opponent Result Notes
Violet W-Pin Violet wanted to kick Cassie from the WCF to avenge Emerald, but the newest Star had the upper hand and pinned the Angel.
Savage L-KO In the winners' final of the "Winner gets licked" tournament, Cassie is still suffering from the piledriver she endured minutes before from Emerald and is overwhelmed and humiliated by the DoD. The next match will be a must win for Cassie to retain her job.
Emerald W-Sub In the "Winner gets licked" tournament with the "You're fired!" contest on the line, Cassie forgets she's now a good girl an dishes out some serious punishment to Emerald, giving herself a little room for error as she only needs to win one of the next two to retain her job.
--- --- After NS! 31 Cassandra, now using her real name Cassie, joins the Crimson Stars with a new look.
Ice Cold L - KO Cassandra wanted a match against Ice, who replaced her in the Vipers after she was fired, but Flame's evil twin is too much for the beauty from Iowa. Anyway Cassandra manages to resist to Ice's deadly holds, not screaming out her resignation as her cruel opponent was asking.
--- --- Talia cuts Cassandra from the Vipers roster.
Turbo L - Pin A disappointing loss for Cassandra, who is also Ko'd by her team leader Talia while she's walking out from the Arena. Is this the end of her Viper's career?
Whitestar L - Pin ICF Tournament - Round 1
Cassandra can't stop the wonderful return by Whitestar who shows everybody that she's not rusty at all even after several months of absence from the WCF Arena.
Aurora W - Pin Cassandra brilliantly defeats Aurora, adding the typical touch of extra-humiliation for the poor Marvel.
Violet L - Pin Cas beat Emerald recently, but her team-mate Violet managed to get revenge for the Marvels.
Emerald W - KO Cassandra with a good performance manages to defeat the newcomer Emerald
--- --- Cassandra's personal Feud with the Crimson Stars continues as the lovely Cas attacks Syren from behind stripping her of a victory vs. Talia. Cassandra, loyal to her attitude, enjoys a face-sit over the unconscious Syren.
Miko L - Sub Cassandra is unable to pile up a win against the rookie Miko and is forced to submit. Miko also humiliated her by stuffing her panties in her mouth.
Jasmine L- Sub Cassandra ends up KO'd by Jasmine in her return match. But she shows some good moves. A fighter on the comeback path.
Debbie Sun W - Sub Another rookie for Cas. This time there's no plan after the match and Debbie is roughed up badly.
Holly Gold L - Sub Cassandra submits to Holly, but it turns out to be a plan by Talia to infuse some confidence into the Beach Girl and challenge her.
Sonia L - KO Cas dominates the redhead for all the match, but her overconfidence and bloodlust leave her spread eagled while Sonia beats the count and gets the W.
Red Dragon W - KO An hard fought battle with Cas standing over her opponent in the end.