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LADY DRAGON - Cindy Sorensen
Hometown: Oslo, Norway Age: 36
Height: 5'8" Weight: 130 lbs Measures: 34D-24-36
Specialties: Karate; Extreme Catfighting
Finishing Move: Flying elbow; Kobiyashi sleeper hold
Previous Experience: Former Valhalla Club Champ; first WCF champ. After 23 winning matches she was destroyed by Talia, but after a year of healing she came back with a vengeance.
Notes: With the demise of her previous team, the Phoenix, the veteran Cindy has re-dedicated herself to fighting. With a grudge against the Devils and the Angels, Cindy is out for revenge.
After the serious injuries caused by Arachna, and for which she also frames Victory, Cindy came back with a new team, the Dragons, swearing to destroy the Angels.
In NS! 26 Cindy became WCF commissioner when her Champion Talia defeated Lady Laetitia's Champion Syren for the WCF Commissioner job.

  W L T NC
Current Record 1 1 0 2

Tag Team W L T NC
Partner: Lioness Kai 0 1 0 0

Opponent Result Notes
--- --- In NS!26 Talia (Cindy's Champion) beats Syren (Lady Laetitia's Champion) in the Commissioners Challenge match and gives Cindy the Commissioner job!
Victory with Katana W - KO*
Changed to NC
Cindy destroys Victory in a very peculiar double cage match (Katana and Vampirya fighting in the second cage) started by both opponents with injuries that won't allow them to move easily (See News Before NS25 for details). But Cindy is faking her injury and easily overcomes and punishes Victory, injuring her right leg even more. Then Cindy moves on to destroy Katana, finally managing to beat the ninja woman.

* Due to the fact that Cindy faked her injury, Lady Laetitia changed the result to NC. Victory, despite being seriously injured, still holds the belt and title.
--- --- Cindy is accused to have drugged Victory before her match against Vampirya in NightStorm! 24. Lady Laetitia will held a trial in the following week's WCF Spotlight to determine the match result and who should be the WCF Champion.
--- --- Her interference in the "Street Fight" match brings victory to Kai. She finally manages to have her revenge over Victory, stripping the People's Champ of her belt and sister. But now that Kai is gone she's left without a team, again.
L - KO The 3 way match left Cindy's career in jeopardy due to serious injuries.
Arachna No contest The dream to become a two time WCF Champ crumbles with the interference of Biker and Savage, but Victory comes to the ring to protect her. The house cleaning is brought to a sudden end when Victory hits Cindy accidentally with a kick and Jenna proceeds to pound her unconscious. Standing over both unconscious fighter Jenna is hit from behind with the belt by a mysterious fighter in red: the Red Menace, who leaves the Arena with 5 unconscious fighter behind and the vacant WCF title.
Biker - Doma L - KO With the help of Arachna Biker & Doma grab the WCF tag team belt. Cindy challenges Arachna to a single match and the Devil's leader agrees.
Syn W - KO A great return for Cindy at her first match in the WCF "New Age". The former Champ manages to react after bad beating in this boxing match and to score the W.