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DANGER - Ilyana Volkova
Hometown: Budapest, Hungary Age: 24
Height: 5'7" Weight: 130 lbs Measures: 36C-24-36
Specialties: Domination & SM
Finishing Move: Final Danger ™
Previous Experience: NHB leagues, extreme fights.
Notes: Danger was brought to the WCF by Severa, her former partner in an European underground extreme league. Little is known about this blonde beauty except that she is deadly and dangerous like her nickname!

  W L T NC
Current Record 2 5 - -

Opponent Result Notes
Miko L - Pin Danger loses to Miko and is fired after NightStorm! 40 in the "You're fired!" contest. This defeat made it two fatal losses in a row. She needed to win at least two of three fights to retain her job.
Elektra L - Pin Danger had a good chance to show some improvements against Elektra but failed once again to score the win. I guess even her protector Severa may not be very happy about Danger's performance.
Turbo L - KO In a kickboxing match, after dishing out a serious beating on Turbo, Danger is surprised by her opponent's recovery and reaction and is KO'd!
--- --- The Vipers and Lethal Deity join to create a new team: the Lethal Vipers!
Whitestar L - Sub Despite a good performance, Danger falls short and is forced to submit to Whitestar.
Turbo W -Pin Danger overcomes Turbo in an hard fought match and pins her opponent with a humiliating facesit.
Syren L - Pin ONC: Superheroine vs. Villainess
Playing the villainess Lady Vendetta, Danger is defeated by the heroine Wonderful Woman despite many nasty tricks and dirty tactics she uses during the match. First defeat for the new Deity.
Elektra W - Pin Danger debuts against a member of the Deity's most hated team (the Stars) and takes advantage of the interference by her team to beat Elektra and also dish out some severe punishment on Miko & Jasmine who tried to help their team-mate.