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DARK ANGEL - Angela Berry
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec, Canada Age: 25
Height: 5'9" Weight: 125 lb Measures: 34C-22-34
Specialties: Wrestling, karate
Finishing Move: Angel Sting™(flying knee drop from top rope)
Previous Experience: Underground and professional wrestling in Canada.
A) The first fighter to defect from a team, Dark Angel is beginning to harness her raw talents as a Drago of Darkness, under the tutelage of her “life partner” Razor, and is on the verge of becoming a star.
B) After arguing with her team leader and lover Razor, Dark Angel left the Dragons of Darkness to seek redemption and trying to regain a spot in the Angels' roster.
C) Dark Angel released her ICF Champ belt in order to challenge her former team leader and lover Razor for the WCF title.
Previous team: DoD
Previous identity: White Angel
Team: Angels

  W L T NC
Current Record 0 1 0 0
Previous Record (DoD) 9 5 1 0
Previous Record (Angel) 0 2 0 1

Tag Team W L T NC
Partner: Razor 1 0 0 0

Opponent Result Notes
Razor L - KO The "new" Dark Angel challenges Razor for the WCF belt. After a rough and brutal hardcore match, Dark Angel is punished by Razor who fucks and humiliates her in order to prove that Dark Angel is nothing but a loser without her.
--- --- Dark Angel helps Victory during her match vs. Shazaka, by assaulting Severa, who was trying once again to interfere during one of the Angels' leader's matches.
--- --- After arguing with her team leader and lover Razor, Dark Angel left the Dragons of Darkness to seek redemption and trying to regain a spot in the Angels roster.
As a Dragon of Darkness:
Leopard Woman W - R.I.P. Dark Angel planned the no disqualification "R.I.P. and Ladder" match with Leopard Woman perfectly and sets up a trap that her opponent can't escape. Skinner and Shazaka come to the Arena and together they destroy L.W. and also Victory (with the help of Severa), Perla Azul and Alyssa Gold who had come to help their friend.
White Angel W - KO Dark Angel takes full advantage of White Angel's broken ribs and beats her to gain the first title of her long WCF career, the ICF Championship. But she left the Arena furious as Cindy didn't allow her to unmask and further humiliate the comatose White Angel.
--- --- In NS!34, during Razor's match against Jasmine, Dark Angel and Dark Diamond wreak havoc backstage of the Arena. They beat Elektra, Juanita and Syren to pulps, but are defeated by Leopard Woman and White Angel, but nevertheless manage to hurt the ICF Champ.
Miko W- Pin Dark Angel used one of her tricks and sprayed Miko's face with the "Dark Mist" at the beginning of the match. From the it was a one sided beating that ended with Miko injured, bound, humiliated. Dark Angel also stole the latest parts of Miko's costume.
Juanita L - KO Dark Angel thought she'd have an easy victory against Juanita, but the hot Latina chose this match to get back on a winning track. Dark Angel looses the top ten and for now the chance to take a shot at her nemesis White Angel. Also a neck injury that will keep her out of the Arena for some time
--- --- After beating Turbo, Dark Angel comes to the Arena with Dark Diamond to destroy the new ICF Champ White Angel as the Champ is walking out already weakened and bloody by her previous match against Vampirya and Lucretia.
Turbo W - KO Dark Angel lashes out a terrible beating on poor Turbo, stealing her costume at the end of the match as a message for her arch enemy and Turbo's friend White Angel II.
L - KO Triple Threat Match:
Dark Angel wanted the TTM to team up with Shadow and punish Emerald, but the Viper kicked them both into a solid KO defeat.
Syren L - Pin An hard fought match ends in a defeat and a facesit for the Angelic Mistress
Emerald W -Sexfight ONC: Sexfight!
In this very singular match Dark Angel beats Emerald for the second time in a row. The training she received from Razor in sexual arts showed as she forced Emerald to a rocking orgasm.
Emerald W - R.I.P. Dark Angel buries Emerald in the grave in the R.I.P. match after and hard and bloody battle.
Lucretia L - Pin An humiliating defeat for the Dark Angel, who is stripped of her outfit and carried over Lucretia's shoulders to Cindy's door!
Severa L - KO Dark Angel is completely destroyed by Severa in front of her mentor and lover Razor, who is and cuffed to the corner post.
Kumi Chan W - Submission Another nastily and evilly obtained victory for DA against the rookie from the Hawaii.
Jasmine W - KO In a "last woman standing" match, Jasmine is having her revenge, but the smart Dark Angel leaves the ring waiting for her bodyguard Severa. Jasmine is smashed.
Biker-Doma W - KO Razor and Angel show perfect tag team action and destroy the Devils to grab the tag team belts.
Whitestar No Contest Dark Angel shows her new "evil" side, using her "Angel dust" on Whitestar.
--- --- While Victory is forced to fight a boxing match against "The Devil" apparently to save Sonia from Razor, Angel sneaks with Scorpia in Jasmine's apartment to destroy her former team-mate, causing her retirement from the WCF.
As White Angel:
Razor Draw This strange boxing match ends with both fighters laying on each other, sharing a new "connection" that later brought to the birth of the "Daughters of Darkness".
Arachna L - Submission The utter defeat and domination by Arachna is stopped only by Victory's challenge to the leader of the Devils.
Doma L - Submission Angel's debut in the WCF. After winning the first round with her high flying style, Angel's wings are snapped by Doma and she is pounds into submission.