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DEBBIE SUN - Deborah Flavour
Hometown: Los Angeles - CA - USA Age: 25
Height: 5'5" Weight: 125 lbs Measures: 36C-24-36
Specialties: --
Finishing Move: Sunrise!™ (spinning kick from top rope)
Previous Experience: Pro-wrestling
Notes: Debbie is the "rebel" daughter of the rich Flavour family of Los Angeles, which she left at the age of 18. She had done any kind of jobs since then, from model, to hostess, to stripper, to amateur cat fighter to finish with pro-wrestler. When she reached the top "Entertainment" Pro-Wrestling league, she wanted more and joined the Hardcore WCF League.
Previous looks:

  W L T NC
Current Record 8 9 0 0

Opponent Result Notes
Severa L - Pin ICF "Elimination Run"
Debbie enters the "Run" with high hopes of bringing the ICF belt to her team, but faces Severa as her first opponent. Severa proves to be too much for Debbie who is squashed and pinned easily.
Lethal Squaw W - Pin Debbie fought her long time nemesis Lethal Squaw and despite taking a deadly and painful beating managed to score the winning pin. With two wins in a row she's the shining Crimson Star now and is back in the TOP 10!
Shadow W - Pin Debbie is back and looking great. She beats Shadow in a hard fought match to climb several positions in the rankings. Her victory is a much needed breather for the Stars.
Razor L - KO Debbie enters the ring for her match against Razor with the idea of punishing the DoD leader for what Dark Angel did to Miko minutes before. But the dirty and unfair match is Razor's home field and the girl in pink ends up beaten and injured.
Doma W - Pin The first match as a Crimson Star for Debbie is a hard fought battle against Doma. Debbie manages to grab the W and end her two match skid. Welcome back, kid!
--- --- After NS! 29 Debbie joins the Crimson Stars.
Dark Diamond L - Pin After and hard fought match, Diamond cheats using a steel brass-knuckle and sends Debbie to dreamland, pinning her and winning the services of the Sunshine Kid for an hour as stipulated. She dresses Debbie in a slutty pink outfit and forces the defeated blonde to follow her doggy style to her locker room.
Shazaka L - Pin Again a Dragon for Debbie and unfortunately for her, probably the worst of them all. The Shaman Queen uses her pressure point knowledge to stiffen Debbie's body in a bridged position and then forces an orgasm out of her to everybody's shock!
Lucretia W - Pin Returning after an injury from another Dragon (Vampirya), Debbie gains her revenge against Lucretia, who attacked and KO'd her during the WCF Spotlight. But Debbie suffers an injury that may be serious to her right arm.
Vampirya L - KO Vampirya shows Debbie the hard side of the WCF. The Kiss of the Vampire downs yet another WCF girl.
Razor L - Pin ICF Tournament - Round 2
Razor destroys the already weakened Debbie, injuring her neck and cutting her tails with a scissor before pinning her.
--- --- Debbie tries to help Juanita who's facing Danger and Squaw but is pearl-harboured by Severa and left unconscious an bloodied on the Arena floor.
Syn W - Pin ICF Tournament - Round 1
The California Kid is able to recover from an illegal attack before the match beginning by Syn and secures the win with a pin.
--- Tournament - Final
Debbie is unable to compete in the final due to the injuries sustained in the Round 2 match.
Shadow W - Pin Tournament - Round 2
The match is violent and both fighters are pushed to their limits, but Debbie gets the W. Debbie's refusal to submit to Shadow's deadly finisher costs her a serious injury to her hamstrings and pubic area.
Razor W - sub Tournament - Round 1
Finally Debbie has her (and her friend Diamond's) revenge over Razor, also injuring her opponent's arm in an hard fought match.
Lethal Squaw L - KO Debbie might be reconsidering the open challenge to the Devils after Juanita and Squaw double teamed her 3 times in a single week, always leaving her battered and unconscious behind them.
Juanita W - KO Thumbs up for Debbie! With a new look and a new attitude the rich former model from L.A. stuns everybody with an impressive burst of energy and resilience.
Cassandra L - Sub Cassandra storms all her recent frustrations over poor Debbie.
Lioness Kai L - Sub No way the rookie can face Kai.