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DARK DIAMOND - Shauna King
Country: Florida, USA Age: 24
Height: 5'7" Weight: 130 lbs Measures: 36D-24-36
Specialism: Boxing, kick-boxing
Favourite move: DiamondBack™ (jumping elbow to throat)
Other fighting experiences: Boxing league, kickboxing.
Notes: Black Diamond joins the WCF with a good experience in boxing and kickboxing. Will this be enough to prove herself in the wildest league of the world?
After losing the "retirement match" to the winless Kumi Chan during the One Night Commissioner Event, Diamond was helped by Razor and joined the Daughter of Darkness, changing her name, outfit and attitude.
Previous identity: Diamond
Prev. Team: Unaffiliated

  W L T NC
Current Record (as a DoD) 5 5 0 0
Previously 0 4 0 0

Opponent Result Notes
Alyssa Gold L-Pin ICF "Elimination Run"
Despite Alyssa being tired battered by the previous match, Diamond can't finish her off and the Angel fights back and gets the pin.
Victory L - KO Dark Diamond has Victory unconscious and tied up in their "Bring your weapon" Hardcore match after she attacks the Angel behind her back with a barb-wired stick. She punishes Victory for good but when the Angel's sister Jen comes to the ring she's distracted long enough to let Victory recover and beat her with one of her famous comebacks.
Juanita L - Pin Dark Diamond planned to beat Juanita to a pulp, but fails to beat the Latina Heat and now the Star has a shot at her team leader Razor for the WCF title.
--- --- In NS!34, during Razor's match against Jasmine, Dark Angel and Dark Diamond wreak havoc backstage of the Arena. They beat Elektra, Juanita and Syren to pulps, but are defeated by Leopard Woman and White Angel, but nevertheless manage to hurt the ICF Champ.
Elektra W-KO Diamond once again proves to be the nastiest fighter in the league, punishing Elektra with vicious blow after vicious blow to her privates and almost breaking her left arm. She's 5-2 since joining the DoD and definitely a raising star in the WCF. If this trend continues it won't be long until we see her fighting for a title again.
Jasmine L - KO Hardcore "Loser gets fucked" match for the WCF title:
Dark Diamond had the WCF title served on a silver plate by Severa, but her lust for humiliating Jasmine was her undoing and Diamond lost the match and maybe the better chance of her career to become Champ.
--- --- At the end of the main event, Diamond trades what's left of her hour with Debbie to avoid Razor the humiliation of being fucked with a strap on by Jasmine!
Debbie Sun W - Pin After and hard fought match, Diamond cheats using a steel brass-knuckle and sends Debbie to dreamland, pinning her and winning the services of the Sunshine Kid for an hour as stipulated. She dresses Debbie in a slutty pink outfit and forces the defeated blonde to follow her doggy style to her locker room.
--- --- In NS! 28, Dark Diamond comes to the Arena with Dark Angel to destroy the new ICF Champ White Angel as the Champ is walking out already weakened and bloody by her previous match against Vampirya and Lucretia.
Turbo L - Pin After a good start, Diamond is distracted by White Angel's appearance. Turbo takes advantage and manages to pin Diamond for the Count snapping Diamond's winning streak.
Shadow W - Pin After a hard fought match, Diamond beats Shadow and avenges Dark Angel for her defeat at the hands of the Viper. The humiliating final facesit shows everybody once again the new attitude of Diamond, who is on fire and marks the third W in a row!
White Angel II W - KO The barbwire Hardcore match end in triumph for Dark Diamond who beats White Angel to unconsciousness using several weapons on her, also wrapping her feet with barbwire!
Kumi Chan W - Pin A devastating return for Dark Diamond as she destroy & humiliates Kumi. Razor's lessons are already working! Look out for this fighter.
Black Diamond joins Razor's DoD and changes her name to Dark Diamond
Kumi Chan L - Pin ONC - Retirement match!
The fight of the losers brings Diamond yet another defeat! But at the end of the match it's her bitter rival of the past Razor who comes to help her. During the next WCF Spotlight, Razor asks Laetitia to revoke Diamond's retirement thus making the black fighter one of her DoD. Can Black Diamond rise from the ashes?
Hydra L - Sub It's a total one-sided domination as Shauna is unable to stop the rampaging Hydra. The HydraCoil finisher forces her to submit.
Razor L - KO Maybe Shauna is not ready yet for the league's big guns. Razor manhandles her, inflicting a severe defeat to the ebony beauty.
Savage L - Sub Diamond is fighting a very good match when Razor interferes and Shauna is double teamed. Caught in Savage's "Breasts Claws" she can only submit.