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DOMINATRIX - LaVerne Williams
Hometown: Detroit, MI, USA Age: 34
Height: 5'11" Weight: 180 lbs Measures: 38D-28-38
Specialties: Bare fist fighting; cage fighting
Finishing Move: Domination™(neck choke with waist leg scissor), DomaSlam™ (Body Slam)
Previous Experience: Kronk underground boxing league; Extreme fight champ
Notes: Ruthless. Relentless. Reckless. The henchwoman of the Devils, Doma’s ferocious fists have left a bevy of beauties begging for mercy.

  W L T NC
Current Record 6 8 0 1

Tag Team W L T NC
Partner: Biker Bitch 1 1 0 0

Opponent Result Notes
--- --- Doma retired after losing her six consecutive match in NightStorm 33. The once dominant fighter apparently lost her way to victory and decided to part ways with WCF.
Turbo L -Pin Doma starts well and apparently dominates Turbo, but the speedy blonde manages to gain the upper hand and pins the once dominant bald machine. A disappointing loss for Doma who keeps skidding in the rankings.
Debbie Sun L-Pin Doma, returning from an injury, fights hard against Debbie, but is pinned. With her losing skid now up to 5 in a row, the once dominant fighter must find a way to bounce back. Her overall record has now more L than W for the first time in her career.
--- --- The Vipers and Lethal Deity join to create a new team: the Lethal Vipers!
--- --- NS!30: Doma is involved in the huge Angels vs. Vipers and Deity brawl backstage during the main event and beats the Angels seriously.
Leopard Woman L - Pin Returning from a long injury and on a 3 match losing streak, Doma tries everything to overcome Leopard Woman, but the newcomer in the end manages to outlast the Big Bold Machine and get the pin.
Syren L - Countout Super Lottery - Semi-final
After a long and hard fight, Doma is defeated by Syren when she falls out of the ring apron and into the floor head first, seriously injuring her neck.
Sonia L - R.I.P. ONC: R.I.P. match
Doma, who vowed to destroy Sonia after the ICF Tournament, is playing the Red Menace in the R.I.P. match. Sonia manages to win this hard fought battle and buries both Doma and her past nightmares in the grave.
Whitestar L - Countout ICF Tournament - Round 2
Whitestar is being dominated by Doma, but Severa comes to the Arena to punish the Angel some more. Her interference backfires on her as Red Sonia attacks her and ko's both the former WCF Champ and Doma, handing Whitestar the victory by count-out.
Doma W - KO ICF Tournament - Round 1
Syren's return to WCF action is going along well and the Stars' leader is close to defeating Doma when Severa's interference (the first of a long series during the night) switches the momentum of the fight. Syren is destroyed and carted away on a stretcher with a severe concussion.
Jasmine W - Pin Doma beats Jasmine not without problems despite the Star's weakened condition due to the previous beating. Severa also helps.
--- --- Interference in Elektra-Danger with all her team to beat Elektra, Miko & Jasmine (who Doma should face later in the evening) to pulps.
--- --- Doma rushes to the ring during the Arachna-Severa match, beating Jenna to a pulp along with Squaw and joining Severa's new team!
Arachna L - KO Doma's mouth is shut by Arachna's power and resistance in this hard fought match. Doma will think twice before talking thrash about Jenna again in the future.
Royal Rumble --- Doma is the 3rd fighter to enter the Arena and find her Leader Jenna there. They can easily win the belt by double teaming everybody, but Arachna willingly leaves the ring and a shocked Doma is eliminated by Aurora.
Flame W - KO The rookie Flame surprises Doma and the crowd with a great start, but Doma manages to fight back and take the W.
Victory L- Pin First saved, then Pearl Harboured by Red Menace. Victory is left sprawled over her body to retain the title.
Razor - DA L - KO Dominated and battered. The devils are not used to be on the receiving end, but this time Biker and Doma lost their belts.
Whitestar No contest Doma is surprised by the athleticism of the Angel and is KO'd! Only Biker's interference saves her for a No Contest.
Cindy - Kai W - KO With the help of Arachna Biker & Doma grab the WCF tag team belt. Doma seemingly is beaten by Kai, but the two fight outside the Arena and nobody really knows what happens.
Holly - Rose W - KO Handicap match... for the two young Phoenix! Doma beats, crushes and pins.
Angel W - Submission After losing the first round to the high flying Angel, Doma snaps her wings and pounds the woman in white into submission.