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ELEKTRA - Elektra Hopkos
Country: Athens, Greece Age: 23
Height: 5'7" Weight: 140 lbs Measures: 36C-24-36
Specialism: Wrestling no rules
Favourite move: Olympian Spear™ (Flying spear into the corner post)
Other fighting experiences: Mixed sex wrestling & no rules wrestling
Notes: Back to the WCF after some months of absence with a new look and a new attitude!
Previous looks: Flame

  W L T NC
Current Record 6 12 0 0

Tag Team W L T NC
Partner: Jasmine 1 0 0 0

Opponent Result Notes
Severa L- Pin ICF "Elimination Run"
Elektra, like Debbie before her, enters the "Run" with high hopes of bringing the ICF belt to her team, but faces Severa as the first opponent. Severa proves to be too much even for Elektra who is squashed and pinned. Severa got rid of the three Stars, eliminating the whole team from the "Run".
Danger W - Pin Elektra returns to the active roster with the left elbow apparently fully healed and scores a very good win against Danger. The win is even more important as she wins the first of two matches needed to retain her job in the "You're fired!" contest.
Skinner L-Pin Elektra wanted to get back to action, but her elbow was still injured. Fighting the strong Skinner, she pays the price and gets pounded to unconsciousness after a hard fought match.
--- --- In NS! 34 Juanita and Elektra, despite being both injured, try to help Jasmine who's being double teamed by Razor and Shazaka. But they are confronted backstage by Dark Angel and Dark Diamond and badly beaten.
Dark Diamond L-KO Elektra tried her best to beat Diamond, but after a good start she was overwhelmed by the DoD's vicious and dirty attacks. Diamond almost broke her left arm and it will be some time until we see Elektra in the ring again.
Savage W - Sub Elektra takes part in a great night for the Stars (at least until the last 2 matches) by beating Savage in a hard fought match.
White Angel II L - Pin ICF Triple Threat Match - Qualification:
It's a hard fought match, but the White Angel is better in the end of this face-face match up and pins Elektra.
Lucretia L - KO Elektra falls victim to Lucretia's new attitude, power and new deadly finisher.
Hydra W - Pin Very good victory for Elektra in her return match vs. Hydra.
Vampirya L - KO ICF Tournament - Round 1
It is an hard-fought match, but in the end Vampirya manages to dig her fangs into Elektra's neck leaving another bloodied opponent laying unconscious behind her.
Danger L - Pin Elektra wants revenge on the Deity but gets a beating. The double-teaming by Doma leads the other Stars to the Arena where they are destroyed by the Deity. The worse night in Stars' history begins here.
Severa L - KO A distraction to tend to her fallen team-mate Miko's injuries is enough for Severa to pearl-harbour Elektra and utterly destroy her. Elektra never has a chance after the initial beating.
Syn W - KO Even if not cleared to fight by the WCF medical staff, Elektra enters the ring and pulls out a great W in this hard fought battle.
Royal Rumble --- The ninth fighter to join the Rumble, Elektra is double teamed by the DoD and battered roughly. Eliminated by Razor she sustained several injuries to her face.
Syn - Delf W - KO A good debut for the new tag team with Jasmine. After an hard fought battle the Star raise her hands in victory.
Severa L - KO Elektra discovers how powerful the new wrestler is. She never stands a chance and is KO'd with her friend Jasmine.
Biker Bitch W - KO Pitted against the rough Biker to see how she fares after the bad defeat against Kai, Elektra shows that she has lots of talents. Savage tries to interfere, but Syren saves her team-mate.
Lioness Kai L - KO Elektra bites more than she can chew in this match and is annihilated by the power and athleticism of Kai. Elektra can't call herself "Dragon" anymore as stipulated in the match agreement.
Kumi Chan W - KO Elektra's return is a success, but she is challenged by Lioness Kai to a match that will force the loser to drop the "dragon" name.
Jasmine L - KO Another hard fought battle with Jasmine managing to pull out the W with some luck in the end.
Cassandra L - KO The debut of the Dragon is an hard fought battle with Elektra laying under her opponents feet in the end.