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FLAME - Nadya Adrianova
Hometown: Siberia Age: 23
Height: 5'7" Weight: 128 lbs Measures: 36C-24-36
Specialties: Several martial arts.
Finishing Move: Afterburn!™(Face slam with leg scissor to neck)
FlameMarch™ (Flame's version of Victory's finisher), FreeFire™ (double kick to belly twisting her body on ropes)
Previous Experience: Underground leagues, professional Entertainment Wrestling League
Notes: Little is known about Nadya's past. Coming from the cold Siberia , her name sounds perfectly fitting. Flame was the first ICF Champion. She's a close friend to Victory and apparently her past is somehow connected to Talia and her sister Shadow.
Her twin Ice Cold joined the Vipers roster.
Previous looks: Flame

  W L T NC
Current Record 10 2 0 0

Opponent Result Notes
Snake Chan W - Pin Returning to action from Injured List, Flame beats Snake Chan showing that she's still a top calibre star in this league.
Severa L - KO With Victory in her corner, as by match stipulations, Flame is destroyed by Severa, who concentrates on her still injured back (from the beating she endured in her last match as ICF Champ). Flame is left unconscious and hurt on the mat by the Goddess. That's what happens when you fight Severa and you are not at 110%
--- --- In NS! 30 Flame is involved in the huge Angels vs. Vipers and Deity brawl backstage during the main event and is beaten unconscious.
Shadow W - KO Flame finally returns from a long healing period and gets her revenge over Shadow, one of the Vipers who almost forced her into retirement and caused her to give up the ICF title.
--- --- After NS! 29 joins the newly created Marvelous Angels.
--- --- Before NightStorm 26 Flame must resign from ICF Champion as she couldn't defend her title at least once in a month due to the injuries she suffered in the last match. The ICF title is now vacant.
Shadow W - DQ Flame wins the match by DQ, but is destroyed by Talia, Shadow and her twin Ice Cold! The ICF Champ is seriously injured in body and spirit. What brought her twin to the WCF with such vengeful feelings?
--- --- After the main event of NS! 22 when Victory defeats Hammer in a kickboxing special match, Flame apparently pearl harbours her friend, beating her up, stealing her belt and leaving her unconscious and naked in the WCF Challenge Room. Is Flame gone nuts?
Lethal Squaw W - Pin ICF Tournament - Final
A hard fought match, with Squaw obviously using her dirty tactics. But this time Squaw's dirty game backfires on her and Flame gets the win and the ICF belt.
Razor W - Pin ICF Tournament - Semi-finals
Flame gets her revenge on Razor beating the DoD leader after a hard fought match.
Vampirya W - Pin ICF Tournament - Round 2
Flame shows how good she is managing to come back and win even after Vampirya bites her neck. The final Halloween joke by Flame is also a masterpiece. Unfortunately the Marvel's neck injury got worse.
Lucretia W - Pin ICF Tournament - Round 1
The last match of the first round is another hard fought match. Flame manages to get the win with a pin, but injures her neck.
Lethal Squaw W - Countout Flame showed courage to enter the ring bandaged from the previous beating, but took yet another nasty punishment. Her will and pride anyway allowed her to pick up a surprising and lucky victory.
--- --- Flame tried to help her team-mate Emerald, but was lured into Shadow's trap. Along with her sister Talia, the Viper dished out some real punishment, leaving Flame bloodied and unconscious behind her.
--- --- Flame tried to help her team-mate Aurora in her match against Severa, but Arachna showed up challenging the Champ before Flame could do it!
Hydra W - Pin An incredible comeback win by Flame, who, despite being on the receiving end for the whole match, pulls out the win using nothing less than Victory's Leg Scissor!
Talia W -Pin An incredible performance by this your lady who stunned the crowd with incredible resilience and astonishing moves. Maybe a new star is born?
Doma L - KO A good debut for this young new WCF Star. Flame keep Doma at bay for a long part of the match, but missing her highly spectacular and further dangerous trademark finisher "The Afterburn!" sets her up for Doma's chokeslam and sleeper.