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HYDRA - Yan Kanshay
Hometown: Mongolia Age: 29
Height: 5'5" Weight: 165 lbs Measures: 34C-24-36
Specialties: power holds where she can use her immense strength.
Finishing Move: HydraCoil™, HydraWrap™
Previous Experience: Several underground leagues
Notes: She is rather slow, but very strong and persistent – she never gives up a hold.

  W L T NC
Current Record 6 7 0 0

Opponent Result Notes
Whitestar L -Pin Hydra is pinned by the returning Whitestar for a disappointing defeat that drops her to the bottom of the ranking.
Perla Azul L - Pin Hydra's winning streak comes to an abrupt end against Perla, who also blows her a kiss after she scores the pin. I guess the Viper will want some revenge pretty soon!
Violet W - Pin Violet never has a chance in this match. Hydra dominates her for the whole fight and pins her for the W.
--- --- The Vipers and Lethal Deity join to create a new team: the Lethal Vipers!
K. Chan & P. Azul
W - Sub (Perla) Hydra has her revenge on Perla as Kumi betrays her partner and leaves her beaten body to the Vipers to play with. The Vipers force Perla to submit and worship Shadow's feet while Hydra fingers her from behind.
Perla Azul L - Countout The most disappointing defeat in Hydra's career so far. Despite dominating Perla for the whole match, Hydra is distracted by Kumi Chan and steps out of the ring. After a lucky shot by Kumi, Hydra falls head first into the ring apron and is counted out because la Perla is still inside the ring.
Kumi Chan W - KO Hydra dominates poor Kumi for the whole match, destroying her with a new lethal finisher, the HydraWrap™. When La Perla Azul comes to the Arena to try and help her friend Kumi, Hydra hits her with a neckbreaker and leaves Carmen almost unconscious too.
Juanita W - Sub A new convincing victory for Hydra over Juanita. Once again her HydraCoil™ finisher proves to be lethal and forces the Latina beauty to submit.
Elektra L - Pin Hydra can't overcome Elektra in a very hard fought match.
Black Diamond W - Sub Finally a convincing victory for Hydra who demolishes Diamond throughout the match.
Jasmine L - Pin Tournament - Round 1
Three losses in a row are not what Talia expected from Hydra when she brought her to the WCF. To her defence we must confess that Jasmine fought one of the best matches of her career, fuelled by her raging hunt for Severa.
Flame L - Pin As in her match against Miko, Hydra dominates the match only to be pinned by her opponent's last effort. The Hydra needs to finish her prey once she has her in her clutches and stop toying with them.
Miko L -Pin Hydra dominates the match with her powerful and painful holds, but her cockiness is her undoing as Miko finds a second wind and pins her.
Turbo W - Sub Definitely the most impressive newcomer who debuted today. Hydra's power holds force Turbo to submit.