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JASMINE - Jasmine Phillips
Hometown: Jamaica Age: 25
Height: 5'6" Weight: 140 lbs Measures: 38D-24-34
Specialties: All martial arts, bare-knuckled fighting
Finishing Move: JasMined™(Leg scissor to neck)
Previous Experience: Underground fighting clubs in Latin America.
Notes: Previously a member of the Angels, she was forced into retirement due to several injuries caused in an off-ring attack by her former team-mate Angel and Scorpia. Back to the WCF with new friends a and a new team, but always loyal to her friend Victory.
Previous looks: jasmine

  W L T NC
Current Record 14 10 1 0

Tag Team W L T NC
Partner: Elektra 1 0 0 0

Opponent Result Notes
Shadow W - Pin Returning to action from Injured List, Jasmine beats Shadow with a great performance.
Razor L - Pin Razor comes to the Arena after Jasmine defeats Shazaka to retain the WCF title and challenges the Star to a match for the belt. Jasmine accepts but is double teamed by the DoD. It's a total humiliation for Jasmine (and the Stars all over the Arena) that ends only when Victory shows up and accepts to come back to the active roster and fight the matches that Razor will set up for her during the following month. After four successful attempts (the third longest streak as a Champ in WCF modern history), Jasmine loses the belt and it will probably be some time until we see her in the ring again.
Shazaka W - Pin In an epic battle, Jasmine comes out on top, handing the Shaman her first defeat since she joined the WCF. But after what happens when the final bell rings everybody's guess is: did the Shaman play possum?
Dark Diamond W - KO Hardcore "Loser gets fucked" match for the WCF title:
Jasmine is attacked before the match by Severa and pounded into oblivion. Severa then drags her to the cage, where Dark Diamond pounds and humiliates her. But the Champ finds a second wind and manages to win and retain the title... for now.
Razor W - Pin Jasmine defends the WCF title for the first time, proving that she's worth it. After an hard fought match, Jasmine survives the Razor Kiss™ and beats Razor with her Jasmined™ finisher , then menacing to fuck her with a strap on (Razor did the same to Jasmine during the match). But Dark Diamond saves her team leader, offering what's left of her hour with Debbie Sun in exchange.
Talia W - Countout Super Lottery Ticket Challenge by Talia
Talia plays the Ticket and challenges the new WCF Champ Jasmine, who's seriously injured from the previous match against Squaw. Jasmine gets squashed again, but when Talia is going to punish her further, she's saved by a new fighter making her first appearance: Leopard Woman. the Leopard Woman Ko's Talia and allows Jasmine to win by Countout.
Lethal Squaw - Victory W - LWS Triple Threat Match - Best of 5 series Final - 5/5
When Victory doesn't show up for the match and Cindy sets the match to a LAST WOMAN STANDING, Jasmine is attacked before the bell by Squaw, who abruptly dominates her for the next 30 minutes, finally putting her out. But then Victory, despite being seriously injured and barely able to walk, comes to the ring. The career-ending beating that Victory endures, allows Jasmine to recover and beat Squaw with her JasMined scissor finisher, though giving the Jamaican Princess her first WCF title! But it's not over when Talia enters the Arena with the Super Lottery Ticket...
Lethal Squaw W - Cuff&Strap-on Best of 5 series - 4/5
Jasmine has to win to stay alive in the series. But after a good start, Squaw takes control and when the Deity targets Jasmine's already injured breasts everything seems lost. But the Princess fights back, cuffs Squaw to the stripper pole and slaps the strap-on into her opponent's pussy to gain the win!
Lethal Squaw L - Impaled Best of 5 series - 3/5
Squaw chose an "Impaled" match and a schoolgirl outfit for Jasmine who starts very well and manages to put her opponent over the rubber dildo. Jasmine's overconfidence is her undoing in this match as Squaw reacts and punishes her mercilessly. Jasmine ends up bound and impaled on the dildo and now trails 1-2 in the series.
Lethal Squaw L - Sub Best of 5 series - 2/5
Jasmine chooses a Hardcore match and Squaw's outfit (pink bunny waitress) for this bout, which enrages her opponent. The Jamaican Princess never stands a chance during the match and is soundly beaten with the help of a sledgehammer and some barbwire.
Lethal Squaw W - Pin Best of 5 series - 1/5
Jasmine is beaten to a pulp by Squaw who even uses a chain to beat her up and hang her to the ropes, but in the end she turns the table and pins Squaw with a reverse suplex from the top rope into a table!
--- --- ONC: Hardcore Clothes challenge
Jasmine runs to the rescue of her friend Miko, who's being abused by Squaw. The Jamaican Princess locks her JasMined™ move and puts Squaw out. Revenge sweet revenge!
Lethal Squaw T - Double KO ONC: Hardcore Street Fight Match
The bitter rivalry continues as Jasmine and Squaw tear into each other with everything they have in this brutal Hardcore Street Fight Match. None of them can prevail as at the end they both lie unconscious and bloody on the street asphalt.
Lethal Squaw L - Sub ICF Tournament - Round 2
The match doesn't even ever start as Squaw assaults Jasmine outside the ring, handcuffs and beats her senseless. The WCF Champ Victory tries to help her friend and former team-mate, but Severa interferes, pounds her and leaves her hanging to the NightStorm insignia while Squaw destroys Jasmine. Both friends are then carted away on stretchers.
Savage W - KO ICF Tournament - Round 1
In an hard fought battle Jasmine prevails thanks to her strength and pride and beats Savage.
Doma L - Pin Weakened by the previous beating, Jasmine gives Doma a good fight, but falls short even because of Severa's interference.
--- --- With Miko, Jasmine tries to save Elektra from a double teaming by Doma but is forced to face all the 4 Deity and takes a bad beating.
Vampirya L - KO Tournament - Round 2
Despite being still weak and fatigued from the hardest match of round 1, Jasmine manages to put Vampirya in her JasMined™ hold and put the Mistress to sleep. But Severa's interference distracts her and leads to a bloody defeat. Severa wins one more round in the Stars-Deity feud.
Hydra W - Pin Tournament - Round 1
The fight is hard and Hydra's holds are terrible, but Jasmine hunt for Severa's belt won't be stopped! Jas gives everything she has to gain the victory and advance to the 2nd round.
Severa L - KO In the perfect "Angels" spirit Jasmine rushes to the ring to save her team-mate Elektra from certain serious injuries. But that brave act is also her destruction as Severa takes advantage of it and punishes Jasmine's breasts till they are bloodied. A final humiliation (smothered into oblivion onto Elektra's pussy) ends the match.
Delf W - Pin Jasmine is too good for Delf right now, defeating her for the second time.
Royal Rumble --- The eight fighter to join the Rumble, Jas starts well against Razor but discovers Severa's power. Thrashed by the DoD she's eliminated by Severa.
Syn - Delf W - KO A good debut for the new tag team with Elektra. After an hard fought battle, Jasmine saves the day with a stunning over the ropes suplex on Syn.
Dark Angel L - KO In a "last woman standing" match, Jasmine is beating DA, when Severa double teams her, beating her twice in a night. The DoD walk away leaving a comatose Jasmine behind them..
--- --- Jasmine enters the ring to help her friend Elektra who's being destroyed by Severa, but is badly defeated.
Cassandra W - KO Jasmine's second WCF career begins with a wonderful victory over Cassandra. Jas shows a new outfit, toned body and attitude.
Red Dragon W - Submission An hard fought battle ends with a with a Win against the former Red Dragon, then known simply as Elektra and Jasmine's team-mate in the Stars.
Talia L - KO Another one sided beating ends again with a battered and bloodied Jasmine carried away on a stretcher.
Arachna L - Submission A one sided beating ends with a battered and bloodied Jasmine forced to submit and suck Jenna's huge dildo.
Delf W - KO Jasmine's debut is an hard fought battle that ends with a with a good win.