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SILVERSTAR - Jennifer Jones
Hometown: Sydney, Australia Age: 21
Height: 5'4" Weight: 110 lbs Measures: 34C-24-36
Specialties: Aerial moves, Judo
Finishing Move: FlyingStar™(Moonsault from top rope)
Previous Experience: None.
Notes: Younger sister of the Angel's team leader, Victory. After the events of her feud with Lioness Kai, she promised Victory that she wouldn't fight anymore in the WCF. Now she is the Angels' manager and valet.
Previous looks:

  W L T NC
Current Record 5 0 0 0

Tag Team W L T NC
Partner: Whitestar 1 1 0 0

Opponent Result Notes
Victory W - Pin Jenny takes advantage of Shazaka's interference to pull out the major upset win of the evening by beating her sister Victory and gaining a shot at the WCF title
Savage W - Pin Second win in a row by Silverstar, but once again it looked like her opponent, the DoD Savage, wasn't fighting at 100%. It may be only a wrong feeling but with Victory's sister and the feud going on with Razor and the DoD you never know what Razor may be up to...
Lucretia W - Pin Silverstar returns as an unaffiliated fighter after her argument with Victory last week and grabs an upset W against Lucretia.
--- --- After what happened in NightStorm! 36, Jenny resigns as Angels manager and gets back on the WCF active roster as an unaffiliated fighter.
--- --- In NightStorm! 36 Jenny rushes to the Arena to help Victory against Dark Diamond. She pounds the DoD, but while she tends to her sister, Diamond attacks her from behind and punishes her. But Victory recovers and beats Diamond, only to slap Jenny in the face, blaming her for having broken her oath to never fight again in the WCF.
--- --- After NS! 29 Victory creates a new team, the Marvelous Angels, taking on the manager role with her sister Jenny.
--- --- In NightStorm! 24 Jenny rushes to the ring to try and save her sister from Vampirya, breaking the promise she made to Victory to never fight again in the WCF. Out of training after the long absence, she's no match for Vampirya who uses Victory's body as a shield and a weapon against Jenny. Both Victory and Jenny are beaten and humiliated.
--- --- Jenny is the second of Victory in her sister special extreme kickboxing match vs. Hammer.
--- --- Jenny returns with the Angels, but only their manager and not as a fighter. She promised her sister she would not fight anymore in the WCF.
--- --- Jenny willingly agreed to follow Lioness Kai to save Victory from further punishment in the "Street Fight" match.
Kai - Red Menace L - KO Whitestar and Silverstar are destroyed by the evil Dragons. While Michelle is cuffed to the cage, both Menace and Kai work over Jenny, punishing and tormenting her. Victory saves the day, accepting to fight in a Handicap match in the same cage.
Scorpia W - Pin Yet another impressive victory for this young fighter. She's really starting to be look like a Superstar.
Syn W - KO Impressive new victory for Silverstar.
Syn - Delf W -KO Impressive debut by Silverstar. She dominates the match with her wonderful aerial moves.
--- --- Saves Whitestar from Dark Angel
--- --- Saves Aurora from Scorpia after Red Menace let the Mighty Mite into a trap and destroyed her.