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JUANITA - Juanita Calvares
Hometown: Lima, Peru Age: 28
Height: 5'5" Weight: 120 lbs Measures: 34C-24-34
Specialties: Wrestling but with lots of acrobatic tumbling – uses her feet a lot
Finishing Move: Red Arrow™ (double kick to face out of the ropes like an arrow)
Previous Experience: Underground fighting clubs in the US and Latin America.

Notes: A very skilful and experienced fighter, who can beat bigger girls because of her gymnastic style of fighting. She can be as nasty as she's beautiful.
Originally brought to the WCF by Arachna as a member of the Devils, she is now unaffiliated after Arachna became temporary inactive and all the other members of the team left.
Juanita become friend to Debbie Sun and decided to join the "good girls" side and changed her attitude to a fair fighting style.
Now she's a Crimson Star alongside Debbie.

Previous looks:

  W L T NC
Current Record 6 8 0 1

Opponent Result Notes
Severa L - Pin Juanita after suffering a terrible beating from Severa comes back and almost beats the Goddess but ends up pinned and injured.
Razor L-Pin In a "loser gets fucked" match for the WCF title, Juanita fights as hard as she can to beat Razor and gain the Championship, but the Cerebral Mistress proves to be too much for the Latina Heat and humiliates her before the final KO and the stipulated fuck.
Dark Diamond W-Pin Another great victory for Juanita, this time against Dark Diamond. She's now the # 1 contender for the WCF belt and surely she can't wait to get her hands on Razor and even the score between her Crimson Stars and the DoD.
--- --- Juanita and Elektra, despite being both injured, try to help Jasmine who's being double teamed by Razor and Shazaka. But they are confronted backstage by Dark Angel and Dark Diamond and badly beaten.
Lucretia W - Pin Returning from a period of forced rest, Juanita pulls out a valuable win against the bigger Lucretia. But the lovely Latina also takes a beating in this match.
Shazaka L - KO Juanita dominates the match and almost manages to pin Shazaka, but is nailed by the Shaman with a face claw and forced unconscious.
--- --- During NS! 30 main event, Juanita rushes to the Arena with Miko to help Jasmine but is KO'd by Severa.
Dark Angel W - KO Finally the losing streak is snapped and a great victory for Juanita against the much higher ranked Dark Angel. Moreover, the defeat of many fighter with a better ranking propelled Juanita up 11 steps in the ranking!
--- --- After NS! 29 Juanita joins the Crimson Stars
Vampirya L - Pin ICF Triple Threat Match - Qualification:
Fourth defeat in a row for the Latina beauty. After a good start, she's literally sucked dry by the Vampire Mistress.
Hydra L - Sub Third defeat in a row for Juanita against a Viper, and again suffering an injury. Despite Juanita's efforts Hydra's HydraCoil™ finisher proves to be lethal and forces the Latina beauty to submit.
Talia L - KO A devastating loss for Juanita against the enraged Talia. She tries her best, but she's overwhelmed, injured and humiliated.
Lethal Squaw L - Sub ICF Tournament - Round 1
Juanita is doing great until she makes the mistake of following Squaw outside the ring and Danger interferes. Debbie tries to help her newly acquired ally, but Severa rushes to the Arena. Both Juanita and Debbie are pounded seriously and carted away on stretchers.
Shadow W - Pin Juanita brilliantly defeats Shadow in a rough match to gain access to next week's ICF Tournament.
Violet NC Tournament - Round 2
Juanita can't fight due to the injuries reported in the 1st round match against Savage. Violet & Juanita shake hands and Violet advances to the 3 women final.
Savage W - KO Tournament - Round 1
Juanita takes a terrible beating by Savage who uses her talons to scratch Juanita's legs chest and abdomen but is unable to close the match. Juanita turns the tide and gets the KO win but collapses to the mat after the match.
--- --- Juanita rushes to the ring with Squaw to save Arachna from Doma during the Arachna-Severa match, but it pearl-harboured by Squaw and beaten.
--- --- Juanita interferes in Debbie Sun vs. Lethal Squaw, punishing the lovely California Blonde with her team-mate.
Scorpia W -KO Juanita beats the heavier opponent displaying her whole arsenal of aerial moves and a brand new and effective finishing move: the "Red Arrow "
Debbie Sun L - KO A disappointing debut for the new Devil who discovers why the WCF is the toughest league in the world.