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KATANA - Megumi Saito
Hometown: Okinawa - Japan Age: 24
Height: 5'6" Weight: 124 lbs Measures: 34C-24-36
Specialties: Martial arts.
Finishing Move: BladeChi™ (Focus punch to sternum) The Katana™
Previous Experience: Underground leagues in Asia, Katana has been Champion of 3 leagues so far.
Notes: Katana's past and fighting style is as shadowy as her look. Sometimes fighting fair, sometime with dirty moves. Rumours are that her mood changes often and she entered the martial arts world to keep her bizarre attitude under control.
Rumours also suggest that Katana paints her body fully white (as in the old Japanese school of Geisha) when she's in a particularly dark mood.
Alternative look:

  W L T NC
Current Record 3 0 0 1

Opponent Result Notes
Vampirya with Cindy L - KO*
Changed to NC
Katana is beating Vampirya when Cindy, who defeated Victory in the other cage (see News Before NS25 for details about the match stipulations), comes to the aid of the Vampire Mistress and they destroy the Japanese ninja.

* Due to the fact that Cindy faked her injury, Lady Laetitia changed the result to NC. Victory, despite being seriously injured, still holds the belt and title.
Cronos the
(male wrestler)
W - KO ONC: Can YOU take on Katana?
Fighting Cindy's choice from the Arena fans, the hardcore male wrestler Cronos, Katana proves once again that she's a top gun of the WCF. Both Cronos and the interfering Cindy are laying on the mat unconscious at the end of the match
Lucretia W - KO A second impressive victory for Katana who, despite being seriously wounded by Lucretia, manages to beat her with her skills.
Syn W - KO Completely painted in white, Katana explodes with an impressive debut. The Japanese martial artist finishes the match untouched and punishes Syn with her skills and quickness.