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SNAKE CHAN - Kumi Chan
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii - USA Age: 25
Height: 5'3" Weight: 115 lbs Measures: 34C-24-36
Specialties: Kickboxing
Finishing Move: ---
Previous Experience: Philippines underground leagues
Notes: Kumi Chan comes to the WCF after a long experience in underground leagues. She's the smallest fighter of the league.
After NS!29 Kumi Chan joins the Vipers with the new nickname Snake Chan
Previous looks: Kumi02

  W L T NC
Current Record (as a Viper) 3 4 0 0
Previously 1 8 0 0

Opponent Result Notes
Flame L - Pin Snake Chan takes on the returning Flame who proves to be too much for the Viper to handle.
Turbo L - Pin A bitter defeat for Chan at the hands of her former friend Turbo. Every time she begins to climb the rankings she's pushed back by a sudden loss. Chan needs to be more focused and train hard.
Miko W - KO In the battle of the Asian beauties, Chan comes out on top. After a slow start, she pounds Miko, leaving the Crimson Star unconscious on the mat.
Perla Azul L - Pin Snake wants to repeat the humiliation she inflicted on Carmen two weeks ago and also kick her out of the WCF. But Perla enters the Arena with Victory and manages to pull out a comeback win that saves her job.
Emerald W-KO In the "Losers Final" of the "Winner gets licked" tournament, Chan easily beats a weakened Emerald and forces the Angel into retirement (fired), also saving herself from the "You're fired!" contest as she won 2 of her last 3 matches as the stipulation of the contest required.
Savage L-Pin In the "Winner gets licked" tournament with the "You're fired!" contest on the line, Chan is beaten by Savage, but the match almost looked like it was fixed. But I fear we'll never know the truth. Chan must now win against Emerald in the "losers final" to retain her job.
Perla Azul W - Sub Chan punishes Perla's pussy as a payback for Carmen's refusal to accept a "Loser gets fucked" match. Chan forces Perla to submit and beg.
--- --- The Vipers and Lethal Deity join to create a new team: the Lethal Vipers!
After NS!29 Kumi Chan joins the Vipers with the new nickname Snake Chan
--- --- In NS!29 Kumi attacks Leopard Woman from behind in the locker room and leave her bound and gagged. Later it's discovered that it was Talia's plan to fight Whitestar in an hardcore match replacing Leopard Woman.
w/Perla Azul
Hydra & Shadow
L - Sub (Perla) Kumi never fought this match, as she betrayed her tag partner Perla Azul, beating her and walking away from the Arena, leaving her pounded former partner to the Vipers.
--- --- Kumi interferes in Hydra-Perla Azul and with a lucky hit ko's Hydra, handing the first win of her career to Perla.
Hydra L - KO Poor Kumi never has a chance against Hydra, who dominates her for the whole match, destroying her with a new lethal finisher, the HydraWrap™. When La Perla Azul comes to the Arena to try and help her friend Kumi, Hydra hits her with a neckbreaker and leaves Carmen almost unconscious too.
Dark Diamond L - Pin Kumi defeated Diamond a week before this match, but she is totally destroyed and humiliated in this one by the new evil Daughter of Darkness.
Black Diamond W - Pin ONC - Retirement match!
Finally a victory for the Hawaiian beauty. At least she proved that she isn't the weakest fighter of the league against another bottom ranked girl, Diamond.
Savage L - Sub Kumi fights well, but her inexperience once again proves to be her downfall as she lets Savage use her claws. The submission follows quickly.
Shadow L - Sub Tournament - Round 1
Despite her losing streak increases to 4, Kumi is trying with everything she has to prove that she can be part of the WCF. She give Shadow a good fight and only the tremendous submission hold of the Viper forces her to submit.
Vampirya L - KO The "new" Kumi puts on a great fight, nearly beating the menacing Vampirya. But the fangs of the Dragon are too much to overcome. Kumi ends up unconscious in a pool of her own blood.
Dark Angel L - Submission DA is too fast, evil and nasty for Kumi. She still need to learn a lot.
Red Dragon L - KO the debut of this small lady is a defeat, but she's got plenty of room to develop herself!