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Leopard Woman - Isabell (surname unknown)
Hometown: Amazonian forest Age: 26
Height: 5'7" Weight: 128 lbs Measures: 36D-24-38
Finishing Move: LeopardTwist™(modified faceslam done using the legs around the opponent's neck and waist) , LeopardCrash™(flying butt to the opponent's back to slam her down - also coming after an spinning movement).
Previous Experience: Several underground tournaments in Amazonia and Polynesian islands. Also fights against savage animals.
Brought up in the Amazonian forest, then moved on to the cities of the West, then back to the Polynesian islands in search of her origins, this mysterious woman is a mix of four different cultures and peoples. Despite being brought up in a savage environment, she still loves the Western way of life. A perfect mix of North, West, South and East.
Leopard Woman is somehow linked to Victory, but the story behind their relation is still to be discovered.
It is whispered that she has mastered the "Spirits of the Survivors", a discipline of inner concentration that allows her to overcome physical pain and adversity.
Previous looks:

  W L T NC
Current Record 5 1 0 0

Opponent Result Notes
Dark Angel L - R.I.P. Few of us thought that Leopard Woman's first defeat could be such a devastating humiliation and punishment. The proud Angel falls into Dark Angel's trap and agrees to a no disqualification "R.I.P. and Ladder" match, without a ring. The match hadn't even begun before Shazaka and Skinner interfered. The three on one slaughter ends with Leopard Woman unmasked, stripped naked, fucked and buried in the grave with Carmen, Alyssa and Victory who tried to help her.
Shazaka W - Pin In the "Jungle Battle" against the Shaman Queen, Shazaka, Leopard Woman barely comes out on top and gains her fifth W in a row. But her feud with the Shaman Queen is far from over.
--- --- In NS! 34 Leopard Woman and White Angel comes to the Arena to help Jasmine and the Stars. They defeat Dark Angel and Dark Diamond in the parking lot and then Leopard Woman faces off against Shazaka, but before they can attack each other, the WCF Commissioner Cindy stops them, setting a match up for a future NS! event.
Lethal Squaw W - KO Another amazing comeback win for the Leopard in a cruel, bloody and messy hardcore cage match against Squaw. The "Spirits of Survivors" saves her again.
Shadow W - KO After a very strong start, Leopard Woman is poisoned by Shadow, but despite a beating, manages to fight back and win by a KO.
--- --- In NS! 30 Leopard Woman is involved in the huge Angels vs. Vipers and Deity brawl backstage during the main event and is beaten unconscious.
Lethal Squaw W - KO Leopard Woman wins again despite being bound and blindfolded by Lethal Squaw. An incredible performance by the feline warrior!
--- --- After NS! 29 joins the newly created Marvelous Angels.
--- --- Leopard Woman was scheduled to fight Whitestar in the first match of the "Hardcore Queen" tournament, but never showed up at ring side. Later it was discovered that Kumi Chan KO'd her with chloroform and tied her up in her locker room in an humiliating position.
Doma W - Pin Really good debut by Leopard Woman against one of the WCF toughest. After an hard fought match, Leopard Woman finds her "Leopard Spirit" and climbs back from defeat to pin Doma.
--- --- At the end of NightStorm! 27, Leopard Woman makes her first appearance in the WCF Arena, saving WCF Champion Jasmine from a savage beating at the hands of Talia and sending the Viper's leader to dreamland!