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Hometown: Colorado, USA Age: 23
Height: 5'8" Weight: 140 lbs Measures: 34C-24-36
Specialties: Athletic wrestling
Finishing Move: Tomahawk™(punches to crotch on corner post)
Previous Experience: unknown.
Notes: Very fast and well coordinated, Natara combines both speed and lethal holds in her arsenal. Often over-aggressive, she loves to hear her opponents submit. Her finisher move the "Tomahawk" is described as one of the most cruel in wrestling history.

  W L T NC
Current Record 9 10 1 0

Opponent Result Notes
Debbie Sun L - Pin Lethal Squaw is beaten by Debbie Chan in a hard fought match. She managed to set Debbie up in her dreaded Tomahawk finisher, but the Sunshine Kid somehow overcame the pain and, reversed the momentum and gained the pin.
Aurora L - Pin Lethal Squaw is beaten by Aurora in a hard fought match. She manages to set Aurora up in the position for her dreaded Tomahawk finisher, but the Mighty Mite escapes and gains the pin.
Alyssa Gold W-Impaled opp. Lethal Squaw comes back with an impressive and dominating victory against Alyssa Gold. Squaw humiliates her opponent, steals her outfit and leave her impaled in the middle of the ring to capture the win in this "Impaled" match.
Leopard Woman L - KO Lethal Squaw wants revenge, but gets her ass kicked good again in a cruel, bloody and messy hardcore cage match against Leopard Woman. The streak of four losses in a row is now beginning to worry her and the Vipers.
--- --- The Vipers and Lethal Deity join to create a new team: the Lethal Vipers!
--- --- NS!30: Squaw is involved in the huge Angels vs. Vipers and Deity brawl backstage during the main event and beats the Angels seriously.
Leopard Woman L - KO Returning after the long "Best of 5" series she lost to Jasmine and fighting against Jasmine's friend Leopard Woman, Squaw is surprised by the feline fighter despite having her tied up and blind. Disappointing defeat and an injury!
Jasmine - Victory L - Countout Triple Threat Match - Best of 5 series Final - 5/5
When Victory doesn't show up for the match and Cindy sets the match to a LAST WOMAN STANDING, Jasmine is attacked before the bell by Squaw, who abruptly dominates her for the next 30 minutes, finally putting her out. But then Victory, despite being seriously injured and barely able to walk, comes to the ring. The career-ending beating that Victory endures, allows Jasmine to recover and beat Squaw with her JasMined scissor finisher, though giving the Jamaican Princess her first WCF title! But it's not over when Talia enters the Arena with the Super Lottery Ticket...
Jasmine L - Cuff&Strap-on Best of 5 series - 4/5
A victory is enough for Squaw to finish and win the series. After a good start from Jasmine, Squaw takes control and when targets Jasmine's already hurt breasts. She has the Star at her mercy, but instead of cuffing her to the stripper pole, she wants to fuck Jasmine and the Princess fights back. Squaw ends up unconscious, cuffed to the stripper pole with the strap-on into her!
Jasmine W - Impaled opp. Best of 5 series - 3/5
Squaw chose and "Impaled" match and a schoolgirl outfit for Jasmine who starts very well and manages to put her opponent over the rubber dildo. Jasmine's overconfidence is her undoing in this match as Squaw reacts and punishes her mercilessly. Squaw leaves Jasmine bound and impaled on the dildo and now leads the series 2-1.
Jasmine W - Sub Best of 5 series - 2/5
Jasmine chooses a Hardcore match and Squaw's outfit (pink bunny waitress) for this bout. Lethal Squaw is completely nuts and soundly beats Jasmine up with the help of a sledgehammer and some barbwire.
Jasmine L - Pin Best of 5 series - 1/5
Squaw beats Jasmine to a pulp even using a chain to beat the Star up and hang her to the ropes. But in the end Jasmine turns the table and pins Squaw with a reverse suplex from the top rope into a table!
Miko L - KO ONC: Hardcore Clothes challenge
It the second match during the same evening Squaw is facing Miko. When the Chinese Star refuses to fight her due to her injuries, she attacks her from behind punishing the little opponent with rage. Jasmine comes to help her team-mate and manages to KO Squaw.
Jasmine T - Double KO ONC: Hardcore Street Fight Match
The bitter rivalry continues as Jasmine and Squaw tear into each other with everything they have in this brutal Hardcore Street Fight Match. None of them can prevail as at the end they both lie unconscious and bloody on the street asphalt.
Flame L - Pin ICF Tournament - Final
A hard fought match, with Squaw obviously using her dirty tactics. But this time her dirty game backfires on her and Flame gets the win and the ICF belt.
Whitestar W - Pin ICF Tournament - Semi-finals
Whitestar is beating Squaw when the Deity gets her metal brass knuckles and dishes out a total beating on both Whitestar and Victory, who tried to help.
Jasmine W - Sub ICF Tournament - Round 2
The match doesn't even ever start as Squaw assaults Jasmine outside the ring, handcuffs and beats her senseless. The WCF Champ Victory tries to help her friend and former team-mate, but Severa interferes, pounds her and leaves her hanging to the NightStorm insignia while Squaw destroys Jasmine. Both friends are then carted away on stretchers.
Juanita W - Sub ICF Tournament - Round 1
Juanita is doing great until she makes the mistake to follow Squaw outside the ring and Danger interferes. Debbie tries to help her newly acquired ally, but Severa rushes to the Arena. Both Juanita and Debbie are pounded seriously and carted away on stretchers.
Miko W - Sub Miko is too weakened by the previous beating to face Squaw who easily beats her in her usual cruel way.
--- --- Interference in Elektra-Danger with all her team to beat Elektra, Miko & Jasmine (who Doma should face later in the evening) to pulps.
--- --- Squaw rushes to the ring with Juanita, apparently to save Arachna from Doma during the Arachna-Severa match. But her plans are different and she pearl-harbours Juanita and helps beating Jenna to a pulp, joining Severa's new team.
Flame L - Countout First loss for Squaw, who had the match under total control but wanted too much and learned the hard way that WCF matches must be finished because the fighters never quit!
Debbie Sun W - KO Despite pearl-harbouring Debbie at the beginning of the match, Squaw takes a pasting. She's saved by Juanita and then demolishes Debbie with her Tomahawk.
Turbo W - Sub Impressive debut by Squaw. Her "Tomahawk" really proves to be a lethal finisher!