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LUCRETIA - Lucretia Yanescu
Hometown: Bucharest, Romania Age: 27
Height: 6'2" Weight: 180 lbs Measures: 38D-26-38
Specialties: Boxing and power moves
Finishing Move: Romanian Walls™ (over head torture rack), Boob- Blaster™(jump from the top rope with landing breasts over breasts on her opponent)
Previous Experience: Several underground leagues
Notes: Along with Vampirya, Lucretia was brought by Cindy to the WCF to become a new dominant force.

  W L T NC
Current Record 4 10 0 0

Opponent Result Notes
Silverstar L - Pin A fourth defeat in a row for the DoD. Silverstar, returning to action after a long period of inactivity, handles her with her speed and agility. Another loss in the next two matches will end Lucretia's career in the WCF.
Juanita L - Pin A third consecutive loss for the massive Romanian against Juanita.
Miko L - Sub After a good series of victories, a disappointing defeat for the big Lucretia, who falls short against Miko. Razor menaced to fire her in case she lost the match, but said that as the WCF Champ she felt too happy to fire someone.
White Angel - Vampirya L - KO ICF Championship Triple Threat Match
As anticipated, Vampirya and Lucretia team up to destroy White Angel from the beginning, but the masked fighter, despite taking an hard beating, manages to put Lucretia out for the 10 count and pin Vampirya. Very disappointing for the new Dragons of Darkness that get their revenge when Dark Angel and Dark Diamond attack and utterly destroy the new Champion at the Arena entrance.
La Perla Azul W - Pin ICF Triple Threat Match - Qualification:
Lucretia dismantles the lovely Carmen and takes her time in humiliating and punishing her but must run off the Arena to avoid the crowd wild reaction.
Debbie Sun L - Pin Lucretia, who attacked and KO'd Debbie during the WCF Spotlight, almost rips the right arm off Debbie's shoulder, but is surprised by the reaction of the California Kid and pinned, breaking the winning streak to 2.
Elektra W - KO The second Crimson Star in a row falls under Lucretia's power. Has the huge Romanian finally found the right path to become a dominating force in the WCF? Her new finisher seems deadly and flattens Elektra for a KO.
Miko W - Sub Finally a good win for Lucretia. But the fact that she attacked Miko from behind before the bell leaves a shadow on the match. Lucretia needs to do more to prove that she's the dominant force that Cindy hopes she is.
Talia L - Pin ONC - Heavyweight battle
An hard fought battle against the returning Talia. Lucretia fights well, but is overwhelmed by the enraged Bear. Lucretia needs to bounce back from her losing streak fast.
Flame L - Pin ICF Tournament - Round 1
The last match of the first round is another hard fought match. Flame manages to get the win with a pin.
Katana L - KO Once again Lucretia shows that she has what it takes to become a superstar, but falls short and Katana beats her.
Violet L - Pin Tournament - Round 1
It's a very hard match and Lucretia is close to winning several times. In the end she can't close the match and is pinned by Violet for an upset result. But everybody thinks that this fighter has a lot of hidden potential.
Dark Angel W - Pin The first W for Lucretia, who turns the fight into a brawl and uses her strength to defeat and then humiliate the Dark Angel.
Shadow L - Pin Good debut for Lucretia but her strange piercing filled attire proves to be her weak spot. Better change her outfit!