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Hometown: Shanghai - China Age: 27
Height: 5'3" Weight: 115 lbs Measures: 34C-24-36
Specialties: Several martial arts
Finishing Move: Dynamo™ (series of split kicks while twisting around)
Previous Experience: Team-mate of Syren in several underground leagues
Notes: Her friendship with Syren is deep and solid. Rumours are that the duo met Jasmine while she was recovering from her back injuries and became friends when the Jamaican Princess helped them in a 2 vs. 5 battle that they won.
Previous looks: miko

  W L T NC
Current Record 5 9 0 0

Opponent Result Notes
Danger W-Pin Miko beats Danger and saves her job in the "You are fired!" contest, but after the match is brutalized by Severa.
Snake Chan L-KO In the battle of the Asian beauties and wearing her new outfit, Miko is defeated by Chan. After a strong start, she is pounded by Chan and left unconscious on the mat with an injured knee.
Dark Angel L- Pin Dark Angel used a dirty trick and sprayed Miko's face with the "Dark Mist" at the beginning of the match. From the it was a one sided beating that ended with Miko injured, bound, humiliated. Dark Angel also stole the latest parts of Miko's costume.
--- --- During NS! 30 main event, Miko rushes to the Arena with Juanita to help Jasmine but is KO'd by Severa.
Lucretia W - Sub The Stars are back and Miko rolls too! A very good underdog victory against the much bigger Lucretia!
Ice Cold L - Pin Miko is attacked from behind with a baseball bat by Ice at the Arena entrance. Then she's dismantled by the Viper and finished off with Ice's devastating Frozen Thunder™ finisher.
Lucretia L - Sub Attacked from behind before the bell, Miko never stands a chance against the powerful Lucretia and submits to a Romero hold after a one-sided match.
Lethal Squaw W - KO ONC: Hardcore Clothes challenge
When Miko refuses to fight Squaw due to the Deity's injuries, she's attacked from behind and punished savagely. Jasmine comes to help her team-mate and manages to KO Squaw. Revenge sweet revenge!
Lethal Squaw L - Sub Miko is too injured to pose any threat for the cruel Squaw. The Tomahawk forces her to submit.
--- --- With Jasmine, Miko tries to save Elektra from a double teaming by Doma but is forced to face all the 4 Deities and takes a bad beating.
Severa L - Pin Miko starts well against Severa and actually manages to hurt the giant. But the power and size difference is just too much for her. A piledriver hurts Miko seriously for the final pin.
Hydra W - Pin Miko is prey to Hydra's powerful and painful holds for the most part of the match, but refuses to surrender. Hydra's cockiness is her undoing as Miko finds her second wind and pins her.
Syn L - KO Another good match ended with another disappointing defeat for the small fighter from the East. Syn is just too dirty for her.
Scorpia L - KO In a boxing match, Miko is no match for the former kickboxing Champ. Ends up KO'd in a pool of blood. A devastating lesson for the little dynamo from the far east.
Cassandra W - Sub Pitted again against a Devil, Miko shows some great moves and a surprising humiliation at the end of the fight.
Talia L - Sub Miko starts strong at the beginning of her first WCF fight, but is overwhelmed by her opponent's raw power. After all her opponent is none less then former WCF Champ, Talia the Russian Bear.