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La Perla Azul - Carmen Barroso
Hometown: Valencia, Spain Age: 22
Height: 5'5" Weight: 115 lbs Measures: 36C-26-38
Finishing Move: Mordedura de la Perla™
Previous Experience: Severa European undercard wrestling leagues, Majorca Tournament.
Notes: This Latina beauty brings all the Spanish temper to the ring. Known to be a hard quitter (but so far in the WCF she wasn't...) and for her famous typical Latin beauty.
Carmen joins the Marvelous angels after NightStorm! 33
Previous looks:

  W L T NC
Current Record 4 6 0 0

Opponent Result Notes
Razor L - Pin Perla is brutalized by Razor despite trying her best to grab the WCF title
--- --- The Vipers (or the DoD, looking to wipe the Angels from the Arena) have their revenge straight after Carmen's victory over Hydra, punishing Perla in the backstage. But the night is not over yet as Carmen comes to the Arena to help L.W. during the main event, but is utterly beaten and humiliated by the DoDs.
Hydra W - Pin An amazing victory (3rd in a row) for Perla over Hydra that ends with Carmen kissing her opponent after pinning her.
Shadow W - Pin The "new" Carmen, now officially a Marvelous Angel, fights very well against Shadow. But the stronger opponent gains the upper hand and beats her badly. Carmen finds the spirit to react with an amazing finisher move and pins the unconscious Shadow for her second consecutive W.
--- --- Carmen joins the Marvelous Angels after NightStorm! 33
Snake Chan W - Pin It's now or never for Carmen in the rematch against Snake who humiliated her two weeks ago. Perla enters the Arena with Victory and manages to pull out a comeback win that saves her job and maybe marks the beginning of a second, different and better WCF career?
Snake Chan L - Sub Perla refused to accept a "Loser gets fucked" challenge by Chan and her opponent punishes her pussy until Carmen submits and begs for mercy.
w/Kumi Chan
Hydra & Shadow
L - Sub Perla is betrayed by Kumi, who beats her up and leaves her pounded body to the Vipers to have fun with. When Hydra and Shadow menaces to pound her beautiful face, Perla submits and worships Shadow's feet while Hydra fingers her from behind. She leaves the Arena in tears: is this the end for Carmen?
Hydra W - Countout On the way to the fourth defeat of her career, Carmen who was pounded for all the match, is helped by Kumi Chan's appearance. Kumi ko's Hydra with a lucky shot and Perla wins for the first time as a WCF wrestler with a countout.
Lucretia L - Pin ICF Triple Threat Match - Qualification:
Selected by Cindy's match randomizer for this match, Carmen never stands a chance against the bigger Lucretia and is soundly beaten. But the crowd still loves her despite the 0 in the W column.
--- --- In NS! 26 Perla Azul comes to the Arena to try and help her friend Kumi against Hydra, but the Viper hits her with a neckbreaker and leaves Carmen almost unconscious too.
Ice Cold L - Sub After Shazaka, Perla takes on another newcomer, but Ice is too much for the lovely Latina who ends up being spanked and submits to Ice deadly scissor.
Shazaka L - KO Shazaka is too strong for the lovely Spaniard who is punished for all the match and more.