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RAZOR - Christina Blair (Team leader)
Hometown: Manchester, England Age: 30
Height: 5'8" Weight: 130 lb Measures: 36C-22-36
Specialties: Submission wrestling, bondage
Finishing Move: Razor’s Kiss™(kiss, then a frontal faceslam); Razor’s Edge™(waist scissor while kissing opponent).
Previous Experience: Sadomasochistic training; underground wrestling league in the UK.
Notes: After seducing Angel away from the Angels, Razor started this new team. A woman with her own agenda, it’s not known whether she and her team are good or evil. Right now, all we do know is that they’re exciting and promise to be a force within the WCF.
Previous looks:

- Currently WCF Champion -

  W L T NC
Current Record 12 7 1 1

Tag Team W L T NC
Partner: Dark Angel 1 0 0 0

Opponent Result Notes
Perla Azul W - Pin Razor adds another victim to her collection after brutalizing Perla Azul
Dark Angel W - KO Razor is challenged by the "new" Dark Angel for the WCF belt. After a rough and brutal hardcore match, Dark Angel is punished by Razor who fucks and humiliates her in order to prove that Dark Angel is nothing but a loser without her.
Juanita W - Pin "Loser gets fucked" Match. Razor proves in her match against Juanita how dirty and nasty she can be while defending her belt. Using all kind of sexual assaults and power moves to drain the Crimson Star, Razor ends up in triumph again, fucking her opponent.
Jasmine W - Pin Razor comes to the Arena after Jasmine defeats Shazaka to retain the WCF title and challenges the Star to a match for the belt. Jasmine accepts but is double teamed by the DoD. It's a total humiliation for Jasmine (and the Stars all over the Arena) that ends only when Victory shows up and accepts to come back to the active roster and fight the matches that Razor will set up for her during the following month. Finally, after three failed attempts, Razor is the WCF Champion!
Alyssa Gold W - Pin An evening to remember for Razor. She literally destroys Alyssa Gold in the opening match of the NightStorm event. Playing it dirty like only Razor can, she beats the guest star to a pulp with the help of Alyssa's old nemesis, the Skinner, who now is a DoD.
Debbie Sun W - KO Debbie enters the ring for her match against Razor with the idea to punish the DoD leader for what Dark Angel did to Miko minutes before. But the dirty and unfair match is Razor's home field and the girl in pink ends up beaten and injured.
Jasmine L - Pin Razor falls short once again at her third shot at the WCF title. After an hard fought match, Jasmine manages to beat her with her Jasmined™ finisher and menaces to fuck her with a strap on (Razor did the same to Jasmine during the match). But Dark Diamond saves her team leader, offering what's left of her hour with Debbie Sun in exchange.
Shadow W - Pin After the humiliating defeat at the hands of Talia, Razor gains her revenge against the Russian Bare's sister, pinning her with a humiliating face-pin and probably gaining a shot at the WCF belt.
Talia L - Sub Super Lottery - Semi-final
Razor is defeated and humiliated by Talia who exploits her newly discovered foot weakness.
Flame L - Pin ICF Tournament - Semi-finals
Flame gets her revenge on Razor beating the DoD leader after a hard fought match.
Debbie Sun W - Pin ICF Tournament - Round 2
Razor destroys the already weakened Debbie, injuring her neck and cutting her tails with a scissor before pinning her.
Aurora W - Pin ICF Tournament - Round
Razor destroys Aurora in a one sided beating and humiliates the Marvels' leader shaving her hair before pinning her.
Debbie Sun L -Sub Tournament - Round 1
Despite her "Team Leader" role Razor is piling up only defeats recently. Maybe it's time for her to have less sex with Dark Angel and go back to training? Where's the cruel bitch that nearly defeated Victory?
Black Diamond W - KO Razor shows Diamond some respect in this cage match her own way: pain and torment!
--- --- Interference in Savage-Black Diamond to help the newest member of the DoD to pull out the W.
Severa L - KO Razor is handcuffed to the corner post as Severa beats her lover Dark Angel to a pulp and a terrible KO defeat.
Royal Rumble --- Razor nearly won the belt this time. She eliminates everybody with the help of Severa, but her team mat pearl-harbours her sending her face first into the arena's floor.
Arachna L - KO Razor tastes the new Arachna. She ends up sucking her toes unconscious.
Biker-Doma W - KO Razor and Angel show perfect tag team action and destroy the Devils to grab the tag team belts.
Sonia No Contest The match doesn't even begin as an unconscious Sonia is dragged in the Arena by Red Menace.
--- --- Hired by Sonia to set up a trap for Victory, Razor forces the leader of the Angels to face the huge "Devil" in a boxing match, but ends up KO'd by a punch of the Devil herself.
Rose W - KO Rose never had a chance against Razor and was destroyed.
Angel Draw This strange boxing match ends with both fighters laying on each other, sharing a new "connection" that later brought to the birth of the "Daughters of Darkness".
Cassandra W - KO An even fight but the dirty Razor managed to pull out the win in the end.
Victory L - KO Razor wins the first round but her overconfidence brings her to a sudden defeat. After the match she hires Doma to help her to beat up Victory in the locker rooms.