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SAVAGE - Francesca Pool
Hometown: Houston, TX, USA Age: 31
Height: 5'5" Weight: 127 lbs Measures: 36C-24-36
Specialties: Extreme fighting
Finishing Move: SavageBuster™ (crotch buster), Savage Claws™ (waist scissor and claws on breasts)
Previous Experience: Wrestling and Extreme fighting leagues in the Southwest US.
Notes: Savage has long, sharp nails that she loves to use - savagely - against her opponents.
Previous looks:

  W L T NC
Current Record 7 10 0 0

Opponent Result Notes
Silverstar L - Pin Savage was defeated by Silverstar but once again it looked like she wasn't fully focused over pinning Victory's sister.
Violet L - Pin Savage thought she had Violet and she could force her into retirement due to the "You're Fired!" contest, but she can't beat Violet and allows the Angel to get another chance to save her job.
Aurora L - KO The "new" Aurora is too much for Savage to handle and despite a good effort, the DoD is defeated.
Cassie W-KO In the "winners Final" of the "Winner gets licked" tournament, Savage easily beats an injured Cassie. She's now out of the "You're fired!" contest as she won twice in a row, matching the required 2 out of 3 wins needed for the contest.
Snake Chan W-Pin In the "Winner gets licked" tournament with the "You're fired!" contest on the line, Savage pins Chan, but the match almost looked like it was combined. But I fear we'll never know the truth. With a W in the "winners final" Savage will save herself from being fired.
Elektra L - Sub After last week's victory, a disappointing defeat for Savage against Elektra. The DoD can't establish a winning streak!
Emerald W - Sub Savage dominates Emerald, finally eliciting the submission from the redhead using her Savage Claws™ finisher.
White Angel II L - Pin Savage had the task to beat Angel for her team-mate Dark Angel, but failed.
Jasmine L - KO ICF Tournament - Round 1
In an hard fought battle Savage can't overcome Jasmine's strength and pride and is Ko'd
Kumi Chan W - Sub Savage manages to use her claws on Kumi and for the Hawaiian there's no choice but surrender.
Juanita L - KO Tournament - Round 1
Despite injuring Juanita badly with her claws, Shadow is unable to close the match and is ko'd by the woman in red.
Turbo L - KO A disappointing defeat for the DoD, who entered the ring with an overconfident attitude and got beaten by Turbo
Black Diamond W - Sub Savage is having more troubles than expected with Diamond in her debut as a DoD. Razor interference helps Savage take the win.
--- --- Savage tries to save Biker from certain defeat against Elektra. Gets squashed by Syren - again.
Syren L - KO Savage has Syren at her mercy, bleeding and staggering, but once again her overconfidence and cockiness brings her to a burning defeat.
Victory L - KO Savage dominates Victory (at her first fight after losing the WCF Belt to Arachna). Aurora comes to help her team leader and is destroyed too. But Victory manages to react and beat the Devil.
Whitestar W - Submission Savage nails welcomes the French girl to the WCF. Easy victory.
Cassandra W - KO After an hard fought match Savage comes out on top.