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SCORPIA - Billie Jones
Hometown: Oakland, CA, USA Age: 32
Height: 5'9" Weight: 155 lb Measures: 38D-27-38
Specialties: Bare fist fighting; kickboxing
Finishing Move: Scorpion Hurricane™ (sitting over opponent smashing her face with punches).
Previous Experience: Undefeated USKBL champ
Notes: Hired to be the body guard for Razor and Dark Angel, Scorpia is a very strong fighter in her own right who is one of the most ferocious competitors in the WCF.

  W L T NC
Current Record 2 5 0 0

Opponent Result Notes
Juanita L - KO Another disappointing loss for the boxer. Rumours say that she's thinking about leaving the WCF due to its wrestling orientation to go back to her first love: hardcore kickboxing.
Miko W - KO Scorpia shows once again that she's the best when wearing leather boxing gloves. Miko has no chances and Scorpia unlashes all the frustration of the last weeks on her poor face.
Silverstar L - Pin It makes four L in a row. The boxing champ needs to rebound from this series quickly. Silverstar was too quick and fresh for her.
Syren L - KO Apparently Scorpia can't win anymore. Another KO at the hands of Syren.
Doma L - KO The battle of the muscles gets weird for the Scorpion woman. Doma's piledriver sends her to dreamland and shatters her dream to challenge Victory for the WCF belt.
--- --- Sneaks with Dark Angel into Jasmine's flat causing the Angel's retirement from the WCF due to the bad beating she endures.
Aurora L - KO Boxing match. After a strong start by Aurora, Scorpia pounds the little fighter badly. When Aurora refuses to submit, she decides to play with the apparently helpless Angel but is caught by surprise and KO'd.
Victory W - KO Boxing match. Non-Title. Scorpia dominates and cruelly shows everybody that even Victory can be defeated. Scorpia enjoys every moment of the beating she dishes out to the bloodied and battered Champ.