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SEVERA - ? (Team Leader)
Hometown: Budapest, Hungary Age: 30
Height: 6'4" Weight: 185 lbs Measures: 36C-24-36
Specialties: Domination & SM
Finishing Move: Severe Punishment™(drop from over head), Thunder Ride™ (reverse suplex), ThunderSlam™(chokeslam)
Previous Experience: NHB leagues, extreme fights.
Notes: Severa won the WCF belt in the first ever 10 women Royal Rumble, betraying her team leader Razor. Then she founded her new team, the Lethal Deity, with Lethal Squaw and Doma. Severa was the first WCF fighter ever to defend the title in six consecutive matches.

  W L T NC
Current Record 17 2 0 1

Opponent Result Notes
Juanita W - Pin Severa finishes strong and evil against Juanita, injuring the Latina beauty.
Aurora L-Pin ICF "Elimination Run"
Severa who easily destroyed the three Crimson Stars now must face Aurora, who despite being so much smaller than the Goddess has always proved to be a dangerous opponent for her. The match is very hard fought and the Mighty Mite finally manages to defeat the Goddess, eliminating her from the "Run"!
Elektra W-Pin ICF "Elimination Run"
Third Star in a row for the Goddess and third beating she dishes out. Elektra ends up lying under Severa's foot for the count. Crimson Star #3 eliminated: the whole team wiped from the "Run" by Severa..
Debbie Sun W-Pin ICF "Elimination Run"
Second Crimson Star for Severa and second beating dished out. Debbie doesn't stand a chance and is brutally defeated. Crimson Star #2 eliminated.
Red Sonia W-Pin ICF "Elimination Run"
Severa enters the "Run" early and faces a bleeding and weak Sonia (who she almost crippled months ago). The end of the match comes quickly with Severa standing in victory over the unconscious Star. Crimson Star #1 eliminated.
--- --- Severa came to the ring to once again surprise Victory. But this time she was surprised herself by Dark Angel who attacked her from behind and left her lying on the orange carpet out cold.
--- --- Severa comes to the ring to once again surprise Victory and punish the Angels' leader during the main event (L.W. vs. Dark Angel).
Violet W-Pin Severa wreaks havoc punishing and humiliating Victory during the match fought between Alyssa Gold and Lethal Squaw. Then she comes back to the ring to barely defeat Violet and ends up unconscious after Victory intervenes to save Violet from further punishment.
Aurora NC
Double KO
Aurora and Severa battle with everything they've got and the result is a double KO. The Mighty Mite puts up an amazing fight against the Goddess, who is only saved from defeat by Aurora fainting while the count is taking place.
Syren W - Pin Severa defeats Syren in the main event, but the match is very hard and difficult for the Goddess, who was almost pinned. After she pinned Syren, Severa displayed her cruel side by punishing the Stars' leader and challenging Jasmine directly for the WCF belt.
Flame W - KO Severa demolishes Flame taking advantage of the Angel's already injured back. When Victory, who is in Flame's corner as by match stipulations, gets inside the ring, Severa refuses to fight her, considering the three time WCF Champ an "has been".
--- --- The Vipers and Lethal Deity join to create a new team: the Lethal Vipers!
--- --- NS!30: Severa first attacks Jasmine behind the backstage and drags the unconscious Champ to the Arena, leaving her to Dark Diamond, then is involved in the huge Angels vs. Vipers and Deity brawl backstage during the main event and beats the Angels seriously.
Sonia W - KO NightStorm! 30 is the day for the the Goddess return!
She's back and already has two victims on her body count as she destroyed Sonia in her return match and then beat the WCF Champ to a pulp in the Arena backstage. The Champions are warned!
--- --- Suspended.
--- --- ICF Tournament
Severa interferes in several matches, beating several fighters to pulp and helping her team-mates to defeat their opponents. Only Red Sonia is able to finally send her to dreamland. Lady Laetitia bans her from the WCF Arena from the next NS! event.
Victory L - Pin Finally, after 9 wins in a row, Severa found her match in the returning former WCF Champ Victory who defeated her after a long and hard match.
Violet W - Pin Violet is an easy prey for Severa, but the match ends with a shocking twist: Victory & the Angels are back and Severa is challenged for a shot at the title by the former 2-times WCF Champ.
--- --- Interference in Doma-Jasmine with the purpose of further humiliating the already weakened Jasmine.
--- --- Interference in Elektra-Danger with all her team to beat Elektra, Miko & Jasmine (who Doma should face later in the evening) to pulps.
--- --- Severa shows up during the WCF Tournament with a perfect timing to cause Jasmine's bloody defeat at the hands of Vampirya. The feud with the Stars is always ongoing, and Severa is the winner so far.
Arachna W - Pin Arachna KO's Severa after an hard fought battle, but Doma and Squaw's interference saves the Champ and gives her a new victory.
Aurora W - KO Aurora once again means troubles for Severa, but the big Goddess eventually manages to take the lead and punish the smaller opponent viciously. The match ends with a challenge - accepted - by Arachna!
Crimson Stars W - KO Severa destroys Miko, Elektra and Jasmine showing everybody that she's probably the most cruel, vicious and powerful woman to ever fight in the WCF! Obviously she's still the undefeated Champion.
Syren W - KO Severa dishes out a one sided beating to Syren, injuring her seriously.
Razor-D.Angel W - KO Severa handcuffs Razor to the corner post and then beats Dark Angel senseless with an incredible display of power moves.
Royal Rumble W The new WCF champ is impressing with her arsenal of moves, power holds and finishers. Who can stop her?
Aurora W - KO Another impressive win for this muscular and mysterious fighter. Is the WCF belt her next stop?
--- --- Severa interferes in Jasmine - Dark Angel beating the Jamaican beauty to a pulp - again.
Elektra W - KO Severa shows all her power in her debut sending to dreamland both Elektra and her friend Jasmine.