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RED SONIA - Sonia Roberts 
Hometown: San Francisco, CA, USA Age: 27
Height: 5'8" Weight: 135 lbs Measures: 38DD-24-36
Specialism: Judo, wrestling
Finishing Move: Red Storm™ (running frontal faceslam)
Previous Experience: Member of the US national Judo team; Underground fight club in Oakland.

Notes: Sonia came back from a terrible injury suffered at the hands of her former friend Victory while she was playing the Red Menace. She's apparently looking to redeem herself, but can she be trusted?
After peace is done with the Angels, Sonia joins Jasmine and her Crimson Stars.

Previous looks:

  W L T NC
Current Record 3 5 0 0

Opponent Result Notes
Severa L-Pin ICF "Elimination Run"
Bloodied and weakened by the previous match, Sonia is no match for Severa and is easily defeated.
Vampirya W-Pin ICF "Elimination Run"
With her job on the line, Sonia must beat Vampirya or she'll be fired in the "You're fired!" contest. But Sonia is no pushover and she finds the will and strength to pin the Vampire Queen!
Lucretia W - Pin It was "Win or be fired" between Sonia and Lucretia and the Star found that inner strength that allowed her to pin the big DoD and save her job.
Talia L - Pin Sonia returns after several weeks on the injured list but faces Talia. The fierce redhead gives the Viper a good fight but can't overcome Talia's power and is finally pinned. Now she has her back to the wall. Another loss in the next two matches will have her fired! Turning back to "good girl" after her Red Menace persona may not have been such a wise choice as Sonia hasn't won a match since burying Red Menace (played by Doma) in the R.I.P. grave.
Severa L - KO Sonia is scheduled to fight a mysterious fighter who is revealed to be Severa. The new Crimson Star is destroyed and injured by the returning Severa. Her injuries may be serious.
--- --- After NS! 29 Sonia joins the Crimson Stars
Whitestar L - Pin Sonia must fight Whitestar, who still hates her from when she was the Red Menace. After an hard fought match Sonia is pinned. But the good news is that Whitestar and Sonia shakes hands and hugs at the end of the match and finally bury the past.
Shazaka L - Pin A shocking defeat for Sonia who is hypnotized by Shazaka and becomes her Voodoo doll plaything. Sonia is humiliated with a fist-fucking and a facesit pin.
Red Menace
(played by Doma)
W - R.I.P. ONC: R.I.P. match
Sonia returns facing her past self Red Menace played by Doma, who moved to destroy her after the ICF Tournament. Sonia manages to win this hard fought battle and buries both Doma and her past nightmares in the grave. Welcome back Sonia!
--- --- ICF Tournament ICF Tournament - Round 2
Sonia attacks Severa and Doma ko'ing both the former WCF Champ and her muscular team-mate, handing Whitestar the victory by count-out. Despite the help, Michelle walks away on Sonia, still blaming her for all she did in the past months.