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SYN - Cynthia Parish 
Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica Age: 29
Height: 5'10" Weight: 175 lbs Measures: 38C-26-38
Specialties: Wrestling
Finishing Move: Power Slam; Windmill™(flurry of punches with opponent trapped in ropes or corner)
Previous Experience: Underground wrestling league in the Caribbean
Notes: The tag-team partner of Talia, Syn has raised her profile in the WCF and is viewed as one of the nastiest fighters in the business.
After leaving the Vipers Syn joined Cindy's Dragons.
Syn retired after NightStorm! 24 for a period off.

  W L T NC
Current Record 3 7 0 0

Tag Team W L T NC
Partner: Delf 0 2 0 0
Partner: Talia 0 0 0 1

Opponent Result Notes
White Angel II L - Pin Syn is defeated once again by a faster opponent. She should train to improve in that direction.
Debbie Sun L - Pin ICF Tournament - Round 1
The California Kid is able to recover from an illegal attack before the match beginning by Syn and secures the win with a pin.
Turbo W - KO Syn once again she proves that she is is the best boxer in the league in a taped hands kick-boxing match against Turbo.
Katana L - KO Syn made Katana angry before the match and learned the hard way that the Japanese fighter has no mercy.
Elektra L - KO Syn is beaten by Elektra in this hard fought match, but she shows once again that her knuckles are VERY hard.
Royal Rumble --- Syn is helped by the eliminated Doma to beat on Aurora, but the Mighty Mite manages to eliminate her.
Miko W - KO A dirty win for Syn, who used all her dirty tactics to beat Miko.
Jasmine - Elektra L - KO Yet another disappointing loss by the Devils. They had Elektra where they wanted, but could not force her submission.
Aurora W - KO Finally a good victory for Syn. She punishes Aurora without mercy to obtain an undisguised KO win.
Silverstar L - KO Syn wants revenge for the tag team match. All she gets are some feet in her face and a KO!
WhiteStar-SilverStar L - KO Looks like Syn has lost the key to success. Another burning defeat.
Aurora - Sonia No contest When Sonia leaves the Arena instead of fighting, the Vipers begins the destruction of Aurora, but Victory ruins their plan cleaning house. No contest.
Cindy L - KO When Cindy was nearly out Delf couldn't find a way finish the match, paying with a burning defeat.
Sonia L - KO The debut of Syn ends with a defeat after an hard fought match.