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SYREN - Tanya Smith (Team Leader)
Hometown: Vancouver - Canada Age: 26
Height: 5'8" Weight: 130 lbs Measures: 36D-24-36
Specialties: Several martial arts.
Finishing Move: Maple Leaf™(Flying double kick from top rope)
Previous Experience: Underground leagues together with her team-mate Miko
Notes: Daughter of a Canadian and a Chinese woman, Tanya is a physical concentration of both peoples best qualities. Close friend of her team-mate Miko from many years.
Previous looks:

  W L T NC
Current Record 5 5 0 1

Opponent Result Notes
--- --- In NS! 34, during the humiliating defeat suffered by Jasmine, Syren is attacked by Dark Angel and Dark Diamond in the Stars booth and is beaten senseless and then left hanging from the fence!
Severa L - Pin Syren puts on a valiant and amazing battle against Severa, almost pinning the Goddess for good, but ends up defeated and injured.
Shazaka L - Pin Maybe this is the worse and most humiliating defeat of Syren's career. The Shaman Queen dominates her, forcing multiple orgasms, milking her and leaving her a mass of quivering flesh on the mat!
Talia L -Pin Super Lottery Final and Commissioners Challenge
In one of the most even fought matches ever seen in the WCF, Syren almost beats Talia, but the Russian Bare manages to finish her off with her bearhug and powerbomb.
Doma W - Countout Super Lottery - Semi-final
After a long and hard fight, Syren defeats Doma with a countout when Doma falls out of the ring apron and into the floor head first, seriously injuring her neck. Syren is also suffers a knee injury
Dark Angel W - Pin A very good victory for Syren in her new Canadian outfit. With this victory Syren gains access to the WCF Super Lottery event.
Danger W - Pin ONC: Superheroine vs. Villainess
Playing the superheroine Amazon Wonderful Woman, Syren defeats the villainess Danger despite her many nasty tricks and dirty tactics . Welcome back Syren!
Doma L - KO ICF Tournament - Round 1
Syren's return to WCF action is going along well and the Stars' leader is close to defeating Doma when Severa's interference (the first of a long series during the night) switches the momentum of the fight. Syren is destroyed and carted away on a stretcher with a severe concussion.
Severa L - KO Severa dishes out a one sided beating to Syren, injuring her seriously.
Royal Rumble --- The WCF rising star is beaten merciless by the DoD. Pinned and humiliated by Severa.
Talia NC Syren shows once again her skills. She can give and take punishment. On the brink of victory she's pearl-harboured by Cassandra, who KO's her and enjoys a full pussy ride on her face.
Scorpia W - KO Another good W for the lovely Canadian. She's quickly becoming a fan-favourite.
--- --- Saves Elektra fro the interference of Savage and allows her team-mate to score the W over Biker.
Savage W - KO Syren debut is a good victory against Savage and her talons. She now knows how hard and painful the WCF can be.