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TALIA - Talia Davanovitch (Team leader)
Hometown: St. Petersburg, Russia Age: 31
Height: 6'1" Weight: 185 lbs Measures: 38B-23-36
Specialties: Bare-knuckled fighting, Wrestling
Finishing Move: Russian Bearhug™; TaliaBomb™(powerbomb); TaliaGrave™(full bodyslam)
Previous Experience: Mixed fighting in Ukraine; Extreme fighting in Japan.
Notes: Talia is the most destructive and sadistic fighter in WCF history. A former champ, Talia is now more focused on bringing pain and humiliation to her opponents as victim Holly Gold, the former Golden Girl of the WCF (now retired) can attest.

  W L T NC
Current Record 10 6 0 1

Tag Team W L T NC
Partner: Syn 0 0 0 1

Opponent Result Notes
Alyssa Gold L-Pin ICF "Elimination Run"
Talia is the next-to-last fighter to enter the Arena and faces Alyssa Gold who's already weak and bloodied by two previous matches. But incredibly the Russian Bare can't beat the Angel losing a great chance to win the ICF belt and become the first ever woman to win both belts.
Sonia W - Pin A great return for the Russian Bare who defeats Sonia with her power moves and then sends Aurora to the WCF Clinic attacking the Angel after her match with Squaw.
Aurora L - Countout In a hard fought battle, Talia is beaten by the returning Aurora and the Lethal Vipers path to destroy the Angels takes a sudden stop.
--- --- The Vipers and Lethal Deity join to create a new team: the Lethal Vipers!
--- --- NS!30: Talia is involved in the huge Angels vs. Vipers and Deity brawl backstage during the main event and beats the Angels seriously.
WhiteStar W - KO Hardcore Queen Tournament - Round 1 - Match 1
Whitestar was meant to fight Leopard Woman in the first match of the "Hardcore Queen", but Leopard Woman never showed up at ring side (she was bound and unconscious). Talia shows up and Cindy agrees to get her inside the cage. A brutal match erupts and Talia leaves Whitestar a bloody mess on the mat. A good return after the humiliating defeat in her last appearance.
Jasmine L - Countout Super Lottery Ticket Challenge by Talia
Talia plays the Ticket and challenges the new WCF Champ Jasmine, who's seriously injured from the previous match against Squaw. Jasmine gets squashed again, but when Talia is going to punish her further, she's saved by a new fighter making her first appearance: Leopard Woman. the Leopard Woman Ko's Talia and allows Jasmine to win by Countout.
Syren W -Pin Super Lottery Final and Commissioners Challenge
In one of the most even fought matches ever seen in the WCF, Syren almost beats Talia, but the Russian Bare manages to finish her off with her bearhug and powerbomb, gaining the Super Lottery Ticket and making Cindy new WCF Commissioner!
Razor W-Sub Super Lottery semi-final:
Amazing victory for the Russian Bare who forces Razor to submit exploiting her newly discovered foot weakness.
--- --- With Shadow and Ice Cold, Talia double teams and seriously beats up the ICF Champ Flame.
Violet W - KO From her return Talia is destroying everybody that she find on her way. Violet is no exception as she's powerslammed through a table for a series KO.
Juanita W - KO Another impressive victory for Talia, who wants to climb the ranking fast. Juanita is no match for her as Talia destroys and humiliates the poor Peruvian.
Lucretia W - Pin ONC - Heavyweight battle
An hard fought battle for the returning Talia. Lucretia fights well, but is overwhelmed by the enraged Bear. A good return for the leader of the Vipers who promises to rock the WCF once again!
--- --- Talia sets a trap for Flame with her sister during the match that has Shadow facing Emerald. Flame falls into the trap and both Marvels take a huge beating.
Flame L - Pin Talia looses the "Russian Affair". she wanted to give Flame a lesson in respect, but the young redhead showed she's no pushover and got the pin.
Royal Rumble --- Talia is the last fighter to join the Rumble. Seeing how the other women fared against the DoD she turns around and refuses to fight.
Syren NC A good test for Talia, who seemingly enters the ring with a cocky attitude. Syren anyway shows her some real pain and finally puts her out for good. Only Cassandra interference saves her from certain defeat. Definitely a rivalry that's not over.
Miko W - Sub Talia's comeback fight is a complete success. Talia's target is the WCF belt once again!
Aurora - Sonia No contest When Sonia leaves the Arena instead of fighting, the Vipers begins the destruction of Aurora, but Victory ruins their plan cleaning house. No contest.
Holly Gold W - Submission Talia literally pounds Holly into retirement, shaving her blonde hair after a nasty sexual humiliation.
Jasmine W - KO The Angel never stands a chance against Talia. The Russian Bear punches her into oblivion, then uses her feared hug to destroy Jasmine.
Victory L - KO In the longest WCF match ever (5 rounds) Talia's hunger for Victory's destruction brings her to lose the match. KO'd after 5 rounds of brutal fight.
Victory L - KO The first title defence of the WCF "New Age" ends with a new champ: Victory.