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TURBO - Daryl Piper
Hometown: Indianapolis, USA Age: 23
Height: 5'6" Weight: 120 lbs Measures: 34C-24-34
Specialties: Speed-Speed-Speed. Need we say more?
Finishing Move: SpeedTrap!™;
Previous Experience: On her way to become a young and talented Indycar pilot, Daryl discovered the passion for extreme fighting and followed it.
Notes: A very skilled fighter, who loves speed above everything, even in combat.

  W L T NC
Current Record 8 8 0 0

Opponent Result Notes
Vampirya L-Pin ICF "Elimination Run"
Turbo is the unlucky first fighter selected in the "Run". And is also the first eliminated woman as she can't beat Vampirya as she did previously.
Snake Chan W - Pin Great victory for Turbo over her former friend Snake Chan. With 4 wins in the last five matches the Indy girl is finally shining and if she continue she may be awarded a shot at one of the belts soon.
Shazaka L-KO Turbo takes on Shazaka as a final test to determine if she'll get a shot at one of the DoD Champs, but after a good start she ends up in the clutches of the Shaman and is drained by her skilled fingers forcing her to orgasm again and again.
Vampirya W - Sub Everybody thought that Vampirya would defeat Turbo easily as she had in their first match, but this time the girl from Indy shocks the WCF world with an amazing (and a bit lucky) underdog win. Way to go Turbo!
Doma W - Pin After and hard fought match Turbo manages to pin Doma and gain the second W in a row. After the pin, Turbo collapses over Doma totally exhausted.
Danger W - KO In a kickboxing match, after receiving a serious beating by Danger, Turbo manages to fight back and beat her opponent! Great debut as a new Angel!
--- --- After NS! 29 joins the newly created Marvelous Angels.
Dark Angel L - KO Turbo is destroyed and injured by Dark Angel who steals her costume at the end of the match to add insult to injury.
Dark Diamond W - Pin After a bad start, Turbo takes advantage of White Angel's interference and manages to pin Diamond for the Count and gaining the third W in four matches.
Danger L - Pin Despite a good performance Turbo is defeated by Danger in an hard fought match and is pinned by her opponent with a humiliating facesit.
Cassandra W - Pin The second good victory in a row for Turbo. Pity that she & Cassandra stumble into the enraged Talia while walking out of the Arena. Both end up KO'd.
Shadow W - Flooded Arena Match A very good victory for Turbo in the special ONC Flooded Arena match. Now she's got one more win in her record, but also one more enemy to watch her back from!
Syn L - KO Once again Turbo is close to a victory, but can't take it. Syn dismantles her face with her Hurricane.
Vampirya L - KO

Tournament - Round 1
Turbo keeps Vampirya at bay for a long time but when the Dark Mistress uses her "Kiss" on Daryl's left ankle taking away her speed, she's no match for the biggest opponent. Ko'd and bloodied.

Savage W - KO First upset and convincing win by Turbo who showed everybody that she can be a WCF star.
Lethal Squaw L - Sub Turbo starts well against Squaw, but is eventually overwhelmed by her opponent and forced to submit again.
Hydra L - Sub Good debut for Turbo, but not enough to beat the tough Hydra and her deadly holds.