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Vampirya - ?
Hometown: Transylvania Age: ?
Height: 5'8" Weight: 136 lbs Measures: 36C-24-36
Specialties: ?
Finishing Move: Vampire Kiss™(bite opponent's neck)
Previous Experience: ?
Notes: nothing is known about this new mysterious fighter brought to the WCF by Cindy. Rumours say that she has a very unique and impressive style of fighting.

  W L T NC
Current Record 10 7 0 2

Opponent Result Notes
Red Sonia L-Pin ICF "Elimination Run"
Sonia, fighting to retain her job, proves that sometimes heart and will can be more valuable than muscles. Vampirya is beaten and eliminated from the "Run".
Turbo W-Pin ICF "Elimination Run"
Vampirya is the unlucky second selection for the "Run" and manages to beat Turbo to advance to the second match.
Cassie W - KO Vampirya is finally back after 4 defeats in a row. Cassie feels the wrath of the Vampire Mistress and is sucked dry and defeated.
Victory L - Pin Another disappointing defeat for Vampirya, who dominated the returning Victory for all the match but lost in the end, pinned with a wonderful reversal move by the former three-time WCF Champ. And now the Vampire Mistress has lost four in a row...
Turbo L - Sub Everybody thought that Vampirya would defeat Turbo easily as she had in their first match, but this time the girl from Indy shocks the WCF world with an amazing (and a bit lucky) underdog win. Vampirya may also be injured.
White Angel L - Pin White Angel has a bright idea and ties a gag over Vampi's mouth, but Razor's interference frees the Dark Mistress who unleashes a brutal and bloody punishment over the Champ. But White Angels manages to fight back with her last wind and pins Vampirya to retain the ICF belt. With this defeat, Vampirya looses a chance to wear a Championship belt for the fourth time and probably it will be some time until she has that opportunity again.
White Angel - Lucretia L - Pin ICF Championship Triple Threat Match
As anticipated, Vampirya and Lucretia team up to destroy White Angel from the beginning, but the masked fighter, despite taking an hard beating, manages to put Lucretia out for the 10 count and pin Vampirya. Very disappointing for the new Dragons of Darkness that get their revenge when Dark Angel and Dark Diamond attack and utterly destroy the new Champion at the Arena entrance.
Juanita W - Pin ICF Triple Threat Match - Qualification:
The vampire mistress literally sucks the poor Juanita dry and leaves her unconscious and bloodied on the mat.
Katana with Victory W - KO*
Changed to NC
Vampirya is giving in to Katana when Cindy, who defeated Victory in the other cage (See News Before NS25 for details about the match stipulations), comes to her aid and they destroy the Japanese ninja.

* Due to the fact that Cindy faked her injury, Lady Laetitia changed the result to NC. Victory, despite being seriously injured, still holds the belt and title.
Victory W- Pin*
Changed to NC
Victory is winning the match when she suddenly looses consciousness. After that she's an easy prey for Vampirya and is destroyed. Her sister Silverstar interferes, trying to save her, but is also destroyed. Just before Vampirya begins to fuck Victory, Katana comes to the arena accusing Cindy of drugging Victory.

* Due to the fact that Cindy was accused by Katana of having drugged Victory before her match against Vampirya in NightStorm! 24. Lady Laetitia will hold a trial in next week's WCF Spotlight to determine the match result and who should be the WCF Champion.
Whitestar W - KO Whitestar is just another piece of meat for Vampirya who defeats the lovely French with lots of blood spraying everywhere as always! Victory and the WCF Belt coming up next.
Debbie Sun W - KO Vampirya shows Debbie the hard side of the WCF. The Kiss of the Vampire downs yet another WCF girl. Title shot is coming soon for the Dark Mistress.
Flame L - Pin ICF Tournament - Round 2
Flame shows how good she is managing to come back and win even after Vampirya bites her neck. The final Halloween joke by Flame is also a masterpiece.
Elektra W - KO ICF Tournament - Round 1
It is an hard-fought match, but in the end Vampirya manages to dig her fangs into Elektra's neck leaving another bloodied opponent laying unconscious behind her.
Debbie Sun
L -Pin Tournament - Final
Vampirya can't finish off Violet and is pinned for her first defeat in the WCF.
Jasmine W - KO Tournament - Round 2
An hard fought battle with Jasmine gaining the upper hard. Severa's interference is timed perfectly to allow Vampirya to attack Jasmine from behind and finish her with several "Kisses".
Turbo W - KO Tournament - Round 1
After a struggling begin, Vampirya manages to slow Turbo down and finishes her off for good with her "Kiss".
Kumi Chan W - KO Second straight "W" for this dangerous fighter and second straight opponent left bloodied and unconscious on the WCF mat.
Violet W - KO Vampirya stuns the Arena with her "Vampire Kiss", leaving Violet a bloodied and beaten opponent.