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VICTORY - Victoria Jones (Team leader)
Hometown: Sydney, Australia Age: 26
Height: 5'7" Weight: 132 lbs Measures: 36D-24-36
Specialties: Aerial moves, Jujitsu, Judo
Finishing Move: VictoryDrop™(bulldog-reverse bulldog), VictorySplash™(flying jump from top rope), VictoryMarch™(neck scissor)
Previous Experience: Pro surfing circuit; modelling; extensive training in the martial arts.
Notes: Adored by fans, blessed with extraordinary natural ability and an inhuman tolerance for punishment, “The People’s Champ” is the target of every wrestler in - and out of - the WCF. The one and only three times WCF Champion, Victory is the undisputed leader of the Angels.
Previous looks: vic05

  W L T NC
Current Record 12 5 0 2

Opponent Result Notes
Silverstar L - Pin Surprised by Shazaka's interference Victory is beaten by her sister Jenny and loses the opportunity to challenge Razor for the WCF belt. After winning 3 of the 4 "Razor's month" matches she comes up short in the last one.
Shazaka W - R.I.P. An amazing win for Victory over Shazaka in a R.I.P. match. The People's Champ barely escaped with the victory while Shazaka was buried in the grave and then collapsed to the ground unconscious.
--- --- Razor allowed Victory to recover for a week, not setting up a fight for her. But Victory rushes to the Arena to help L.W. She defeats Skinner and Shazaka, but is surprised and pounded by Severa. The DoD finish the job and Victory ends up in the R.I.P. grave on top of three other Angels.
Dark Diamond W - KO An overworking Saturday for Victory: She was humiliated by Severa while trying to help Alyssa: Then she rescued Violet from Severa and sent the Goddess herself to dreamland. Attacked by Dark Diamond and dragged to the ring for their "Bring your weapon" Hardcore match, she was then pounded to a pulp: But her sister Jenny rushed in to give her time to recover and beat the DoD. The night wasn't over yet as Victory slapped her sister in the face before leaving the Arena.
Vampirya W - Pin Victory didn't disappoint her fans with a late comeback win after being dominated for the whole match by Vampirya. But once again her heart and courage marked the difference between a loss and a win. Victory 1 - Razor 0 in the first week of "Razor owns Victory".
--- --- In NS! 34 Victory returns to the Arena in fighting gear to save Jasmine from further humiliation at the hands of Razor. In order to make Razor stop, Victory accepts to get back on the active roster and to fight any match that Razor will set up for her in the upcoming month. Victory is back!
--- --- In NS! 31 Victory, who is in Flame's corner as by match stipulations, gets inside the ring to face Severa, but the Goddess refuses to fight her, considering the three time WCF Champ a "has been".
--- --- After NS! 29 Victory creates a new team, the Marvelous Angels, taking on the manager role with her sister Jenny.
Lethal Squaw - Jasmine L - Countout Triple Threat Match
Victory, due to the injuries she endured in the last weeks, doesn't show up for the match and Cindy sets the match to a LAST WOMAN STANDING.
Jasmine is attacked before the bell by Squaw, who abruptly dominates her for the next 30 minutes, finally putting her out.
But then Victory, despite being barely able to walk, comes to the ring. The career-ending beating that Victory endures, allows Jasmine to recover and beat Squaw. Victory's "suicide" tactic worked as her WCF title goes to her old friend Jasmine and not to the hated Deity.
Cindy with Vampirya L - KO*
Changed to NC
Victory is destroyed by Cindy in a very peculiar double cage match (Katana and Vampirya fighting in the second cage) started by both opponents with injuries that won't allow them to move easily (See News Before NS25 for details). But Cindy is faking her injury and easily overcomes and punishes Victory, injuring her right leg even more.

* Due to the fact that Cindy faked her injury, Lady Laetitia changed the result to NC. Victory, despite being seriously injured, still holds the belt and title.
Vampirya L - Pin*
Changed to NC
Victory is winning the match when she suddenly looses consciousness. After that she's an easy prey for Vampirya and is destroyed. Her sister Silverstar interferes, trying to save her, but is also destroyed. Just before Vampirya begins to fuck Victory, Katana comes to the arena accusing Cindy of drugging Victory.

* Due to the fact that Cindy was accused by Katana of having drugged Victory before her match against Vampirya in NightStorm! 24. Lady Laetitia will hold a trial in next week's WCF Spotlight to determine the match result and who should be the WCF Champion. Result changed to NC.
Hammer W - KO Who said that the Champ couldn't be an extreme kickboxer? Victory shuts everybody's mouth with a stunning win against what may be the best in the speciality around the World. Very well done Champ!
--- --- ICF Tournament - Semi-finals
Victory, still recovering from her injuries, runs to the ring to try and help Whitestar, but is surprised by Squaw and put through a devastating beating.
--- --- ICF Tournament - Round 2
Victory tries to help Jasmine in the match vs. Squaw but is pearl-harboured by Severa, ko'd, bound with the WCF belt and left hanging from the NightStorm insignia!
Severa W - Pin The one and only three-time Champion of the WCF! After a brutal and intense match Victory manages to pin Severa to grab the belt once again. Welcome back Champ!
--- --- SHE'S BACK! The former 2 times WCF Champ and her Angels are back after over two months of absence! The challenge to Severa is launched!
Lioness Kai L - KO Victory would have won the "Street Fight" match, but Cindy interference and trap were too much to overcome. Victory lost her belt and her sister. She declared herself inactive while recovering and taking a decision about her future.
Handicap Match
Lioness Kai & Red Menace
W - double KO Cindy holds Silverstar in her clutches in order to force Victory to accept the possibly fatal challenge. Vic, enraged as never before, punishes both Kai and Menace for a long period, but eventually falls prey to the double assault. On the brink of defeat, Vic is fuelled by the revelation that the woman behind Red Menace's mask is Sonia.
--- --- Vic runs to the cage to try and save her sister Silverstar and her partner Whitestar from a brutal beating at the hands of Kai and Red Menace. The two Dragons challenge her to an Handicap match in the cage.
Doma W - Pin Victory is handling Doma with certain ease before Red Menace interference. She is then Pearl Harboured by Doma and knocked out. On the brink of defeat she is saved by the Menace herself only to be further beaten and left over Doma's unconscious body (with a steel pole stuffed in her genitals!)
W - KO Victory is double teamed, battered, beaten but somehow finds the strength to throw Arachna off the upper platform of the cage managing to grab the WCF belt! Welcome back, Champ!
--- --- Victory saves Whitestar from a terrible beating at the hands of Biker after the French girl managed to defeat Doma. Whitestar is an Angel!
--- --- Victory faces the "Devil" in a boxing match set up by Razor (hired from Sonia). Sonia was trying to win back Victory's heart but after an hard match Victory understand that she can't trust Sonia anymore. Meanwhile Jasmine is being slaughtered by Angel and Scorpia.
--- --- Victory saves Aurora from a terrible beating at the hands of Talia and Syn when Sonia walks away during a tag team match.
Savage W - KO Savage dominates Victory (at her first fight after losing the WCF Belt to Arachna). Aurora comes to help her team leader and is destroyed too. But Victory manages to react and beat the Devil.
Arachna L - Submission Victory wins the first round and is winning the second, but Biker's interference is enough to turn the tables. Victory is then destroyed, unmasked, forced to submit and taken advantage of by the two Devils. Arachna is the new Champ. Later is discovered that she was fighting with bad internal injuries from her "secret" fight with Kazaa in Dragon Island.
--- --- Victory saves Angel from Arachna by challenging the Devil to a title match even if she knows that she's still badly injured.
--- --- Victory tries to save Sonia from further humiliation at the hands of Biker but is attacked from behind and beaten. She ends up laying over Sonia and sucking Biker's toes.
--- --- Victory's adventure on the island of Mr Graves. She fights Kazaa and barely wins the match and her freedom, but her injuries are bad.
Scorpia L - KO Fighting in a combat style that's not her speciality in a non-title bout, Victory is smashed by the bigger opponent. Ends up in a bloodied mess sucking Scorpia's toes.
Talia W - KO The longest match in WCF History: 5 rounds. Vic is beaten in the 1st round, wins 2nd & 3rd but is destroyed in 4th. Only her great heart allows her to win the 5th after a terrible beating and to retain the WCF belt.
Razor W - KO After losing the first round, Victory manages to KO her opponent. In the locker room after the match Razor and Doma beats her unconscious, leaving her spread eagled with a stick in her pussy.
Talia W - KO Victory gains the WCF belt after a very hard fought match in her WCF debut.