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VIOLET - Violet Robertson
Hometown: Oslo - Norway Age: 24
Height: 5'9" Weight: 134 lbs Measures: 34C-24-36
Specialties: Several martial arts.
Finishing Move: V-Dive™
Previous Experience: Underground leagues.
Notes: Having lost two of her last three matches, Violet is fired following the "You're fired!" contest regulations.

  W L T NC
Current Record 4 9 0 1

Opponent Result Notes
Severa L - Pin Violet starts the match very well and almost pins Severa for the win, but the Goddess fights back and punishes Violet, pinning her. Only Victory's interference saves Violet from a serious injury, but having lost two of her last three matches, Violet is fired following the "You're fired!" contest regulations.
Savage W - Pin Violet saves herself in the "You're fired!" contest with a comeback victory over Savage and will have to win her next match to stay in the league.
Hydra L - Pin Violet never has a chance in this match. Hydra dominates her for the whole fight and pins her for the W. Violet in now 0-1 in the "You're fired!" contest and a loss in one of her next two matches will cost her the contract. The six loss streak ties Emerald's record. Will Violet also follow her friend in forced retirement soon?
Cassie L - Pin Violet wants to kick Cassie from the WCF to avenge her friend Emerald, but loses to the Star and now is involved in the "You're fired!" tournament. She'll have to win two of her next three to stay in the league.
--- --- In NS! 30 Violet is involved in the huge Angels vs. Vipers and Deity brawl backstage during the main event and is beaten unconscious.
--- --- After NS! 29 joins the newly created Marvelous Angels.
Ice Cold L - KO After a good start, Ice proves to be too much for Violet, who is deliberately punished and ends up with a broken nose, laying in a puddle of her own blood as Ice uses her to sends a message to her twin Flame. As her team-mate Emerald, four losses in a row... she'll have to bounce back to avoid being one of Cindy's promised roster cut.
Shazaka L - Sub Violet gives Shazaka her best shot, but it's not enough as the Shaman Queen slowly takes control and forces the Marvel to submit, almost tearing her left arm off her shoulder.
Talia L - KO From her return Talia is destroying everybody that she find on her way. Violet is no exception as she's powerslammed through a table for a serious KO.
Severa L - Pin Violet is an easy prey for Severa, but the match ends with a shocking twist: Victory & the Angels are back and Severa is challenged for a shot at the title by the former 2-times WCF Champ.
Debbie Sun
W - Pin Tournament - Final
Violet learned her lesson after the bloody defeat she endured by Vampirya in their first fight. She manages to partly avoid Vampirya's deadly fangs and she gets the win and the chance to face Severa for the WCF belt.
Juanita NC Tournament - Round 2
Juanita can't fight due to the injuries reported in the 1st round match against Savage. Violet & Juanita shake hands and Violet advances to the 3 women final.
Lucretia W - Pin Tournament - Round 1
It's an hard fought battle between Violet and Lucretia, but the Norwegian escapes with the W and advances to the 2nd round.
Cassandra W - Pin Attacked outside the ring and on the receiving end of a brutal beating for most of the match, Violet manages to fight back and take her first W.
Vampirya L - KO After a good start Violet is hit again with a devastating atomic drop followed by what is now know as the "Vampire Kiss" resulting in a KO loss.
Biker Bitch L - KO Violet manages to put up a good fight against the hard Biker but fails to get the W.