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WHITESTAR - Michelle Etienne
Hometown: Nice, France Age: 24
Height: 5'9" Weight: 122 lbs Measures: 38DD-24-36
Specialism: Tae Kwan Do
Finishing Move: Shooting Star™(Moonsault from top rope)
Previous Experience: Wrestling Video Production Company, Singapore Fight Club.
Notes: After a disappointing debut in the WCF, Whitestar took a year off to train with the infamous Singapore Fight Club. She has come back to the federation with a vengeance and, after raising the ire of the Devils with some big wins, has joined the Angels. She is a rising star.
Alternative look: Whitestar4 Previous looks:

  W L T NC
Current Record 7 4 0 2

Tag Team W L T NC
Partner: Silverstar 1 1 0 0

Opponent Result Notes
Hydra W - Pin Returning to action from Injured List, Whitestar beats Hydra with an hard fought match.
Talia L - KO Hardcore Queen Tournament - Round 1 - Match 1
Whitestar was meant to fight Leopard Woman in the first match of the "Hardcore Queen", but Leopard Woman never showed up at ring side (she was bound and unconscious). Talia shows up and Cindy agrees to get her inside the cage. A brutal match erupts and Whitestar is left a bloody mess on the mat despite her valiant efforts.
Danger W -Sub A very good win for Whitestar who forces Danger to submit after an hard fought match.
Sonia W - Pin Michelle is pitted against the hated Sonia and after an hard fought match manages to prevail. But the good news is that Whitestar and Sonia shakes hands and hugs at the end of the match and finally bury the past.
Vampirya L - KO Michelle is beaten badly by Vampirya and seriously injured.
Lethal Squaw L - Pin ICF Tournament - Semi-finals
Whitestar is winning when Squaw hits her with a brass-knuckle. The rest of the match is a devastating beating for Michelle and Victory who tried to help her team-mate.
Doma W - Countout ICF Tournament - Round 2
Whitestar is being dominated by Doma, but Severa comes to the Arena to punish the Angel some more. Her interference backfires on her as Red Sonia attacks her and ko's both the former WCF Champ and Doma, handling Whitestar the victory by count-out. Despite the help, Michelle walks away on Sonia, still blaming her for all she did in the past months.
Cassandra W - Pin ICF Tournament - Round 1
A wonderful return by Whitestar that shows everybody that she's not rusty at all even after several months of absence from the WCF Arena.
Kai - Red Menace L - KO Whitestar and Silverstar are destroyed by the evil Dragons. Cuffed to the cage, Michelle is forced to witness the torments and punishment of her partner. Only Victory's interference saves her from the same fate.
Syn-Delf W - KO Impressive debut as tag team fighter. She works to perfection with Silverstar for a brilliant win.
Dark Angel No contest Michelle understand the evil twist of Dark Angel the hard way. She's saved by Jenny and Victory.
Doma No contest Whitestar surprises Doma with her athleticism and flying moves and KO's the Devil. While Standing over the defeated Doma she's attacked by Biker who gets her revenge and pummels her for a No Contest. Victory come to her aid defeating Biker.
Biker W - KO A great win by the rising French girl who handles Biker with incredible technique and ability. In the locker room Arachna attacks Michelle from behind messing her up pretty badly.
Delf W -Submission After an initial beating Whitestar pulls out a great win forcing Delf to submit.
Savage L - Submission The sharp claws of Savage welcome Michelle to the WCF. Eight nasty welts on her ample breasts will be a reminder of her humiliating debut forever.