Welcome to the world of the Muscle Goddesses

This is the newest zone to be added to Merlin's Kingdom and is dedicated to activities of strong, muscular women.  These women are into weight-lifting, bodybuilding and fighting.

The Muscle Goddesses:


5' 10", 205lbs

19" biceps & 50" chest.


5' 9'', 185lbs

17.5" biceps & 46"chest.


5' 8.5", 155lbs

15"biceps & 39.5" chest.


5'8", 144lbs

14"biceps & 44"chest.


5'8", 150lbs,

15.5" biceps & 39" chest

Here are a few pictures that give you a taste of some of the action that the muscle goddesses will be getting engaged in over the next few months:
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