Carla's Revenge

By Merlin
Carla Sandra Vanessa Breaker

Carla has just split up with her boyfriend after finding out that her 'friend' Vanessa has been fucking him for the last two months.  Carla is mad with rage and vows to get revenge on Vanessa.
With her closest friend, Sandra, Carla hatches a plan to ambush and beat up Vanessa after she has closed the health club where she works for the night.  To teach Vanessa a real good lesson Carla hires a professional hard woman named 'Breaker' who is a bouncer at a club that Carla has visited in the past.
On the chosen night Carla and Sandra hide in a storeroom in the health club until after Vanessa has locked up.  Then the two women come out of hiding and grab Vanessa as she comes out of the shower room.  They march her into a disused room at the back of the health club....
Here are the first 12 scenes from the story, which contains some brutal action that may not be to the taste of all members!

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