Tanya the Pirate

Part 23: Rumble in the Jungle

By Merlin

After Tanya's fight with the Grand Inquisitor Ora, La Galipette sailed west along the coast of Venezuela plundering the local Spanish settlements along the coast.  At one settlement they heard of an ancient temple that lay in the jungle several miles from the coast that was rumoured to contain a hoard of gold hidden there by the ancient Caiquetio people.  La Reine, captain of La Galipette, decided to send Tanya and Marie Lou into the jungle to find the temple and search it for the gold.

When Tanya and Marie Lou arrived at the temple they discovered that the pirate Captain Tomas and his first mate Sophia were already there searching for the gold.  Tanya and Sophia decided to have a fight to determine which of them will have first pickings of any treasure the temple might contain.
Here are the first 12 pictures of the fight.  Enjoy!

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