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07 APR 2021
26 MAY 2024



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09 MAR 2021
Merlin's New Artwork
26 APRIL 2016
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2001 to 2015

Feb 2024: Random gallery updates have begun again! New content is in the works and we hope to have some guest artist gallery updates by Spring.

Late Dec 2023: EPOCH is now the billing provider for, and that means traditional automatic signups are now back, along with Paypal as an option! Thank you to everyone who supported the site while this was being set up. Gumroad passes remain available by request if preferred.

2023 update: It's with a heavy heart and much sadness that I must announce, that Waldo passed away over the summer. He was a great friend and I miss him terribly.

The current website plan is to begin migration of the archives to a newer, more mobile friendly (and searchable) platform, starting before the end of this year. The free tours and previews will remain available at (once the new site is ready). Access to the older members area as a bonus is also planned, as soon as the glitches are ironed out.

[ MERLIN KINGDOM now on Clips4sale! ]
Select image sets and stories available for download a' la carte in MP4 slideshow format for easy mobile viewing.

If you have any suggestions for stories or any site issues, please contact us

2022 note - We are changing payment processors and hope to have the full archive available again soon!

FROM WALDO - As of 16 mar 2021, Merlin's Kingdom will no longer be updated each and every week. It is with deep great regret and sadness that I am no longer able to continue with the strenuous update schedule due to declining health reasons. I wish to thank all Members who helped support this site in the past many years, and to those who have been extremely helpful in the past months while I have been going through this transition. It is highly appreciated.

15 Dec 2015: Welcome to the new Merlin's Kingdom

     Merlin has officially retired after 14 long years of steadily producing weekly stories and adventures in digital artform for his fans. Merlin has passed on the reins of his pride and joy to a new artist, Waldo, who will continue to provide you with new stories and adventures and continue what Merlin started over 14 years ago.

Merlin's Retirement Message to his fans:

     When I started this site with my partner Seaking in 2001 I could have hardly have believed that I would still be producing stories once a week over 14 years later. That is a total of nearly 850 stories! Now I have decided that the time has come for me to relax a little and to retire from updating the site once a week.
From December 2015 I will be handing control of Merlin’s Kingdom to Seaking, who already looks after the more technical side of running the site. He aims to continue to update the site on a weekly basis and will be commissioning new works from other artists. But for my fans there is some good news – I will still be doing stories for the site, but not as regularly as I have done in the past, maybe just once a month or so.
     The last 14 years with Merlin’s Kingdom has been a great adventure for me and I have made many friends on the journey and I hope those friendships will continue after I retire. You will still be able to contact me after December via Seaking using the site email address. I also intend to open a Deviantart account where you will be able to view some of my works and make contact.
     I would like to thank all the friends who have helped me produce the stories and pictures over the last 14 years, especially Seaking, who thought of starting the site in the first place and Paul, who created the WCF and most of those stories. I would also like to thank my friends Ceer and Seneca who have worked with me for many years creating and writing a large number of stories.
     Finally I would like to thank all of you who have joined as members and have supported our work, and also those of you who have just dipped in to the “What’s New” and “Upcoming” sections and enjoyed my work for free. I hope you will continue to support Merlin’s Kingdom and the new works that will be appearing here in the months and years to come.

Best wishes,

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