After Majorca
Part 1, Sancha's Comeback

A Merlin Production

I covered the Majorca Tournament for the magazine "Femfight Monthly" reporting on all the matches and doing interviews with the fighters and the backroom people.

Often over the two years since the tournament I have often wondered what became of the fighters:
- The Biker, who won the tournament, went on to make the big time in the WCF.
- Leeha sustained a nasty neck injury from a pile-driver in the final against the Biker Bitch and she was forced to retire from fighting.  She now lives with her family in the South of France looking after her grandchildren.
- But what of Sancha, the hot blooded Spanish fighter, who we followed through her preliminary fights against Leeha.  What ever happened to her?

Well to answer that question I've been doing some research, and have pieced together the story of Sancha's progress after Majorca mainly through video tapes which I have acquired.

Ironically, Sancha also suffered a neck injury from a pile-driver in the final day of her preliminary round against Leeha.  As a result, she spent several days in hospital in Majorca and missed the rest of the tournament.

You might have thought that the beating she took against Leeha would have put Sancha off fighting for good, but not at all.  From my research it seems to have made her more keen than ever to fight.  But it does appear to have made her more cautious about who she gets in the ring with.  After the tournament she seems to go to some trouble to make sure her opponent is considerably less experienced and weaker than herself.  Of course Sancha is basically a bully - she likes to beat up weaker girls, so it doesn't cause her any grief to follow this strategy.

Following Majorca, Sancha and Marco seek out amateur and club events where the girls are untrained and new to the femfight scene.  Marco has his own airplane, so distance is little barrier to them.  They often fly across Europe for Sancha to attend events.  The first video evidence I have found of Sancha fighting after Majorca comes from an event that took place in Hamburg some 6 months after the tournament.....

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