The Majorca Tournament
A Merlin Production

Editor's Note

The story of the Majorca Tournament was originally created in 2001 when Merlin's Kingdom was in its early days.  Some of the preliminary  fights were put in the free gallery, but the majority of the action was placed in the members only area.  We've now decided to move the whole tournament from the members area into the free gallery.

As a taster to the quality of our latest work we've added a new Epilogue to the tournament that charts the exploits of Sancha after the end of the tournament.  Part 1 of the Epilogue is shown here in the free gallery, parts 2 and 3 are in the members area.



Majorca Tournament Combatants
Name: Claudette
Age: 24
Height: 5ft 7ins
Weight: 132 lb
Specialism: Nude Wrestling
Favourite hold: Boston Crab
Country: France
Hobbies: Travel, food & men
Record to date: 43 fights, won 36, lost 5, drawn 2
Name: Sonya
Age: 19
Height: 5ft 8ins
Weight: 128 lb
Specialism: Bare fist boxing
Favourite move: Gut buster
Country: Spain
Hobbies: Sunbathing, cinema & riding
Record to date: 15 fights, won 14 & drawn 1
Name: Kiri
Age: 27
Height: 5ft 6ins
Weight: 114 lb
Specialism: Karate, Taekwondo
Favourite move: High kicks
Country: USA
Hobbies: Music, travel & sex
Record to date: 27 fights, won 12 & lost 15
Name: Biker Bitch
Age: 20
Height: 5ft 8ins
Weight: 135 lb
Specialism: Bare fist fighting
Favourite move: Below the belt punches
Country: UK
Hobbies: Drinking and dancing
Record to date: 45 fights - unbeaten

(scenes from her preliminary fight)
Name: Aimee
Age: 22
Height: 5ft 7ins
Weight: 130 lb
Specialism: Naked wrestling
Favourite move: Bodyscissors
Country: France
Hobbies: Drinking & sex
Record to date: 6 fights, won 4, lost 2
Name: Leeha
Age: 42
Height: 5ft 8ins
Weight: 173 lb
Specialism: Topless wrestling
Favourite move: Backbreaker
Country: Algeria
Hobbies: Food & family gatherings
Record to date: unknown - a huge number of fights with very few losses

(scenes from her preliminary fight)
Name: Haiko
Age: 25
Height: 5ft 7ins
Weight: 135 lb
Specialism: Naked wrestling
Favourite move: Body slam
Country: Japan
Hobbies: Mixed fighting
Record to date: 65 fights, won 61, lost 3, drawn 1
Name: Zeb
Age: 32
Height: 5ft 9ins
Weight: 155 lb
Specialism: Naked mixed wrestling
Favourite move: Bearhug
Country: Canada
Hobbies: Travel, music & food
Record to date: 10 fights - unbeaten
Quarter Final Fights
Semi Final Fights
The Final
Majorca Epilogue (part 1)