Cindy belched loudly as Anna's tenth punch slammed into her stomach. Her abdominal muscles had so far resisted the onslaught of blows, but Anna drove this last punch of the round into her stomach with massive force. Cindy's muscles gave way allowing the imact to penetrate deep into her guts. She swayed on her feet as the pain of the blow pulsed through her body, and she had to really focus her mind on keeping her arms horizontal.

At last, after what seemed an age, the loudspeaker blared out "End of round one!"

Cindy dropped her arms in relief and then buckled forward at the waist gasping for breath.

Anna looked down at Cindy with a look of pity. "You're not going to be able to take much more of this, are you Babe? You've really been saved by the bell this time! Unfortunately for you there's lots more where that came from!"

The announcer called out "Cindy and Anna take a 5 minute break. Anna, your target in round two will be Cindy's lower belly."

Cindy gasped as she heard the instructions. She had expected this to be Anna's next target, but hearing it announced in such a clinical way made her blood run cold.

Katy called out from the shadows for Cindy to come and sit down. She hobbled to the side of the room where Katy was waiting with a drink and a cool wet sponge to gently bath her aching abdomen. After sponging her down, Katy re-oiled Cindy's body ready for the next round. After 5 minutes Cindy was feeling much refreshed when the announcement boomed out, "Cindy return to the centre of the chamber and adopt your position."

Cindy walked out to the brightly lit area and outstretched her arms. The announcement rang out, "Cindy you have so far won $100 dollars, in this round each blow you take will be worth $20!"

Anna reappeared out of the shadows from the other side of the room. She was now wearing a pair of soft open fingered leather gloves very similar to those used by golfers. Anna came close to Cindy and raised her gloved right fist menacingly. "Get ready to taste the sting of this leather against your sweet body!"

"Shit!" whispered Cindy as the PA system sang out again, "Assessor are you ready?"

"I'm ready!" shouted Anna.

"OK, Assessor you can begin Round 2!" called out the announcer.

Without a moment's hesitation Anna screamed "Number One!" and drove a hard left punch straight into Cindy's belly button. The punch impacted against her flesh with a loud crack as the air escaped from the pit of her navel. Cindy gasped loudly, but hardly had time to react further before Anna called "Number Two!" and then let fly a straight right punch into the same target.

"Oh fucking shit!" gasped Cindy as pain enveloped her belly.

Anna stepped back and waited to see if Cindy was going to succumb to these blows by dropping her arms.

Cindy held her stance breathing deeply for about 10 seconds while Anna looked on without moving. Then Anna took a deep breath and called "One of a pair, number THREE!" and blasted off another left punch straight into Cindy's navel. She followed this immediately by a cry of "FOUR!" as she slammed another straight right into the same spot. The loud cracks of the blows echoed around the chamber to be followed by a croaking cry of "Oh Jesus, Jesus!" from Cindy.

Anna waited another 10 to 12 seconds to see if Cindy would break, but seeing that she was still holding fast, she fired off another pair of ramrod punches this time just below Cindy's navel. Cindy groaned out "My God!" and swayed on her feet as her lower abdominal muscles took the full force of Anna's blistering attack.

This time Anna did not pause at all, but kept up the momentum of her attack by exclaiming "Seven and Eight" and then hurling another pair of gut slammers even lower down into Cindy's belly. Cindy threw her head back and issued a low animal howl as the pain and shock of the blows surged through her body.

Anna waited again to see if Cindy would collapse, but despite the look of despair and pain on the girl's face she held her stance rigidly not even dropping her arms slightly.

"Number nine" screamed Anna as she dropped to one knee and pumped a powerful left punch low and deep into Cindy's belly just above her pubic mound. Cindy gasped in pain and her hands clawed the air as she fought to hold her arms outright.

"Nearly cracked you!" exclaimed Anna as she waited again to see if Cindy would give. When there was no movement in Cindy's arms after 20 seconds Anna said loudly "You are one hard Bitch!".

"Take a TEN!" yelled Anna as she let fly a blistering straight right into the bottom of Cindy's belly. Cindy's head snapped back and she howled out "Oh Dear God!" as the agony of the gut busting blow pulsed through her abdominal organs. Her tensed abdominal muscles had withstood the onslaught, but at a hell of a price. Her reserves were completely drained and her muscles felt shot to pieces.

Cindy's arms shook as she fought to keep them raised against the tide of pain that filled her whole body. At last, after what seemed an age to Cindy, the announcer called out "End of round two."

Cindy dropped to her knees and bent over gasping for breath. Anna looked down and said "You can't take any more Girl. Give up now before I have to really hurt you!"

The announcer's voice rang out, "Cindy and Anna take an extended break of 10 minutes. Anna your target in the next round will be Cindy's back!"

Cindy looked up with horrified surprise. "My back! You can't hit me in the back?"

"You bet I fucking can!" laughed Anna as she strolled off into the shadowy side of the chamber.


After a 10 minute break the announcer's voice rang out "Cindy take up your position."

Cindy walked back to the centre of the chamber and took up her crucifix position under the glare of the spotlights. Despite the 10 minute break her abdominal muscles were still hurting badly from the pounding they had received from Anna's fists in the previous two rounds. She was especially nervous at the idea that Anna was now going to give her back a similar level of punishment.

Cindy jerked with surprise as Anna's arm suddenly came down onto her shoulder. Anna brought her face close to Cindy and whispered "Keep it up girl, you are doing really well." Then she declared loudly for the unseen audience's benefit, "OK Cindy it's back to the war for you!"

The announcer's amplified voice filled the room again. "Cindy in the first two rounds you won $300, each blow in this round is worth $30. Assessor are you ready?"

Anna replied "I am ready."

"Then begin Round 3"

Anna stepped back from Cindy and called out "Brace yourself Girl, number one coming up!"

A moment later Anna delivered a nasty right hooking kidney punch into the right side of Cindy's back. Cindy arched her back forward in reaction to the agony of the blow. "Ahhh, shit!" she cried as the dull hollow thud of the blow filled the chamber.

"Number two!" said Anna as she whammed a straight right kidney punch into the left side of Cindy's back. This time Cindy really screamed out in pain as her body twisted and bent. For a few second it looked as if she would lose her pose and drop her arms, but she managed to regain control of herself and keep her arms aloft.

Anna now pumped another seven shockingly hard punches into Cindy's back. Each blow brought an expletive cry from the young woman as if it were a salve for the awful pain that spasmed through her body.
"Number Three" - THWACK - "Oh Fucking Shit!"
"Number Four" - SMACK - "Oh God NO!"
"Number Five" - THWOCK - "Ahhh Fucking Hell!"
"Number Six" - THWACK - "Oh Jesus!"
"Number Seven" - WHOP - "Oh you Motherfucker!!"
"Number Eight" - THWOCK - "Oh God!"
"Number Nine" - THWACK - "Ohhhhh Fucking Shit!"

Anna now paused before delivering the final blow of this round. She looked at Cindy with some admiration for her strength and courage; despite the punishment she was receiving, Cindy was still showing no signs of surrender. Her body was by now drenched with a glistening mixture of sweat and oil, but her arms remained outstretched and raised well above the level of her breasts.

"Number Ten!" announced Anna forcefully and then she drove a particularly ferocious straight right into the top centre of Cindy's back smack between her shoulder blades. The blow made a sicken crunch as it landed and it was followed almost immediately by a horrible cry of pain from Cindy. For a second Cindy's whole body shook as if she were about to break. "Drop those arms!" commanded Anna.

"No! Fuck you!" replied Cindy through pain gritted her teeth. For several seconds she held her pose rigidly until eventual the call rang out "End of Round Three."

Cindy dropped her arms and arched her back painfully as Anna came close and pressed her left breast against her arm. "You made it through again Bitch, but the next round will be even harder. We get really nasty from here on in!"

The PA system burst into life again, "Assessor your target in the fourth round will be Cindy's breasts."

"Oh Fucking Hell!" croaked Cindy as Anna spun on her heels and marched away out of the spotlights.