Cindy lay face down on a low bench as Katy gently massaged her back with a cool wet sponge. She said that the cold water would help reduce the pain and swelling caused by the ten punches that Anna had pumped into Cindy's back in the third round of her assessment. Once she had finished massaging her back, Katy asked Cindy to roll over so that she could oil her breasts. She poured a copious amount of body oil across Cindy's chest and started to gently massage it into her breasts. Katy explained that this would make her breasts slippery and it would be harder for Anna's leather gloves to tear the delicate flesh of her nipples.

Cindy started to relax under Katy's gentle erotic massage and the pain in her abdomen and back was starting to fade when suddenly the loudspeakers boomed out, "Cindy return to your position for round four."

Cindy reluctantly lifted herself off the bench and walked across the chamber to the spotlit area. She spread her legs and outstretched her arms ready for the fourth round of her assessment. A few seconds later Anna came out of the shadows and walked up behind Cindy. She nonchalantly draped her left arm over Cindy's shoulder: "So you've come back for another round" she said in mock surprise, "I thought you might have thrown in the towel after the punishment you took in the last round!"

"No way!" replied Cindy, "You'll have to do better than that to take me down!"

"You are a cocky Bitch! Well let's see how you feel after I've given your nice soft tits a drubbing!"

Anna brought her right hand onto Cindy's right breast and gently rubbed her fingers across the nipple. "I see that Katy has oiled your tits well, but it won't help you because I...."

Anna words were drowned out by the announcement system blaring into life. "Cindy, this is round 4 of your assessment. In the first three rounds you have won a total of $600, each blow is now raised to $40. Assessor are you ready to start?"

Anna replied "I just need to put on my gloves!"

Anna picked her gloves up off the floor and pulled them onto her hands. At first sight they appeared to be the same pair as she had worn in the previous round, but then Cindy noticed that they were much rougher in texture more like chamois leather. The sort of texture that wouldn't slip over an oily surface!

Anna called out "I am ready!"

"Assessor commence Round Four!"

Anna walked round in front of Cindy, rubbing the knuckles of her right fist into the palm of her left hand. "Let's make a start on your left tit!" she said aggressively

Anna squared up directly in front of Cindy and took a kung fu style spread leg stance. She called out boldy "Number One!"

Anna took a deep breath then pumped her right arm straight out pistoning her fist hard into Cindy's left breast. Cindy's howled in agony as Anna's fist pancaked her breast hard against her ribs.

Anna waited a few seconds to let the impact of her first punch sink in before calling "Number Two" and then slamming a straight left punch kung fu style smack on Cindy's right nipple.

"Oh Jesus Wept!", croaked Cindy as Anna moved round to her right side.

"Numero Three" called Anna as she hurled a devastating right punch across Cindy's chest to tear into her left breast. The "Thwack" of the blow rang round the chamber to be followed immediately by a awful howl of pain from the young blonde woman.

Cindy swayed drunkenly as Anna crossed over to her left side. Despite her apparent unsteadiness Cindy continued to hold her arms out rigidly arms at right angles to her body. "Let's balance that one up with one to the other tit!" said Anna loudly for the benefit of the microphones.

Anna lined herself on the left side of Cindy's body, who gritted her teeth in preparation for the next cross body punch.

"Four's away" screamed Anna as she let fly another massive right punch this time into the side of Cindy's right breast.

Cindy cried out out through her clenched teeth "Oh my God!" and her face contorted as the agonising pain from her breasts swept out into the rest of her torso. "Please God NO!" she pleaded closing her eyes against the pain.

"Are you giving up?" asked Anna.

"No!" replied Cindy immediately, "Just talking to myself!"

"Then talk about number FIVE!" yelled Anna as she plugged a hard right hook into the side of Cindy's left breast.

Cindy moaned and swayed on her feet as if she was about to faint. Anna steppped back and waited for about 15 seconds to see if the girl was finally going to succumb, but Cindy seemed to regain her strength and still her arms didn't budge from their outstretched position.

Anna closed in on Cindy again and called out "Number six!". Then she bent her knees and pumped an uppercut right punch into the young woman's right breast.

Cindy's right breat was torn upwards by the force of the punch causing Cindy again to cry out with an explitive "Oh fucking shit!"

Cindy rocked on her feet again, but this time Anna did not hesitate before pressing on with her attack. She called out "Number Seven! Lucky for some, but not you!" and immediately slammed a hard right under arm punch into Cindy's left breast.

Cindy cried out as her left breast was driven upwards by Anna's ferocious punch. For the first time her arms sagged slightly as she seemed to lose focus through the mist of pain that filled her mind.

"On the Edge of Hell, eh Babe? Well time to push you over the brink! Number Eight coming up!" snarled Anna

Anna came onto tiptoe and leaned really close to Cindy's left breast. Then she raised her right elbow up above her shoulder and powered her fist downwards into the top of Cindy's already battered left breast. Anna chuckled as she droved her gloved fist down into the flesh of the breast as she were trying to push it down Cindy's rib cage.

Cindy groaned out loudly. The downward blow or the previous uppercut had cut her left nipple and the blood was seeping out onto the surface of breast below. Cindy looked at Anna through the mist of her pain "You are a Fucking Bitch!"

"A Fucking Bitch am I? Well this is how a Fucking Bitch can punch! Number Nine!"

Anna swung a hard left hook into Cindy's right breast, which slammed the whole mass of the gland into the centre of Cindy's chest.

Cindy once again cried out as the smack of the fleshy blow filled the chamber. Anna now stood back and looked at her battered victim. She appeared to be in a semi-daze, her head was tipped back and her eyes were crossed and tear filled with pain. But despite this, she was still obstinately holding her arms outstretched at right angles to her body. Anna could not help shaking her head in admiration for this girl. She should have quit ages ago, but her she was still hanging in there after the most severe breast bashing Anna had ever delivered.

"Number Ten." shouted Anna as dropped onto left knee and then powered a upper cutting right into Cindy's left breast.

Cindy called out "Ooooohhh" as her knees started to buckle. For a second it looked as if she would collapse just as the round was about to end, but then she steeled herself and pulled herself upright again until at last the announcement rang out "End of Round Four!"

Cindy dropped to her knees sobbing with pain and relief as soon as she heard the announcement. Anna got to her feet and stood in front of Cindy flexing her biceps as the announcement began again.

"The trialist has withstood four very hard rounds and we are therefore granting a break of 1 hour before the assessment recommences. Assessor your target in the Round Five will be Cindy's crotch."

Cindy choked and gasped with horror when she heard the news. There was no way she would let this Bitch beat her pussy, she was quitting now!

The announcement burst out again "During the break in Cindy's assessment, we will be playing tapes of a mixed wrestling event held here in New York last week."

The lights faded on Anna and Cindy and once the red lights had gone out on the cameras Anna knelt down alongside her victim. "God you're a tough one! You can safely quit now, nobody could fail you on your performance tonight!"

Suddenly Harry reappeared for the first time since the assessment had started. "Thank you Anna, you can go to your dressing room and have a rest now. Katy and I will see to Cindy!"

Anna turned and walked off into the gloom of the darkened chamber. Harry knelt down alongside Cindy, who was on the point of crying. "I'm quitting now Harry, I can't take any more of this punishment. I've had enough!"

"Ok" said Harry, "Whatever happens you've more than passed your assessment. But the members have been betting incredibly heavily on the outcome of your assessment, the money has been pouring in. I've never seen anything like it for an assessment. So we would really like you to keep going if you at all can. The money in the next round was meant to be $50 per hit, but we are willing to double it to $100 each strike!"

"No, Harry!" said Cindy "I really can't take any more, I have to quit."

"I tell you what, we'll start the next round at $100 and we'll raise it $100 for each punch you take."

Cindy looked up at him in astonishment, "What 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, etc to the end of the round?"

"Exactly!" replied Harry.

Cindy thought for about 10 seconds and then decided "Ok I'll do it, but I'll need to have a couple of Katy's pills before we start the next round!"

"I think we can do better than that to keep you going!" said Harry, his voice full of excitement. "This event will go down in Valhalla history! I'll tell the folks now about the change in conditions, the betting will go wild! Katy will take you back to the dressing room and look after you"