Marco and Sancha Peres are twins, 28 years of age, who live on the Spanish Island of Ibiza. Marco owns and runs a number of Ibiza's most popular night clubs, while his sister Sancha owns and runs two health clubs on the island. The twins, who claim to come from a wealthy Spanish family, moved to Ibiza 5 years ago when they bought a large villa with extensive grounds in the most exclusive part of the island. Despite their wealth and attractive lifestyle neither twin has a partner, instead they choose to live alone together in their vast mansion without any servants or other staff.

Sancha teaches self defence and martial arts at her health clubs. She tells clients and staff that she got her teaching qualifications at college in Madrid, but the truth is that Sancha has had no formal training in any fighting skills. She learnt to fight in back street clubs and seedy strip joints in numerous European cities. This experience has made her a hard and ruthless opponent for anybody who dares to take her on.

The twins aren't from a wealthy family at all. In fact they are orphans and were raised in homes until they were 18. Once free of the homes they took to a life at the edge of society. Sancha scrapped a living fighting topless or naked in sex clubs and bars, while Marco pursued a life of crime. By the time they were 27 Marco had struck it lucky several times and they had amassed a large amount of money. At this point they decided to retire from the life of crime and purchased the property and businesses on Ibiza. It should have been simple from there on. Settle down together on the Island, run the businesses and live a life of luxury and contentment. Would it were so simple! There was only one problem - Sancha's lust for fighting and Marco's lust to see Sancha's opponent's suffer!

The twins moved to Ibiza in 1995 and for three years Sancha and Marco would regularly fly to various parts of Europe for Sancha to take part in fights. Then in the summer of 1998 Sancha fought a young German woman at a semi-public event in Barcelona. The German had taunted Sancha before the match, so Sancha got into the ring tense and full of aggression.

Sancha really laid into the German girl, throwing her mercilessly round the ring until after only a few minutes she was staggering around hardly knowing where she was. Then Sancha hip tossed her opponent face onto the canvas and placed her knee in the back of her neck and subjected her to a fearsome neck bend. In a move that caused the audience to gasp in horror, Sancha twisted the German's head in a vicious neck crank that looked like it would break her neck! The German immediately passed out and Sancha raised her arms to signal her victory. However, somebody called the police and Sancha was arrested for assault and attempted murder. The German in fact had suffered no more than a sprained neck and she refused to press charges, so the police released Sancha the next day. However, as a result of this incident Sancha was banded from public fights and so it became very hard for her to find an outlet for her urge to fight.

So now the only fighting partner that Sancha could find was her brother Marco. But she couldn't really lay into him with the ferocity that she could with her more usual female opponents. Anyway Marco was really quite strong and a capable fighter himself, so as often as not Sancha ended up getting punished in their fights, which was not at all what she had in mind!

One Saturday evening in early May 1999 Sancha and Marco were on their way back from a social evening at one of Marco's clubs, when Sancha suggested that they should stop at her "Skin Tight" health club. She wanted to pick up some paperwork to work on at home. Sancha unlocked the front door of the club and they made their way to the office.
As they passed the door to the combat gym they heard a soft moaning cry come from the room. Sancha signalled to Marco to keep quiet as she gently opened the door. Inside the gym the wrestling ring was lit by a single dimmed spot light that illuminated a couple having vigorous sex in the ring.

Sancha was furious, she recognised the woman as Crista, one of the junior assistants at the club. Sancha charged into the room calling out, "Crista, you little Bitch! How dare you use my club as a place to fuck! So you're the Bitch who's been making those stains on the canvas!"

Crista yelped in surprise and pulled herself off her man's erect cock with a soft liquid plop sound. "Oh Sancha, you scared the shit out of me, I thought it was my mother!"

"By the time I'm finished with you Crista, you'll wish that it was your mother. I am going to teach you to treat my club as a whore house!"

Sancha now directed her comments at the man who had stayed down on the canvas while Sancha harangued Crista. "You! Get out of my ring!" she screamed at him.

The man leapt to his feet and made his way towards Sancha and Marco, who stood between him and the door. Crista also started to move out of the ring. "Stay where you are you Bitch!" spat Sancha, "I'm going to deal with you here and now in this ring!"

Crista gasped "Oh Jesus!" as she saw Sancha strip off her tee shirt and throw it to the side of the gym.

As the man stepped between the ropes Marco grabbed him roughly by the arm and threw him to his face on the floor at the ringside. "You coward, you would just leave your woman without any attempt to defend her. You are no better than a worm, so I'll treat you as one!"

Marco grabbed the young man's arms and bent them painfully up his back in a double hammerlock hold, then he sat heavily on his back pinning him hard face down on the wooden floor. The man grunted loudly as Marco's weight drove the breath out of his lungs.

"So you can watch as I teach your girlfriend a lesson or two!" sneered Sancha as she took off the last of her clothing. Now completely naked, she strolled over to the side of the gym and threw her clothes in a heap on the floor. She then threw the wall switches to bring on the rest of the ring lights.

Sancha strode back to the ringside, "Crista, you've never been to one of my self defence classes have you? Well I think its time to give you a crash course in unarmed combat." Then she separated the ropes and stepped into the ring.

Sancha walked right up to Crista and pressed her breasts aggressively against the girl's chest causing her to edge backwards. Sancha snarled "Come on Bitch we've seen you fuck, now let's see you fight!"

Crista continued to creep back as Sancha thrust her breasts against her chest. Then Sancha reached out and pushed Crista in the chest, "Come on Pussy take a swing at me!" she demanded aggressively as the young girl moved nervously backwards.

Suddenly Crista unleashed a right hook towards Sancha's head. The experienced older woman had clearly anticipated the move and her left arm flashed upwards to effectively block the punch. "Pathetic!" exclaimed Sancha and she whipped her torso to the right and pumped a massive right underarm hook into Crista's belly button. Sancha's fist dug deep into the young woman's belly driving the air explosively from her lungs. "That's the way you do it!" declared Sancha.

As Crista buckled forward at the waist from the awful blow Sancha grabbed her jaw in her right hand and then hurled her bodily backwards into the ropes. Crista hit the ropes hard and instinctively grabbed hold of the top rope to stop herself from bouncing back towards her tormentor. Sancha was on her in a flash. Before Crista could recover her balance Sancha put her hand on her chin and bent her backwards over the top rope.

Sancha pushed Crista further and further back over the top rope until she was crying out in pain at the strain in her back. "Come on Pussy fight back!" demanded Sancha as pushed forward until her belly was pressed hard against Crista's.

Suddenly Sancha stepped back one step and then powered her right knee up into Crista's crotch with such force that it lifted the young woman's feet clean off the ground. Crista let out a loud cry that was only partially stifled by Sancha's hand covering her mouth.

Sancha released her hold on Crista's chin and instead grabbed her by the hair. The girl gagged and gasped for breath as Sancha dragged her off the ropes towards the centre of the ring. Whimpering as her knees buckled beneath her, Crista would have fallen to the canvas if Sancha had not been holding her up by her hair.

"Hey Pussy taste my knee!" growled Sancha as she pumped her knee upward into Crista's torso. The girl folded forward as Sancha's bone hard knee thudded into her lower belly. Sancha continued to drive her leg upwards lifting Crista's clear of the canvas.

The deep hollow "thwack" of the blow was followed straight way by a gasping groan from the young woman as her torso crumbled around Sancha's thigh. Crista's boy friend cried out in dismay as he saw the awful punishment that was being dished out to his sex partner. "Oh fuck, please leave her go, please stop!" he hollered pitifully.

Crista crashed down to the canvas on her knees and then folded forward at the waist so that her forehead rested on the floor. Sancha stood over her watching as she retched and gasped for air having been badly winded by the knee in the guts. As she managed to grab a breath she pleaded "Oh Mike help me please! She's killing me!".

"This bastard has me trapped Crista, I can't get up!" whimpered Mike.

"Oh for fuck sake!" said Sancha, "I can't be doing with all this whining. Marco take him out and lock him in the weights room."

As Marco dragged Mike out of the gym Sancha knelt down alongside Crista and grabbed by the hair again. "Come on Puss," she said, "let Sancha have a look at that sore tummy!"

Sancha pulled Crista upwards and then flipped her backwards across her left thigh in a cross-leg backbreaker. Poor Crista moaned loudly as her back and battered abdominal muscles were stretched painfully in the hold. Sancha held the girl draped across her knee for seconds on end, pushing her already stretched muscles to their elastic limit.

Sancha now started to batter Crista's stretched belly with a number of hammer blows and punches that penetrated the abdominal muscles to send shockwaves of pain tearing through Crista's guts. Fighting the pain that was engulfing her belly muscles, Crista tried to raise herself upright on Sancha's knee. Sancha snarled "Oh no you don't!" and slammed a hard right hook into Crista's jaw that knocked the hapless girl senseless.

Crista's head fell back from the blow bending her torso to an even more extreme extent. But this did not stop Sancha from piling on the punishment. First she slugged a blow into Crista's right breast then she pumped a hard right punch straight into Crista's exposed crotch. Crista gulped and shuddered as Sancha's fist connected with her snatch with a dull meaty thud. "I think you could take another of those!" hissed Sancha. Then she bent to the right and drove her right fist in a finger knuckle punch smack into the crack of Crista's cunt. The young woman let out a bone chilling de-sexed cry as the agony of the awful blow cut through her pain fogged mind.

Suddenly Marco's voice rang out. "Hey guess what that shit did? I belted him in the guts to shut him up and he puked all over my shirt and pants. I've locked him in the weights room with my stinking clothes and I've borrowed his pants!"

Sancha looked up to see Marco standing bare chested at the ringside wearing a pair of cream slacks. "They're a bit on the big side, but otherwise they look good!" she said laughing.

"Let me help you finish her off Sancha! Bring her to the corner post and I'll hold her while you give her a bit of the old "punchbag" treatment."

"Excellent idea Marco", declared Sancha.

Sancha grabbed hold of Crista's hair and pulled the young woman upright as she lifted herself off her knee. As Crista was hardly able to stand on her own two feet, Sancha grasped her round the waist with both arms. She lifted Crista off her feet and carried her across to the corner post where Marco was standing.

"Pull her legs over the bottom rope." commanded Sancha.

Marco took Crista's legs and placed them outside the bottom rope, then he took her arms and lifted them over the top rope either side of the post. He pulled back on her arms as Sancha dropped her to the floor so that she was suspended from the top rope. Sancha now grabbed Crista's legs and spread them apart so that her crotch was wide open to view. Crista was too comatose to put up any resistance as she moaned softly in pain with her chin resting on her chest.

Sancha slapped Crista's cheeks until she started to regain her senses. "Come on Pussy, wake up! The best is yet come!" chirped Sancha.

Once Crista had regained a reasonable level of consciousness, Sancha stepped back from her and raised her fist, "Crista the Punchbag, meets Knuckles the Fist!" she snarled

Then Sancha took a deep breath before letting fly a straight right punch into the centre of Crista's upper belly. The air exploded out of Crista's mouth with a low spluttering belch as Sancha's fist penetrated deep into the girl's guts. The young woman moaned and saliva dribbled from her mouth as Sancha dropped to her knees to position herself for her next onslaught on Crista's belly.

Sancha whammed four hard straight arm punches into Crista's lower abdomen one after another. The girl's whole body jerked and bucked as Sancha's fist thudded into her body with deep meaty thwacks.

Sancha now got to her feet and stepped back from her victim. Then she shot out her leg to deliver a perfect straight kick into Crista's mons pubis. The force of the blow drove Crista's butt back into the post with a loud crash as her feet shot upwards off the ground. Crista gave out one long moanful cry before fainting from the pain and shock of the awful blow.

"She's had it Marco!" said Sancha, "You can let her go, she's completely out for the count."

Marco released Crista's arms and she collapse face down onto the canvas with her legs still caught in the ropes. Sancha and Marco each took one of Crista's legs and they dragged her face down out of the gym to the shower room and placed her under a cold shower to revive her. Marco then released her boyfriend from the weights room. Twenty minutes later Sancha had sacked Crista and paid her off. Crista's boyfriend helped her to his car - she could still hardly walk - and they departed into the night in a squeal of tyres.

"God I enjoyed that!" said Sancha as they locked the club front door. "Especially where you held her and I beat her!"

"Me too!" said Marco. "Perhaps there's a way we could do it again. I know somebody who can get me a drug that we could use to trap suitable victims. What you do think?"

"Oh Marco, that would be great! Let's see if we can work out a plan. We'll have to be careful not to be caught, we could use the summer tourists, the police don't usually take complaints from them too seriously. Let's go for it!"

Sancha and Marco walked back to their car revelling in the thoughts of adventurers to come!